Hello Super Smash Bros fanfiction community, remember me? Probably not, but if you do then let me just inform you... I'm back. It has been a long time since I last contributed anything to the SSB fandom (my last Smash Bros fanfic was An Eternity to Remember, uploaded on 16/8/2011) but here I am with a new fanfic.

I've been planning my return to this here fandom for quite some time, and many ideas of the fanfic for my return. Many of these ideas never got past the concept stage, and the two that have progressed into the writing stage are one-shots that have been taking a while. I wanted to mark my return close to the reveal of the new Super Smash Bros at E3, and with those two stories incomplete I was lucky to be struck by inspiration for a new story whom would be much easier and quicker to write. Enough of my babbling, I can save that for after the first chapter, without further ado here is the first chapter of my new Super Smash Bros fanfic, Smashing Reactions. I hope you enjoy!

Smashing Reactions!

Chapter 1: Coming to Town!

"Hey, don't shove!"

"Move over!"


"Why are you guys still riding your bikes?"

"Get out of the way Wolf!"

"I can't let you do that Star Fox… because some idiots standing on my foot!"

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to."

"One at a time."

Master Hand surveyed the chaos before him. Smashers and assist trophies, big and small, shoved and bickered as they fought their way into the room. The room was not small; rather the problem was the sheer amount of people, every resident of the mansion bar the work staff, trying to fit in all at once. A larger room was present in the Smash Mansion, but that room was currently being prepared for the day's banquet and celebration. So the situation stood of the various fighters all squabbling over space, accusing one another of pushing or standing on each other's toes, and generally being very noisy.

"This is going better than expected." Master Hand mused, "Okay everyone, settle down. The unveiling of the new Super Smash Bros game and campaign shall begin shortly."

"Oh please, oh please, let me be in it." Knuckle Joe, with hands placed flat together, prayed to Sakurai.

"Ah, me too." Jill yelped, joining Knuckle Joe in on the wishful thinking.

Little Mac grinned, and with a chuckle, said, "Now, now, no need to worry so much. I'm sure one of us assist trophies will get in today."

Having overheard the conversation, and in a rare moment of socialising with his fellow assist trophies, Shadow added, "I've heard only a couple of newcomers will be announced today so I wouldn't raise your hopes up."

"Ha! Says you." Mr Resetti retorted, raising his pick axe into the air, and worrying those squashed up by him, "Ah have a good feeling about today."

Whilst the majority of the assist trophies were huddled together, discussing how much they'd like to be promoted to smashers, others were mingling with the smashers. The main reason for this being that Wario had organised a bet as to who would appear as a new smasher, and of course plenty of them were eager at the chance to win coins.

"Waluigi says he will be the new smasher. 20 coins on myself!" Waluigi of course proclaimed.

"Can we have category votes? I'm sure it will be a woman but I haven't decided which." Samurai Goroh asked as started to mentally list all the potential female characters that could be introduced as smashers.

"I'm placing a few on Krystal." Fox said while retrieving a few coins from his pocket.

"Now Fox, we both know that's more of a who you want," Falco jeered as he threw a wing over his friend's shoulder, "She's sure to get in but for the reveal… I'm going with one of the new guys. I tell ya' that Dillon guy looks like smash material."

"Too bad for all of you, but the next smasher is certain to be my son." Bowser bragged, a large grin on his face.

"Ah, business is booming." Wario thought as the coins flowed into his sack, "If no one's right then all of this will be mine, all mine."

The betting on who would be joining the smashers was a bit of fun that the group had enjoyed all the way back when it was just twelve of them. It was a fun little game to them, and regardless of who won they all looked forward to seeing who was right. Saying that though, with Wario in charge and using sly tactics to coerce everyone into participating, there were a few that were not looking forward to the upcoming reveal.

"Now Lucas, it'll be okay." Nana reassured the nervous psychic, and with a wink urged her brother on the other side to do the same.

