"Kneesocks-san, I have returned!" Scanty said as she happily entered her and her sister's shared secret apartment, which was located in a basement in Daten City's municipality. Corset, the mayor, had no idea about the Demon Sisters' hideout, for he had always called them forth to his own office. Kneesocks was always excited and overjoyed to see her sister every time Scanty returned home, and she had never broken the habit of greeting her with a welcoming gesture. However, this was definitely not the case.

"Anybody home? Kneesocks? Onee-san?" Scanty asked hesitantly after hearing no response from her younger sister. "Oy vay, what kind of catastrophe could have possibly occurred?" Scanty said to herself, feeling very worried. She walked towards their shared room very slowly and she couldn't help but feel slightly scared. Scanty is usually fearless, but when it comes to any concerns about her sister, she can never know what can possibly happen to her. Scanty loves her sister very much (perhaps even too much as we had previously seen in Episode 12), and would never want anything bad to happen to her, even if one of their wicked schemes to eliminate the Anarchy Sisters was unintentionally foiled by Kneesocks.

Scanty slowly opened the room's door, and was very shocked to see the lights had been off. She suddenly heard sobbing sounds coming from the room, and her heart was filled with extreme fear and concern. Scanty slowly closed the door and turned the lights on, and was surprised to see Kneesocks sitting on their shared bed, sobbing endlessly. Kneesocks' back was facing Scanty's direction, and Scanty could tell that something was most certainly not right with her sister. Scanty slowly approached Kneesocks, and noticed her face was completely covered in sweat and tears, and she was shaking very quickly while holding the bed's sheets extremely tightly.

"Kneesocks my darling! What bothers your mind?" Scanty asked and sat beside Kneesocks. "Please tell me what occupies your brain; I'm very worried about you". Kneesocks then turned her head very slowly towards her sister, and Scanty gasped after witnessing a sad yet appalled look at Kneesocks' face. Her eyes were full of tears, causing them to shine as bright as a crystal and her glasses to stain.

"Dear sister… onee-sama," Kneesocks cried aloud and hugged her sister. "I'm so glad you've finally returned! Oh it was horrible, a disaster I tell you!" Her tears stained Scanty's uniform, but Scanty didn't mind.

"What's wrong, Kneesocks? Tell me what the matter is," Scanty said and held her sister's shoulders.

"It's… I don't want to talk about it. I don't want to make things worse than they are now," Kneesocks sobbed and buried her face in her palms.

"Kneesocks, please tell me. Perhaps I could help you cheer up, sister. Besides, your face is as red as a beetroot," Scanty replied as she noticed her sister was blushing.

"You know I blush easily, dear sister. I had a terrible dispute with Corset, let's leave it that way," Kneesocks replied and wiped her tears.

"Keeping dark thoughts in your stomach is bad for your health, Kneesocks my dear. You can tell me everything," Scanty responded and stroked her sister's long, blue shiny hair. "Here, let me clean those for you." She took her sister's glasses off and rubbed them with her sleeve after smearing them with a wet wipe. She then put them back on Kneesocks, and the latter thanked her faintly while sniffing. "Now please tell me what happened. I cannot bear to see you suffering like this," Scanty said while continuing to pat her sister's hair.

Kneesocks sighed and said, "Alright then, dear sister. It happened after you had left."


"RRRUUURRRUUUS! BLOODY RRRUUURRRUUUS!" Kneesocks sang out loud in her room while playing her bass guitar and listening to some heavy metal. She was the only person present in her room, and she suddenly heard Corset calling her from the microphone that the Demon Sisters had in their room.

"Kneesocks! Step into my office immediately!" he bellowed. Kneesocks turned her tape off and headed on towards the elevator. Fastener was waiting for her near Corset's office. Kneesocks patted his head and greeted him before heading to Corset.

"Sir, here I am before you. Is there something I can assist you?" she asked.

"Negative, my darling. You and I need to have a little talk about a serious issue," Corset replied. His back was facing Kneesocks, but she could tell by Corset's sinister tone that he was dissatisfied. "Where have you been during the five recent evenings?"

"Planning schemes with my sister, of course," Kneesocks replied. "Not just any schemes, but brilliant plans to finally eliminate those blasted angels."

