Chapter 3

Who was it that shouted to Aleu? Will she get to meet her mother again? Will Balto get to see his grandchildren?


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Aleu's POV

She heard someone say her name and turned around to see her other brother Dingo and their sister Saba. They just looked at her and then Saba ran at Aleu and tackled her playfully, just like they used to do when they were pups. She gladly played with her all the while she could hear her dad and brothers laughing at her.

''I've got my odds on Aleu'' she could Kodi say.

''I will agree with you on that one she had to have learnt something from the wolf pack'' her father said.

''I don't know Saba has been training hard these days and she was able to pin me down'' Dingo said.

There play fighting lasted a bit longer and then Aleu was able to pin Saba down, she grinned at her and was about to lift her head and howl when she remembered where she was. She got off her sister and said ''you need more practice sis.'' Saba got up off the floor and shrugged and said ''maybe I do, anyway when did you get back.''

She looked at her siblings and said ''I will tell you with mum come on I will race you all there'' she grinned at them.

They all grinned at her and said ''you're on!''

No-one's POV

They all lined up and then at the same time ran all together dodging people and other dogs, Saba wasn't as fast at her other siblings so she was at the back with Dingo. It was between Aleu, Balto and Kodi.

They would all be in the front until one of the others jumped in front of them and laughed with them and then would try and get in the front again.

They all would turn at the same time to get to Jenna's house, they all arrived at the same time.

Balto accepted that but Aleu and Kodi were arguing by the time that Dingo and Saba would arrive.

''No way I was the one who win'' Aleu was saying, ''not a chance Aleu it was between me and dad you were just behind by a muzzle'' Kodi was saying.

Balto's POV

Sitting there with his other son and daughter watching them argue was just like when they were kids and that good for him he missed them a lot and this, was why his kids hadn't been acting like themselves the past couple of days so he was glad when they were.

''Keep them here I am going to get your mom'' he turned to his Dingo and Saba, they just nodded and looked back at Aleu and Kodi and was snickering at something that were saying to one another.

He trotted away to Jenna's house, to be specific her little house at the side he knew that was she was. Her humans were out for the day and were not able to go with them. He nudged the door open with his nose and saw her asleep, he walked over to her and nudged her ''Jenna wake up'' he said gently.

She woke rubbing her eyes and smiled at Balto and nuzzled him lovingly before saying ''Nice to see you'' he chuckled quietly and said '' Come on there is someone who you should meet.''

Jenna's POV

She had no idea what Balto wanted to show her, but she followed anyway. With being pregnant again she was tired more, but she needed the fresh air during these days as well. She kept close to Balto and would nuzzle him every now and then, because she hadn't seen him for two days and had missed him.

When they came round the corner of her house she was surprised to see what she did, it was her daughter Saba and Dingo laughing on the floor about something. When they saw her they came over to them. ''hi mama'' was how they responded when they saw them, Saba nuzzled her mother, just like she always does where Dingo just nodded. He was closer to his father and so would nuzzle him more than his mother.

She then looked behind them and seen, her other son Kodi and surprising her daughter Aleu. They were play fighting like they did when they were pups. She was surprised to see her, she thought that she was with the wolf pack.

She turned to Balto and looked confused even when she said ''what is Aleu doing her Balto''

He nuzzled her and said ''you will find out as soon as they stop play fighting with one another.''

So she sat there with her mate and her two pups and waited to talk to the daughter, that was more wolf than her father and who she hadn't seen for, two years. She didn't know that she had missed her so much when she seen her playing with Kodi, and was looking forward to being able to talk to her again.

What will happen when they get to talk again? Will Aleu tell them all about her pups and her other life, with her pack?