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Pet's Digimorph.


Golden Oaks Library.

"Now that we're done putting the books in alphabetical order" Twilight said with a smile.

"Never want to see another book that starts with the word "the" again!" Spike whimpered.

"It's time to see how Owlowiscious is doing"

"It's the same thing Twilight" Spike complained "He's always sleeping during the day!"




"The owl"


"The Owl you adopted!"

"I'm not talking Spike" Twilight pointed out "It's Owlowiscious"

"Is who the only thing you can say?!" Spike asked in frustration toward the now awake Owl.


"You! Oh never mind!"

"Owlowiscious, what is that?" and Twilight pointed at the strange device that the Owl was holding.

He dropped the device and Twilight picked it up with her magic. The device was shaped like a small white device that was square with rounded sides curved in at the corners with a mini square screen within a circle in the center of the device. There was a short antenna in the top curved in left corner, two blue buttons to the right of the screen and one on the left.

"It says Digivice of Magic" Twilight read on the back "And it has the shape of my Cutie Mark!"

"That's kinda freaky" Spike commented.

"Hello" the device stated.

"AH!" Spike yelped "It talks!"

"Processing voice: incorrect."

"What?" Twilight wondered.

"Processing voice: Correct. Greeting Bearer of Magic."

"Uh what are you?" Twilight attentively asked the device.

"I am a Digivice, created by Master Celestia for your benefit"

Twilight eyes brightened at the thought of her mentor "Oh so what do you want?"

"I have three options. Digimorph, Detect, and Discover. Which one do you choose?"

Twilight was taken a little back by the first option. Her curiosity got to her and she answered "Maybe Digimorph?"

"Very well"

The Digivice suddenly let out a black light, causing Twilight to drop it. The light than proceed to cover the sleeping Owlowiscious, who woke up when he got covered in the light.

"Owlowiscious!" Twilight and Spike cried out in fear, than they heard an unknown voice.

Digimorph Activate

Owlowiscious Digimorph to…FALCOMON.

The light died down and in Owlowiscious's place sat an unknown figure who proceeded to break out of his cage.

The best description of the newcomer would be a cross between an owl and a ninja. His eyes were golden, but he had red corneas. His tail feather was red as well, but the rest of his feathers were black. Except in places like the tip of his eyebrows, the feather was purple. Despite being a bird, it had moveable hands, and it was wearing a purple vest. Its claw on its feet were regular except bigger than normal.

Spike and Twilight stared agape at the newcomer, who stretched his arms.

The owl-ninja spoke and said "Wow! I don't recall my cage being that cramped"

"Owlowiscious?" Twilight asked nervously.


"YOU SAID SOMETHING OTHER THAN WHO!" Spike shouted pointing at him.

"Never mind that! He's completely different now, and he can talk!"

"What exactly are you talking about?" "Owlowiscious" asked.

"Look in the mirror" Twilight ordered.

"I really don't see how that would…OH GOOD LUNA WHAT HAPPENED TO ME!?"

"That's what we're asking you!" Spike pointed out.

"Wait you can understand me?"

"It took you that long to figure it out?"

"Well I can understand you, but you can't understand me"

Twilight took a quick mental note of that fact, and she saw the still afloat Digivice.

"Hey Digivice, how can I turn Owlowiscious back to normal?"

"Request granted. De-Digimoprh active."

Falcomon was covered in a black light, and he returned back to Owlowiscious.

"Are you alright?" Spike asked.




"Owl-YEAH! You're back to normal!"

"But I wonder" Twilight muttered "Digivice: Digimorph!"

Digimorph Activate

Owlowiscious Digimorph to…FALCOMON.

"And I'm back in this form" Falcomon observed.

"Why does it keep saying Falcomon?" Spike quizzed "You look more like an owl to me"

"I wonder if the others are having similar troubles." Twilight wondered to herself.


Sweet Apple Acres (The scene where the author remember why he doesn't write MLP Fanfic…He can't write accents)

"HOOWEE!" Applejack cheered "That was another fine day of apple picking if I do say so myself"

"Eyup" her brother Big Macintosh answered.

"Now all we have to do is…"


"Oh Winona!" Applejack exclaimed "How was your say in the fields?"

Winona dropped the digivice in front of her.

"Wha's this?"

"Processing Voice: Correct: Greeting bearer of Honesty"

"What the hack are you?"

"I am a Digivice, I was created by Master Celestia for your benefits"

"And what can you do?"

"Three options: Digimorph, Detect, and Discover"


"Request acknowledge"

An orange light came out, and before Applejack can react, it hits Winona.

