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Chapter 3: Weighing In!

An all-white woman, wearing a blue vest and black yoga pants, could be seen doing yoga. Currently she was holding herself in the tree position, informing the viewers to do the same whilst breathing slowly.

Zooming out, it turned out that the instructor and her instructions were televised, currently playing on a monitor. Zooming out even further and Mario, Link and Kirby were revealed as participating viewers, doing as told and performing the same tree position. Well, more like attempting to do as told and perform the same tree position. Being a small ball shaped creature with large feet, Kirby struggled to even get his feet off the ground. Meanwhile, Link had apparently forgotten his roots, as for someone once raised by a tree he was struggling an awful lot in keeping his balance. As for Mario, the somewhat plump plumber found the task of keeping his back straight so difficult that he was ignoring the instruction to breathe slowly. As the camera further showed Mario not remembering to breathe slowly, a white hand could be seen tapping him on the shoulder.

The 'relaxed' trio turned around and came face to face with a woman, the same woman who was also on the monitor giving them fitness instructions. Said fitness instructor looked towards Mario, Link and Kirby, whom were all attempting to maintain their tree poses… and then knocked them flying.

The trainer kept her stance as the monitor titled on the wall, and her televised self said, "Great, keep it up."

Changing to gameplay footage, the pure white fitness instructor could be seen warming up in a new stage. Not much could be seen from the angle shown but its design suggested it was a stage to match the announced newcomer.

Said newcomer spoke, "Let's get fired up."

A montage of shots proceeded with the trainer running on the Animal Crossing stage, practising her Yoga styled attacks on Battlefield and Skyloft, doing push ups. As these clips were shown her fitness based sayings continued.

"That's it, feel the burn," and "Let's start on those legs" were said as she knocked heavy weights like Bowser and DK flying.

Not just smash attacks were being shown; a possible special was depicted as she hovered in the air while twirling hoops around her body. She back flipped across the 'boxing ring' stage, much like Samus without her armour, and even showcased her final smash. Glowing a plethora of colours, the newcomer shot out luminescent silhouettes; all in various exercising or yoga based positions, and blasted away her competition.

The setting from before returned as the camera went close up to the new fighter, zooming up from her feet until it showed a clear picture of her face. She did a thumbs up, and with a Wii Fit board hopping up and down in the background, the statement came on screen as 'Wii Fit Trainer Weighs In!'


Night, the time where quiet would fall down upon the world and the non-nocturnal life forms would go to rest. This didn't happen with the Smash Mansion… except today. Worrying Master Hand quite a bit, there was a general silence about the place. Sure, he could hear murmurs and shouts within the smasher's rooms yet that was it, no one had ventured out of their rooms. He had not encountered anyone meandering in the hallways, no one getting in any late night training, not even anyone swiping food from the kitchen.

He did note however that one of the rooms was strangely active with noise: the room of the two princesses.

"I don't suppose you would know what teas any of the newcomers would like?" Peach asked Zelda between hums, "Oh, and do you suppose robots can drink tea? ROB's always politely refused when I've offered him some."

Zelda smiled at this question, closing her book and turning her full attention to her fellow princess, "Well I'm not sure on the two boys but Wii Fit Trainer seems like the sort of person that would drink herbal teas, or any tea with health benefits."

"Not to worry then, I have plenty of those." Peach said as her mind worked away at remembering each and every quality for each and every kind of tea she had in her collection.

"I've also heard that she is a bit of a health nut so you should probably consider not baking her a cake."

Peach gasped, turning around to Zelda and uttering, "Come now Zelda, even a 'health nut' can enjoy a sweet treat every once in a while."

Zelda chuckled and said, "There's no stopping you from baking a cake for each of these newcomers, is there?"

"Nope." Peach replied with good natured giggles, though this soon waned and the happy princess let out a worried sigh.

Zelda looked towards the princess, a frown on the usually happy face, but instead of asking what troubled her the bearer of wisdom waited until Peach voiced it aloud herself.

"Do you think everyone will get along with the newcomers, or they'll get along with us?"

"Well if it's whether they'll get along with you then you have nothing to worry about. You can strike a conversation with anyone in the building, including the villains." The princess of Hyrule reassured the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, the worried frown becoming a thankful smile on the latter's face, "As for the others, well, there will always be a few they may not get on with but most of them will."

"Aww, please, you're making me blush." The indeed blushing princess said, "So who do you think will get along best with Wii Fit Trainer?"

"Well… with what little we know… I would think she would get along well with Lyn, Samus as well."

"Samus? Are you sure? I don't mean to be rude but she's not very… social."

"No, she's clearly not, but Samus does take her exercises seriously. Remember when she invited us to join her in her morning routine?"

Peach shuddered, pushing back memories that ought not be remembered.

"Though we really should wait and see what she is like in person first." Zelda said, reaching for her book, and flipping it open to the page she had last been reading, "I am a little concerned that some of us might object to her being invited."

"Now why in the stars would they do that?" Peach began with a raised tempo, and continued quickly, "She seems interesting, likable and from what we saw in the trailer she is clearly a capable fighter. Who could possibly object to her being invited?"

"I object to the Wii Fit Trainer being invited!"