"Is that so? If I were to ask Scanty, would she answer the same response?" Corset asked sarcastically.

"Sir, why are you asking me this?" Kneesocks asked in fear, and Corset turned around quickly and replied: "Because I know Fastener wouldn't tell me the same lame excuse!"

Kneesocks gasped in extreme shock after hearing this. "What do you mean? Did you send Fastener to spy on me!?" she asked.

"Congratulations, Kneesocks," Corset responded and walked towards Kneesocks very slowly, as the latter could only stare at him and shake in fear. "Fastener told me you had been fooling around with another person instead of sticking to our main objective, and he even brought evidence", he said and showed Kneesocks certain photos. Kneesocks gave Fastener a hard stare, and Corset continued: "By this you have broken two major rules! One is to NEVER lie to the mayor, and the other is to never do anything to interfere with our main objective, and that includes sneaking out and making out with strangers!"

"But sir," Kneesocks replied in fear, "Scanty and I wrote all the rrruuurrruuus for you, and I don't remember writing any of those to you have just mentioned. In addition, if I may say, you are pronouncing it incorrect-" but she could only scream when Corset punched her face and knocked her down.

"SILENCE! I shall not accept this blasphemy in my office!" he shouted. "That is, young lady, another rule broken, and you know darn well the punishment for a breaking breaking three rules subsequently! Fastener! Come forth and tie her up!"

"No, please! What the hell are you doing!?" Kneesocks shouted as Fastener began tying her very quickly onto a torture device. Corset approached poor Kneesocks very slowly and prepared to unbutton his jeans.

"This is going to hurt you a lot more than it's going to hurt me, but it's for your own good! It will teach you to never break any rules behind my back!" Corset bellowed and laughed evilly, as Kneesocks could only scream in agony and wait for the worst to come.

-Back to the present-

"And then he tossed me out of his office and here I am, sitting and sobbing for the last couple of hours," Kneesocks cried. "He assaulted me, Scanty! He fucked me in the ass!" she screamed while grabbing her sister's shoulders.

The Demon Sisters would regularly try to restrain each other whenever any profanity slipped off their tongues, but this time Scanty could only stare at her sister in extreme shock beyond belief. "No… this is outrageous! That bloody tyrant has punished us for years, but THIS time he has gone too far!" she said in anger. "I say we go straight to his office and kill him on the spot!"

"Dear sister, please don't! He will assault you just like he did to me!" Kneesocks begged. "Besides, he must have written some kind of rrruuurrruuu to make himself immune to any of our rrruuurrruuus or actions".

"Screw the rrruuurrruuus, Kneesocks!" Scanty responded. "That's not important right now; I'm talking about our safety! If we cannot kill him directly, we'll have to think of a plan. I say we first tell him we quit and that he should not try to search for us anywhere".

"Let's go more extreme and leave a suicide note," Kneesocks sniffed.

"A suicide note, that's it! Kneesocks-san, you are a genius!" Scanty replied. "We'll leave a fake suicide note for both of us! Who knows what he will possibly do when he hears about our so-called passing! Meanwhile we'll run away elsewhere! Let's pack all our stuff, we should even start now. We'll take Fastener with us and go!"

"No! I object this little good-for-nothing twerp ever coming near me! He helped Corset punish me," said an enraged Kneesocks.

"How could he… I thought he was OUR sidekick, not Corset's lackey!" Scanty shouted in disbelief. "But this gives me an idea. We'll kill him and utilize his blood to write the letter".

"Oh dear sister, you have such gorgeous ideas, it actually cheers me up a bit," Kneesocks replied, even though she still felt sad.

"My darling sister, you're always so sweet to me. I know another way to cheer you up," Scanty said. "Look what I have just purchased from the store!" she continued and took out a bottle of wine and a can of caviar. "Moreover, I've bought your favorite!" she added and took out a packet of crackers and a box of blue cheese.

"Onee-sama, you're so gorgeous! Thank you!" Kneesocks cried in joy and proceeded to hug her big sister. "You definitely know what to do in times of peril," she said while hugging her sister tight and kissing her cheeks very quickly.

"Oh, we haven't opened the bottle of wine yet and you're already that drunk," Scanty joked and made her sister laugh. "I see it's getting much warmer now, so please allow me to take your clothes off," she said while stroking her sister's horn.