"Yeah, it's not like Wario got you to bet every single smash coin you've been saving up." Popo said with a smile and a pat on his friends shoulder.

"He did." Lucas mumbled, staring bleakly at his feet.

"Oh… well it's not like you voted for a character with next to no chance of becoming a smasher."

"I panicked."

"Popo! You're not helping." Nana whispered over to her fellow Ice Climber, before turning her attention back to Lucas, "C'mon Lucas, cheer up… um, you could win and… you're not the only one who is feeling down."

Nana was of course talking about the green garbed plumber with a dark cloud hanging over him.

"This is it; I'm going to be kicked out. No longer a smasher, that will be their big announcement." Luigi grumbled, staring at his supposedly bleak future.

Resisting the urge to face palm, Snake grunted back, "Look, Luigi, you're not being kicked out."

Luigi turned around to his friend, moustache quivering, "How do you know that? You've heard the rumours right? Falco and Wolf are too much like Fox; Lucas is too much like Ness, what if… what if I'm too much like Mario."

Snake looked over to where the Nintendo mascot was, or at least in the general vicinity. He was just able to see Mario at the front, surrounded by people all taller than him. Snake then looked back to Luigi.

"Yea-No, no." Snake replied, shaking his head, "You don't have anything to worry about, besides it's the year of Luigi, good things have been happening all year for you."

"Yeah things have been good for me… too good."

Before Snake could mention how the balance of the universe does not hinge on Luigi being unlucky, the lights started to dim.

"Attention everyone, the first trailer for the new Super Smash Bros shall begin soon." Master Hand announced, and much to his pleasure, everyone quickly and silently organised themselves, "Also, please be aware that a second trailer will be shown after our meal, and we have word that a third will be sent to us later on in the day."

"Now then…" The giant glove began to say as he scanned the room, looking for a place to sit "where am I going… to… sit?"

Coughing could be heard from amongst the group, who even after organising themselves remained squashed together as they filled the room.

"… I'll watch it later." Master Hand grumbled, and with a click of his fingers, teleported out of the room.

Then the lights went dark, and the smash bros symbol popped up onto the monitor in flames. Cheers rose up from the audience and the video began to play.

Cheery music began to play as the screen showed a peaceful, pleasant looking town on a fine spring day, and quickly zoomed in on one little house.

"What the heck is this? I thought we were getting a smash bros trailer!" Wario yelled, only to be hushed down.

On screen a somewhat obscured villager came out of his house, and retrieved a letter from his mail box. Opening and reading it, the scene soon changed to the villager running down the path.

"He must have heard about the new Super Smash Bros, you'll see him watching us fight any second now." Ike added; certain that this was just build up to their big entrance.

"Of course they start things off by showcasing the best series." Mr Resetti said with pride.

Super Mario popped up on screen, the music's tempo changing immediately. Mario appeared, striking a ? block with his fist.

"It's here, it's finally starting!" Many of the smashers yelled out as excitement rose in each of them.

One by one different series titles popped up onto the screen. The Legend of Zelda came up and Link was shown pointing his sword to the sky. Metroid came on with electric affects, and Samus was seen firing a plasma shot. Kirby came, and he was relaxing in a large pool of clear water, Star Fox with Fox flying in his Arwing through an asteroid field, Kid Icarus and Pit took to the skies, Donkey Kong with DK running through the Kongo Jungle, then Pokémon popped on screen and Pikachu waved hi to everyone watching.

The tempo kept on going as the screen depicted a blurry mass of colour. A stroking affect was heard as black inks outlined Mario, coming to life on screen, and striking a pose. A red aura then surrounded Mario and he flew up into the air.

"Oh come on, you can fly now!" Bowser yelled out with annoyance.

"Well with my-a racoon tail, and my-a tanooki tail, and my-a wing cap, and my-a super acorn, and my-a carrot, and my-a cape… I could always do that."

The red aurora coated flying Mario then flew into a silhouette of a 3DS, followed in tow by the other previously shown smashers flying in pursuit also with an aura around them as well.

