Here's a story that been juggling in my head for a while. Hi I'm Superdrama11, while I'm not new to Fanfic, I am new to MLP Fanfiction. Sorry if I have problems with characterization and such, but I'll try my best. Anyway this story is a Crossover between MLP FIM and Digimon. And no, not with one of the series in Digimon but a brand new Story. So here's a short first chapter and tell me what you think.


Digimon Equestria: Prologue


The Digital World. This world is strongly connected to the human world. But what would happen if the digital world if the gods make a mistake?

What would happen if the Digital World is connected not to a world filled with humans, but in a world filled with Ponies?

This is that What-If.

In the Equestrian world there are the six Elements of Harmony. In the Digital World there are six crests. Now both worlds will collide when the bearers of the Elements will be given a new friend.

A Digimon for a friend.

Now watch as the Element bearers receive a Digimon and learn of the adventures that happened to them.

They will each receive a crest, and protect their world from the forces of evil.

The Crest of Kindness

The Crest of Laughter

The Crest of Honesty

The Crest of Loyalty

The Crest of Generosity

And the Crest of Magic

The Elements of Harmony/Crest Bearers must learn to love, care, and befriend their new digimon comrades

Why you ask?

In order to face against the two warring sides of the Digital World.

The Royal Knights and the Great Demon Lords.

The two digimon sides have been warring against each other from the beginning with the Royal Knights representing Light. and the Demon Lords representing Darkness.

This is why the crests and Digivices were created.

In order to save the Digital World from this War.

Now it's up to Mane 6, and their Digimon to stop the war, and save all of both Ponykind and Digikind.

So let's begin the story.


IN THE NEXT CHAPTER! This is just an introductory chapter. I'm sorry if you don't know about Digimon that much, but since this is a fresh start it will be easier. In Digimon, Digimons are born in Digi-Eggs. Here not so much. Why? Because six things close to the Mane Six will be Digimons instead. Can you guess what it is? Anyway please read, and review. Also constructive criticism will be nice. Also I have this other Fanfic on fanfiction so I'm not sure if this will have a rapid update, but I'll try my best.