Perhaps it was due to Master Hand's stinginess with money, but despite the size of the castle known as Smash Mansion, the smashers had to share a room. This was true also for the assist trophies, but they had it worse with three to a room each. The only exceptions to this rule were the assist trophies who were groups of people such as the Excitebikes and Advance Wars Infantry and Tanks, and Andross for being a massive floating head. Unfortunately for Hammer Bros and Lakitu, they were not exceptions to the rule.

"I can't believe they would invite Wii Fit Trainer instead of the many far more awesome guys available." Waluigi whined as he trotted around in circles, something he had been doing for the past hour.

Hammer Bros grabbed his pillow, throwing it over his head and trying his best to shut out the noise, wishing for sleep to take him already as to avoid his roommate's constant complaints. Lakitu on the other hand had his many Spiny's to attend to first, placing cotton buds in their ears to let them finally obtain sleep.

"Seriously, infinite possibilities and who gets invited? A yoga instructor!"

Hammer Bros groaned, and having had enough, replied, "Let me guess, it should have been you instead."

Waluigi paused, looked to the koopa troopa attempting sleep, and whilst twiddling his moustache said, "Of course the great Walugi should be in it, but the best announcement should always be saved for last."

Hammer Bros removed the pillow from his head and looked to the purple 'plumber' with confusion. He had not expected this answer from the egotist.

"It should have been someone more deserving though, I mean, what is she even representing? Wii Fit? It's a new series but not one aimed at those who would watch the Super Smash Bros tournaments." Waluigi continued to rant, but this time looking toward his reptilian roommate.

"Hey, Lakitu, get over here, Waluigi is making sense." Hammer Bros whispered over to his fellow minion.

Lakitu hopped on up to Hammer Bro's top bed bunk, looked at him incredulously, and then turned his attention to Waluigi.

"An she looks ridiculous with her pale skin and yoga pants, not like me and my moustache."

Lakitu looked to Hammer Bros with disappointment and then walked back to his spinies, the latter only murmuring in response, "Sorry."

"What has she done to deserve an entry into Super Smash Bros? She teaches yoga exercises, how is that as deserving as folks who save the world, win sports competitions, scale mountains, or conquer worlds?"

Lakitu had overheard this more logical reasoning, turned around to Hammer Bros, and seeing his fellow turtle usher him over once more, went back to listen to Waluigi.

"When our epic feats are made into games so the world can see them, we are the ones they control, or the ones that alter the story. Does the Wii Fit Trainer do this? No, she's pretty much a tutorial explanation!" Waluigi roared these words, a rising tempo in the air of enthusiasm and commitment that seemed to enthral his roommates.

"I can't believe I'm saying this but… I think I'm starting to agree with Waluigi." Lakitu mumbled to a nodding Hammer Bros.

"It is a disgrace to think that any one of us assist trophies, guys and gals who have already been noted as important enough to star in this tournament in some fashion, are considered lower in priority than a mannequin! Do you like this?"

"N-no," The two koopas said, "No!"

"Do you want Wii Fit Trainer taking up a roster spot that could have gone to someone with more credentials, to more of an icon, to even you?"


"Will we stand for this?"


The room of Waluigi, Hammer Bros, and Lakitu were filled with shared uproar and complaints. A flurry of suggestions of who would have been better was shouted inside the small area, and a mood of disappointment and anger rose up within. Master Hand did not hear this conversation that grew noisier and noisier, and so was spared the suffering of a sleepless night. For when critique was being expressed amongst the rooms of the smasher's wing, it was done so peacefully.

A decent example of why this more peaceful debate and critique was occurring could be given through the shared room of hero the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario, and captain of Paluenta's army, Pit. They sat in their bunk bed wide awake, silent, but with alert eyes that showed waves of confusion.

"So… Wii Fit Trainer huh?"


"That's… different."

"Yep, it's-a different all right."

"I'm not sure what to think about this?"

Mario furrowed his brow, leaning across his bottom bed bunker to look up to the perplexed Pit, and asked, "What is there to think about?"

"Well…" Pit began, but at for a seeming loss for words didn't continue until a couple minutes later, minutes Mario patiently waited in, "whether inviting her to the tournament is a good idea or not?"

Mario scratched his head with his gloved hand… for some reason wearing gloves even as he went to bed and asked, "Well why would it be a bad idea?"

The captain of Skyworld was troubled again, unsure how to phrase the very matter he was confused on, "…If someone were to say, 'they should have Wii Fit Trainer in Super Smash Bros', you would think they're silly right, but then you have her trailer and it's like maybe having Wii Fit Trainer isn't so silly."

"Soooo, the problem is…?"

Pit tilted his head, threw up his arms, and muttered "I'm not sure which is right, the idea that inviting her is silly or what we saw being enough to make inviting her not be silly."

Tapping his chin, Mario hummed to himself for a second before agreeing, "It is a bit odd, but if that's the case then we might as well wait and see."

"That's it?"

"Yup, that's a it." Mario said as yawn escaped his mouth, "She might be a worthy fighter, she might not. We won't know until we fight against her properly so there is a no point losing sleep over it… something I'm a not going to lose out on."

Pit chuckled, his confused expression fading away for a smile. The two friends fluffed their pillows, laid down their heads, and shut their eyes, welcoming the invitation of sleep.

"Good night Pit."

"Good night Mario…


Mario's frustrated yell broke the spell of eerie silence over the mansion. The next morning, Master Hand would thank him.

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