"Huh, now why does this make me think of a certain shounen anime?" Ness said to Toon Link next to him, his green hooded companion grinning back.

The top screen of a 3DS could be seen and on it, in cell-shaded graphics, were Mario, Pikachu, Donkey Kong, and Link.

"Battlefield… it looks nice." R.O.B. beeped, pleased to see his former homeland still being represented.

Small bits of fighting across various stages were shown, but one of these stood out quite a bit. On-board a train the likes of DK, Samus and Pikachu were brawling, but the character the garnered the most attention was Toon Link, not fighting, and garbed in a train conductors uniform.

"Oh… I'm part of a stage, or rather my descendant is, heh-heh," Toon Link chuckled nervously, "That doesn't mean I'm removed or anything, it's just my descendant after all, you can tell easily tell us apart… right?"

A stage from Fire Emblem could be seen and a stage from one of the latest entries in the Mario franchise was shown… and then one from Nintendogs.

"Arf, Arf, Arf!" The Nintendog started to bark wildly upon seeing the doggie on screen, and a living room very familiar to him.

"Down boy, sit!"

"C'mon boy, quiet down."


Mario was once again on screen, leaping into the air to unbelievable heights, even for the Jumpman. The background turned white, and starting from his feet the plumber began to shine, sparkle, transform from cell-shaded to HD graphics. Once the transition from 3DS to Wii U was complete Mario struck a pose in the air, and the background lit with colour.

Cheers erupted from the audience, and Mario could only grin to himself.

Mario landed onto Battlefield, and ran off with the other smashers in tow. Things switched immediately to a battle with Bowser now present.

"Ah yeah, look at me in all my glory." Bowser shouted out.

Mario blasted Bowser into Link's spin attack, sending him off the stage.

Laughter erupted. Embarrassed, Bowser hid his face behind a claw.

Away from the battle, it then showed the likes of Mario, Pit, Link and Samus demonstrating attacks. Other battle clips came onto screen, new stages being shown with each one, and then back to clips of smashers demonstrating attacks. For the first time Samus demonstrated a final smash in the game.

"Alright, looks like final smashes are back!" Falco shouted out with glee.

"Yeah, because we all wanted to continue having land master after land master dropping down on us." Grumbled the eye rolling, Ganondorf.

Another new stage came into view as Mario and Bowser jumped into a boxing ring from opposite sides.

The nearby assist trophies looked to Little Mac, who tried hard to suppress a smile, but he couldn't help it, "Boxing ring? Boxing ring! That means that I…"

Mario and Bowser charged at one another, stopping in the centre of the arena. Once close, Mario attempted to deliver a head-butt to his foe, but Bowser swiftly blocked with his smash shield. Having successfully blocked the plumber's attack, Bowser responded with a jump kick, knocking Mario back to the other side of the arena. Mario did not let this stop him, recovering to his feet in seconds and ready to rush back into the fray… but then he was caught in a net.

The Villager from the start of the trailer was shown clearly, smiling as he caught Mario in the bug catching net. In big bold words he was introduced as Villager Comes to Town!

"He's the new smasher!"

"I thought he would just be in the audience!"

"The intro now makes sense."

"Can he even fight?"

"His smile creeps me out."

"Everything creeps you out Luigi."

Zooming in on the Villager, his eyes glinted.

"Okay, now his smile creeps me out too."

Switching to battle field, Bowser and Mario charge at the Animal Crossing Villager, only for him to use his shovel to trap the two of them in a pitfall style way.

"Aww, he can do it faster than me." DK mumbled, rubbing his forehead.

Next, Villager ran along and smashed Mario with a plant pot.

"I'm not having much-a luck in this trailer, am I?" Mario said, turning to Peach, who gave him a sympathetic smile.

In the next scene Villager was floating with balloons, Balloon Fighter style. In another, he was dropping a bowling ball onto Fox's head. Then the Villager was facing off against Samus, the bounty hunger firing a large plasma shot towards him… he grabbed it and put it in his pocket.