"Please, go ahead! I don't desire to feel this sorrow anymore, I want to feel good!" Kneesocks replied in a childish tone and kissed Scanty again.

"You will feel good, Miss Kneesocks, that's one of our rrruuurrruuus! Always find a way to take down your sorrow and replace it with pleasure," Scanty replied while taking off Kneesocks' uniform. "Let's continue from where that tyrant had stopped us in the twelfth episode."

"But dear sister, isn't it against the rrruuurrruuus to break the fourth wall?" Kneesocks asked childishly while taking her sister's uniform off, leaving them both in their black provocative outfits.

"I don't remember writing down that rrruuurrruuu, Miss Kneesocks," Scanty replied softly, "I remember that our most important rrruuurrruuu was to satisfy our curiosities, mwah!"

"Oh Scanty-sama, you're making my face as red as a beetroot again!" Kneesocks said as Scanty approached her for a kiss while opening the bottle of wine. "You know what? Hell with the Anarchy Sisters, and hell with Corset! Let's move on far away from here and start a new life," she said while panting.

"That's my gorgeous little sister!" Scanty responded and let her sister drink right from the bottle. "Mwah, I *mwah* love you so much, mwah!"

"So do I, sister dearest," Kneesocks replied and chewed on Scanty's bra, and the latter let her finish the process.

"You had a rough day, Kneesocks. I want to make you happy, and I know that the thing that makes you the happiest is a nice breast smeared with your favorite snacks."

Scanty then drank from the bottle herself and spilled some on her breasts. "Oh you butterfingers, look what you've done to your splendid breasts! Now I have to clean after you!" Kneesocks said with a giggle while smearing caviar all over her sister's breasts, and then she approached to suck them. She moaned childishly as her tears of sorrow were replaced by tears of happiness. Kneesocks licked and sucked every part of Scanty's breasts, as the latter patted her hair, played with her left breast and licked her horn.

Kneesocks' moans became louder when Scanty started biting her horn delicately. "Yeah, do you like it, Miss Kneesocks?" Scanty asked while removing her sister's bra, as Kneesocks moaned in agreement while continuing to stimulate Scanty's breasts. She then lay Scanty down on the bed and smeared her belly with cheese before placing numerous crackers on her. She then took Scanty's skirt and panties off and started eating off her belly.

"Ooh, salty," Kneesocks said softly while licking and kissing Scanty's belly and twirling her tongue around her navel. Kneesocks wanted to make it a two-sided fun, so she turned around so her own belly would be exactly above Scanty's head. As a token of gratitude, Scanty smeared some caviar on Kneesocks' belly and started licking her too. She even did a bolder move and gave her hickeys and made her trademark "mwah" sounds.

"Mmmm, I love it when you perform this action," Kneesocks said in a horny tone. "Your tongue is so dreamy," she whispered and kept on pleasuring Scanty's belly and vice-versa. Their breasts were squished on each other's bellies, thus gaining the touch of the wine and the various snacks. After some more licking, Scanty took the wine again and poured it on Kneesocks' neck, making it quickly roll down her cleavage, her belly, and eventually her crotch.

"I adore where this is going," the two Demon Sisters said simultaneously and laughed. Scanty did not hesitate for a second, and immediately licked Kneesocks' wine-flavored pussy. "Yes, onee-sama, I love this!" Kneesocks moaned and grabbed one of her sister's horns. Scanty's hands then moved to grab Kneesocks' breasts and she started playing with her nipples while licking and kissing her pussy.

"Your hands and tongue are pure magic; please squeeze my nipples harder just to make sure I'm not dreaming!" Kneesocks begged, and Scanty obeyed while licking faster until finally causing Kneesocks to scream and ejaculate all over Scanty's face. She then took the cheese and smeared it all over Kneesocks' breasts, which were much smaller than Scanty's, so her hands were able to cover them all.

"Are you sure you're ready for this? Do you want Scanty to nom-nom your breasts?" Scanty asked childishly while continuing to grope her sister. Kneesocks' moaned in agreement. "Please beg for it, Miss Kneesocks!" Scanty said.

"Please dear sister, please! Miss Kneesocks want breast munchies!" Kneesocks responded, and Scanty started sucking and biting Kneesocks' breasts.