Digimorph Activate

Winona Digimorph to…LABRAMON.

"What in tarnation?" Applejack exclaimed at her new pet.

Winona fur took on a cream color with various pink highlights. Her ear and tail were poofed up and pinkish red. Her eyes were now red and her claws turned yellow.

"Well that was nice" the dog cried out.

"YAH!" Applejack was taken back "C-could you always do that?"

"Do what?"


"Don't be silly, I'm a dog and you're a pony, we can't…communi…Oh"

"This is freaky!" Applejack exclaimed, she saw the digivice and asked "What did you do to Winona?"

"I Digimorphed her, do you wish to turn her back?"

"Darn course!"

"Very well, De-Digimorph"

Another orange light changed Winona back, who barked happily. Applejack picked up the digivice with her mouth and said "C'mon Winona, let us meet with Twi"



"I think you became better!" Rainbow Dash noted when she saw her pet tortoise Tank.

True enough, Tank had a bit better control of his flying machine. He however did not care about that, and shows his master the Digivice.

"What's that?"

"Processing Voice: Correct: Greeting Bearer of Loyalty"

"Yeah that's me!" Dash smugly said, than she comprehends what she just heard "Wait what are you?"

"I am a Digivice, I have three functions for your benefits, after I was created by Master Celestia"

"Celestia made you? Well what are those three options?"

"Digimorph, Detect, and Discover"


"Okay than"

The digivice let out a red light, since it was in Tank's mouth, it instead just covered him in the light.

Digimorph Activate

Tank Digimorph to…KAMEMON

"Tank, what happened to you?" Dash said looking at the newcomer.

It was a bipedal turtle with a blue spotted hat. His tail was shaped like some sort of plug, and his shell had some sort of yellow orb on it. He was also wearing Tank's flying machine.

"I don't know" Tank answered




The flying machine on Tank's or Kamemon's body couldn't take his new weight and so he ends up felling onto the floor and in turn falling in the sky.


Dash flew out of Cloudsdale and saw the flailing Tank. She quickly managed to catch him, though she felt a bit strained carrying him.

"Why are you so heavy!?" Dash complained.

"I just transformed okay?"

"Can you turn back to normal?"

"Request acknowledged"

The digivice in Kamemon's hand gave off a red light. It turned him back to Tank holding the digivice in his mouth.

"We have to see Twi" Rainbow Dash stated as she went to the library.


Sugercube Corner

"WOOHOO!" Pinkie Pie cheered "That was an awesome birthday party. Especially for Derpy!"

Gummy blinked.

"Sorry I couldn't invite you gummy"

Gummy was numbing on the Digivice.

"Oh is that a new toy?"

"Processing Voice: Correct: Greeting Element of Laughter"

"Oh a talking toy, HI! My name is Pinkie Pie!"

"I am a Digivice, I was created by Master Celestia for your benefit"

"When were you created?"

"Uh today?"


"I don't think of it like that, but I have three options: Digimorph…"


"But I didn't even…Never mind"

The Digivice fired a blue light at the apathetic Gummy.

Digimorph Activate

Gummy Digimorph to…GUILMON.

Standing in Gummy's place was a big monster of a cross between a dragon and a dinosaur. It was red with black markings, its ears resembled wings, and it has a mark that resembles a biohazard sign on its snout. Its golden eyes position showed it was still Gummy.

"Gummy, you're a Guilmon!"

"Yes" Guilmon simply responded

"And you can talk!"

"I guess I can"

"Let's show Twilight, oh and turn back to normal"

"Request acknowledged"

The Digivice was in Guilmon's hand, and now it was in Gummy's jaw. Pinkie Pie picked him up and ran out.


Carousel Boutique

"I beg your pardon?" Rarity asked.

"There are three options: Digimorph, Detect, and Discover"

"What does Digimorph do?"

"Digimorph it is!"

It gave off a purple light that hits Opal.

Digimorph Activate

Opal Digimorph to…SALAMON

Opal looked down at herself in surprised and saw that she now resembled a dog, with a necklace over her neck.

"Wait a minute, I'm a cat! Not a dog!"

"OPAL!" Rarity cried out "You're now capable of speech!"

"I noticed! Now can you turn me back?"

"Change to normal"

"Request acknowledged"

Salamon turned back to Opal, and Rarity and her went off to Twilight for some answers.


Fluttershy's Cottage

Digimorph Activate

Angel Digimorph to…LOPMON.

Angel looked down at himself and said "What in the world?!"

He resembled a rabbit with long ears. He was brown with pink markings and he had three horns on his foreheads.

"Angel!" Fluttershy said in awe "You can talk, and you changed!"

