A/N: Very new to Supernatural but I couldn't help but make a quick fic... tends to happen when I fall in love with something.

Sam sat staring forlornly at the soggy cheese burger and cheap beer that was to make up his meal. The smell of two star motel, of must and dust and things better left unspeakable, went mostly unnoticed to him, the product of it being now a normal perfume in his life. Plus the onions on the burger seemed to have been grown in nuclear waste and had mutated horrible, masking the more subtle smells.

"Well, dig in," Dean said, far too cheerily for him as he fell back on his twin bed. Sam couldn't help but flinch at the sight of Dean's own burger, as it left an ungraceful trail of onions following Dean's decent. Not that anyone would notice a few more stains on the top comforter.

"I don't know…" Sam mumbled, doubtfully prodding his "food" with a finger, before snagging the beer. It was the safer bet.

"Aw, come on!" the words were mangled through Dean's now full mouth. "It's pretty good, once you get past the slimy constancy."

Sam snorted slightly into his beer, glancing over to see some of the onion slithered down Dean's chin. Letting out a full laugh now, Sam shook his head and tossed the pile of napkins that came complimentary with the hell burgers. Most of them dispersed to flutter into the air and down to the floor, but a daring two landed within Dean's reach.

"I don't know, are you sure we shouldn't exorcise these before consumption?" Sam's eyebrow's scrunched down as Dean's burger disappeared, his brother shrugging in an unworried fashion.

"Didn't taste evil," Dean grinned, using the napkins before tossing them back at Sammy.

"And how do you know what evil tastes like? Have you ever licked a demon?"

Dean's face scrunched in disgust. "Let's not go there... Anyway, I know what evil smells like, it has to be something similar…" A light went off in his eyes. "Because, taste and smell are connected." He crossed his arms and leaned back, a pleased look upon his face.

Sam's eyebrows now went up, faking being mildly impressed. Teasingly, he said, "Ah, so you did learn something in school. It would be health class, though."

"Hey, what's that supposed to mean?"

"Nothing, nothing," Sam grinned, turning back to where his burger sat. It was now cool, its fat congealing, making it officially less appetizing than before. "Ah no way, man."

"Fine, suit yourself." Dean stood on his bed and stepped over to Sam's, the old thing growling with strained springs. He bent quickly, snatched the offending burger, before leaping childishly back to his bed with the stolen "loot". Plopping back down as if nothing had happened, he promptly scarfed down the misbegotten food.

Sam now watched with open disgust, his beer held limply in one hand. "You're going to be sick."

"Oh well," came the cocky answer. "I think it was worth it."

"'Course you do," Sam grumbled, suddenly wishing for a stiffer drink but still managing a grin at Dean's folly.