"Oh yes, this feels so good! Don't stop, I love this!" Kneesocks cried in excitement while patting Scanty's green hair as her own breasts continued being pleasured. Out of instinct, Kneesocks started slapping her sister's pussy, drawing loud moans from her.

"I love it when you act so naughtily," Scanty responded to Kneesocks' gesture, and grabbed her hand to insert her finger into her pussy. Kneesocks did not ask any questions, and quickly moved her finger back and forth.

"Ah! Yes darling, keep going! I feel it!" Scanty moaned. "I want your horn inside me now!" she added, and Kneesocks obeyed.

"That's your favorite, am I right, dear sister?" Kneesocks asked while inserting her horn and smiling mischievously.

"Oh yeah, sure it is, sweetie!" Scanty replied as Kneesocks' movement increased its speed. Scanty screamed like crazy once she reached her climax, thus ejaculating all over Kneesocks' horn.

"That was wonderful, dear sister," Kneesocks said while moving on to hug and kiss her sister again.

"You said it, Miss Kneesocks", Scanty responded. "You're face, mwah, it's beetroot red again, mwah!" she added.

"And I'm *mwah* glad it is, mwah! Thank you *mwah* so much, sister dearest, mwah!" Kneesocks replied. "Do you know what I want, dear sister?" she asked.

"What do you want?" Scanty replied.

"I want you". Kneesocks answered. "So do I, Miss Kneesocks. So do I", Scanty whispered. "Oh observe, we ran out of wine", Kneesocks said.

"Aw, are you still thirsty, Miss Kneesocks?" Scanty asked in a horny tone and leaned Kneesocks' head gently towards her breasts. "Be my guest".

"Your sweet milk. My favorite," Kneesocks cried in excitement and proceeded to suck on her sister's breasts again. Kneesocks sucked the right, and Scanty grabbed her left and stretched it to her direction so she could suck it herself.

"You're really good at stimulating your own breast, dear sister," Kneesocks said softly.

"My gorgeous sister, I've been practicing", Scanty replied while patting Kneesocks' hair. Scanty felt very mesmerized while her breasts were getting sucked. She was about to cry in excitement when she suddenly felt her nipples started lactating.

"So delicious, must drink more!" Kneesocks moaned as she sucked harder and harder every second.

"I love it when you do that, Miss Kneesocks," Scanty said while panting heavily. "I want to see your mouth full of my divine milk!" she added. Her moans became much louder, and she screamed with joy as Kneesocks finally made her climax and blast a wide load of milk into her mouth.

"Come forth and share some with me," Scanty ordered while panting. Kneesocks nodded and opened her mouth over Scanty, who proceeded to open her own mouth wide while closing her eyes.

"I told you it was beneficial to teach ourselves how to make each other lactate," Kneesocks said softly. "Sister's milk. My favorite."

Scanty then passed her milk back to Kneesocks' mouth. "Mmmm, tastes almost like white chocolate", she said. "Aw looky, you're beetroot red again. Kiss me, Kneesocks-san". Kneesocks giggled and obeyed, and the milk was trapped between their mouths for a while until finally being consumed.

"That was indeed a marvelous dinner you've organized for us, my dear sister Scanty," Kneesocks said and hugged Scanty passionately.

"You deserved it, darling sister," Scanty replied while patting Kneesocks' head and back. "You had a rough day, and I had to bring you joy once again, mwah."

"And you successfully achieved our mutual goal, and I'm thankful to you forever, sister dearest," Kneesocks said.

"I'm very pleased to hear those favorable words coming out of your adorable mouth, Miss Kneesocks," Scanty replied and licked Kneesocks' horn.

"We should do this more often, or at least in special occasions," Kneesocks said.

"Today is a special occasion, Kneesocks", Scanty responded. "Tonight we are celebrating our freedom from Corset's reign! Tomorrow we shall start a new life, my precious sister".

"I'm so excited to be free again!" Kneesocks gloated. "By the way, I feel like a shower is required."

"Smart thinking, darling. It is indeed essential for our health, let alone a rrruuurrruuu!" Scanty replied and they both laughed, and Scanty then entered the shower stall while carrying Kneesocks with her.