"Did he just...?" Marth started but did not need to end the sentence.

"He's still smiling." Luigi mumbled, staring with great worry into Villager's soulless eyes.

Unknown to anyone else, but beneath her helmet, Samus' glare intensified.

The characters shown within the trailer, Mario, Link, Samus, Kirby, Fox, Pit, DK, Pikachu, Bowser and Villager all appeared in character slots before the video showed off the title, 'Super Smash Bros'. With a crackle of electricity and a flash of light, the title split into two and appeared on screen as Super Smash Bros for 3DS and Super Smash Bros for Wii U.

Applause erupted from the audience, and those with hands, wings, flippers, or metallic arms clapped as hard as they could. Andross really hated everyone at that point.

"It certainly looks nice." Marth added with a small smile.

"Yeah, shame we weren't in it though." Ike commented, his hand lightly brushing against the hilt of his sword.

"Little Mac! Did you see that? Boxing ring, boxing ring!" Knuckle Joe yelled out with excitement, lifting his gloved fist to Mac.

"Yeah, that will be a great stage to brawl on." The boxer replied as he bumped fists with his sparring partner.

"Shame none of us were revealed as smashers." Jill said with a sigh, "Shame only one character was revealed."

"Not to worry," Lyn said from behind Jill, "That was only the first trailer; we still have two more left today."

Wario at the time though was grinning with glee, laughing his head off. Those around him however were not quite so joyous, grinding their teeth instead. Sure, they had all cheered and applauded once the trailer was over, but Wario was quick to remind them of a grim fact; no one had betted right.

"Oh, it feels good. All of this money, mine now!" Wario once again boasted, bellowing as loud he could, "Of course I was going to win with that character announcement. After all who would be stupid enough to vote for a character with next to no chance of becoming a"- Wario froze.

With a trembling hand the business owner pulled out the sheet of paper with everyone's votes on. Flipping through the pages, his grin slipped off his face.

"No." He muttered, "No. No. No!"

"I'm a billionaire!" Lucas ecstatically shouted, a rare moment of loud and open joy from the timid boy.


Lucas laughed and leaped into the air alongside Popo and Nana, the two Ice Climbers hugging him as they laughed along with him. The news spread fast in the cramped room, laughs and cheers soon erupting from the crowd, and a few sneers directed at the dismayed Wario.

"That's great Lu-" A cold chill ran up Little Mac's spine, as if the Sun itself had suddenly been blocked out.

It took mere seconds for this deathly chill to spread to the rest of the group, and the merriment ended as they wondered where the ominous feeling was coming from. Looking to and fro, none of them could spot where it was coming from or who could have been emitting it as such a fun time. The obvious choice was Wario, but any vibe coming from him was plain depression. It wasn't until a laugh, attempting to be cheery but clearly forced to the point it was creepy, that all eyes turned to one individual.

"An Animal Crossing representative. Villager huh? Isn't that grand!" Mr Resetti ushered with a large and 'cheery' smile, "I wonder what that makes my chances of getting into smash bros."

"Pretty much zero." Toon Link blurted out.

Mr Resetti and his pick axe went ballistic, and in the cramped room filled with people, there was no escape.

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Now then, as you can tell this fanfic is a multi-chaptered story, with each chapter depicting the Smashers (and the assist trophies, the organiser of the Assist Worthy Contest can't forget the assist trophies) watching and reacting to each of the new character reveals. At this point the three character reveals we have had are in the form of videos and I'm hoping this will be how the others are also revealed, makes it more interesting to describe. Other small events may go on within the chapter or throughout chapters, and the way I write the chapters may change depending on things; however the key thing is that all the chapters will probably be short ones, only from around 1000 to 4000 words. As for update times, of course this will depend on when new characters are revealed, for now there are two other character reveals to write about, and we'll see how quick I am with short chapter updates through them.

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