"I've noticed"

"I wonder if I can turn you back to normal?"

"Request Acknowledged"

A pink light changed Lopmon into a regular bunny.

"What should we do now?"

Angel made a motion resembling someone reading a book.

"Oh right Twilight"


Golden Oaks Library (A few minute later)

"So I guess that makes all of us than?" Twilight rhetorically asked everyone and there pets.

Owlowiscious hooted, Winona barked, Opal meowed, Gummy blinked, Tank and Angel nodded.

"So why don't we activate the Digivice and see what happens?" Twilight suggested.

"Are you sure that's a good idea?" Applejack asked.

"Well Princess Celestia created it, so it might be good"

"Alright than!" Pinkie Pie cheered "Digimorph"

"Digimorph" the others said unenthusiastically.

The digivice gave off a black, orange, red, blue, pink, and purple light came out and hit their pets.

Digimorph Activate

Owlowiscious Digimorph to…FALCOMON

Winona Digimorph to…LABRAMON

Tank Digimorph to…KAMEMON

Gummy Digimorph to…GUILMON

Opal Digimorph to…SALAMON

Angel Digimorph to…LOPMON

"Wow, look at Gummy" Dash exclaimed.

"He's a bigger dragon than me!" Spike complained.

"Never mind that! How did this happen?" Applejack wondered "Fluttershy?"

"Don't look at me, there not like any animals I seen before" Fluttershy whispered.

"Don't worry everyone, I found a book!" and Pinkie Pie held up a book that says "Digimon, Digivices, and the Digital World"

"Let me guess" Twilight said with a deadpan stare "You found it under "D" didn't you?"


"Well let me see that" and Twilight opened the book to the beginning.

The Digital World is an alternative universe. It's populated by Digital Monsters or Digimon for short. They are a unique being with various different species and different levels. Going to another level is called digivolution. The six level of digivolution are Fresh, Training, Rookie, Champion, Ultimate, and Mega. The Digital World is strongly connected to various worlds and the connection is symbolized by Digivices.

"The next couple of chapters are about the history of the Digital World which is fascinating to me, but a couple of you might find it boring"

"Why are you glaring at me?" Dash questioned.

"No reason"

The Digivices were created by the creator of the Digital World Fanglongmon. He created them because if the Digital World will ever be in great danger, he can send them to six heroes so they can save the digital world.

"So the Digital World is in danger?" Rarity figured out.

"That's horrible" Fluttershy whimpered "But how can we be the six heroes?"

"We have the digivices don't we?" Rainbow Dash pointed out.

"So what you're saying is that we are now Digimon?" Falcomon (Owlowiscious) asked.

"I guess that the best guess" Twilight admitted "If we can figure out what Digimons you are"

Twilight Digivices light up and says "Discover feature activate"

Digimon Analyzer

Name: Falcomon, Labramon, Kamemon, Guilmon, Salamon, and Lopmon.

"Well that confirms that" Applejack muttered.

"So what should we do now?" Fluttershy asked.

"Can you change us back?" Salamon asked.

"Why should we do that?" Kamemon asked "I actually like this"

"Me too" Labramon agreed

"People can understand what I'm saying" Falcomon added.

"I can stand!" Guilmon exclaimed.

"I have fingers too!" Lopmon admitted.

"Fine not my problem anyway!"

An explosion interrupted their thought.

"Are you experimenting with fireworks Pinkie Pie?' Rarity quizzed, receiving a shake in response.



"THE HORRORS!" Shouted the flower trio.

And for once it was a legit horror. Ponyville was being attacked by a strange creature that resembled a giant dino with brown helmet with color striping. He was breathing fire at the area near Ponyville.

All the ponies in town were galloping in fear from the raging monster, and that was when the Mane 6 and their pets/Digimon exited the building.

"What is that monstrous thing?!" Rarity shouted at the sight.

Her Digivice beeped

Digimon Analyzer

Name: Greymon

Level: Champion

Attribute: Vaccine

Type: Dinosaur

Attack: Nova Blast.

"Might I recommend to..RUN!" And Spike and the others ran for there life from the Digimon.


Canterlot Castle

"PRINCESS CELESTIA!" A messenger guard exclaimed "Ponyville is being attacked by a monster!"

Celestia sighed "The Digi-War begins now!"


So the Digimon form of the pets are:
Owlowiscious: Falcomon

Tank: Kamemon

Winona: Labramon

Gummy: Guilmon

Opal: Salamon

Angel: Lopmon

And Digimorph was made for this story, so don't look it up. If you want to see what the Digimon look likes, search for it online. Anyway please review.