I'm going to try not to bash characters without reasons in this story.

CHAPTER ONE: Chosen One Decided

James Potter POV

James Potter should've been happy. He had graduated Hogwarts with high marks, had gotten his dream job as an Auror, and was one of the best members in the Order Of The Phoenix; along with his best friends, of course.

He had even married the love of his life, Lily Evans(now Potter), after several years of chasing and even more years of courting. Plus, they had the most beautiful twin sons anyone could ever imagine.

And yet, he still wasn't happy.

'It's all that stupid prophecy's fault,' he fumed silently, staring at his younger sons head. He was in the nursery watching his children sleep. It had a calming effect on him whenever he was in a 'mood'.

Remus said it was because of his fatherly instincts, and Padfoot said it was because Daniel and Harry were 'just that awesome.'

Daniel was the oldest by thirteen minutes and was the complete copy of James, from his aristocratic facial features to the slightly spoiled nature.

Harry, though he had James' stubborn hair, was much more like Lily. He had her eyes, and her feminine features, and her personality. He didn't cry often and was much easier to please than his brother. Together, they were the best thing that ever happened in James' life.

'Aside from Lily, obviously,' he thought numbly.

Despite popular belief, married life for the Potters was not a fairy-tale. Sirius was the only one James had confided in about the ugly truth. It was just so…stressful, with the war, work, order missions, and (though James hated to admit it) neither James nor Lily were ready for parenthood. One child would've been okay, they could've worked through that, but two?

Lily had said adoption at first. She wanted to give one up. She wanted to give up one of his children! Not only was it blasphemous in the magical world and the Pureblood Society of which she married into, it also went against James' morals (and he worked very hard to maintain them). He shot down the idea immediately, and when she dared to bring it up again, James lost it. He shouted himself hoarse at her. He felt no remorse at the time, and he didn't now, either.

James was jolted out of his memories when he saw Daniel move closer to his brother in his sleep.

'No,' James though harshly, 'Nothing separates my boys.'

When James told Sirius and Remus about her idea, he had been worried and was hoping for some reassurance. When he realized they backed him up entirely, he was so relieved it was illogical. Of course they would back him up, they always did! Still, he had been worried that it was himself with the problem.

James had contemplated, more than once, taking the children and leaving her, but there was three issues with the plan.

One, James was a Potter and a Pureblood by birth. He was a light pureblood, and was considered a blood traitor in some of the darker political circles , but he was still a Pureblood, and divorces are very highly frowned upon in wizarding societies. Especially for a name as respected as the Potters.

Two was that horrible prophecy. Even if James left Lily, there was still the fact that Voldemort himself was hunting for his family, and more specifically, his children. No matter how much James tried to pretend it wasn't true, he knew there was a chance his babies wouldn't make it to their second birthday. Especially if he did something rash or stupid, which he was prone to do in a serious situation.

Lastly, James was still hopelessly in love with Lily. Even though James spent most his time mad at her for everything, no matter if he thought she was plotting to get rid of one of his sons, he loved her. He knew, deep inside, she was still the girl he had chased for five years strait. He believed that, once Dumbledore defeated the Dark Lord, that they could go back to being the perfect, Light family they were on the inside.

James smiled as his youngest sons eyes slowly blinked open. Harry didn't cry like Daniel would have, which James was grateful for.

He reached down into the crib and picked Harry up. The little boy smiled at his daddy and reached up to touch his face. James just held his son closer.

'Yes,' James thought,' It can't be too much longer. Everything will be back to normal soon.'


Voldemorts POV

Just outside of Godrics Hollow, where James and his precious, fragile family were located, the most hated person in the Wizarding World suddenly popped into existence. It was cold for it only being Halloween, however even the temperature wouldn't have been able to explain the mans thick robes to the many muggle children that were running around in celebration. His face twisted into an ugly sneer, red eyes flashing.

'Only muggles would be stupid enough to let their children out at night during a war,' he thought. Of course, he conveniently forgot that they didn't know there was a war.

'You would think…'He thought darkly as he walked to his destination, 'That they would've noticed something!'

He would've ranted to himself longer, but he had arrived at his destination. A destination he shouldn't be able to see. He still wouldn't have been able to see it, if the Potters weren't so trusting. Still, he wasn't complaining. It made his job so much easier.

He could see the man through the second floor window holding one of the brats. He smirked. 'A brat that won't live through the night,' he reminded himself.

He opened the gate, expecting some kind of alarm to go off, but nothing happened. 'Really, they are making this much too easy.' He had shown up expecting a duel, or complex wards, or something. Were these people, who had defeated a good number of his followers, really so stupid and arrogant that they believed they were one-hundred percent protected by their friend alone?

He thought the woman that Severus held in such high regards would have a bit more common sense.

He strode right up to the front door and opened it (they didn't even lock the door the muggle way? Did they really think so little of him?).

He stepped into the front hallway and heard quick steps coming down the stairs. He looked at the elder Potter, who had just appeared at the bottom of said stairs.

"Voldemort," he whispered, clearly trying not to be afraid.

"James Potter," Voldemort replied easily. "You should really work on your home security." James was slowly getting angrier, the Dark Lord saw. 'Good, it'll be easier to get him to slip up.' He had no intention of killing Potter; it would be more entertaining to give him to his followers.

"How did you break the Fidelius Charm?" James was speaking again, trying to stay calm while simultaneously fishing for information. Voldemort thought this was a very stupid question to ask for two reasons. One was why he would ask a question when the answer would obviously make him mad when he was trying to stay calm. The other was that there was only one way he could have broken the charm, and that was to get the location from the secret keeper.

He would lie, though. If the idiot was that determined to believe in his friends then it was his problem. Plus, then Pettigrew could keep his position as a spy if James somehow managed to escape. And even though Pettigrew was a weak little worm, he was good at not being noticed. If the rats cover was blown, Voldemort would need a new spy.

Voldemort smirked, though Potter couldn't see it through his hood. "It took longer than I thought it would, but he eventually cracked. Now, I believe I have an appointment with your children."

Potter was stunned before he could process what the dark wizard had said, falling noisily into the wall and knocking over a portrait of him and his wife. Voldemort made his way up the stairs and then proceeded to the master bedroom to make sure the mudblood wouldn't interrupt his…bonding time… with the little monsters.

Imagine his surprise when he found out Lily Potter wasn't even home. Hadn't been for a while, actually. 'No matter,' he thought, 'I'll wait for her to come home after I get finished with the kids.' Though he'd be lying if he said he wasn't curious as to where the little mudblood was during a time of war. So he went on to the nursery.

The first thing Voldemort noticed about the nursery was (obviously) the children. Then he took in the walls covered with quidditch posters and stuffed animal sitting next to books of fairy tales on the bookshelf. There was a white rocking chair sitting next to the crib containing the twin boys.

The red-headed, chubby one (who Severus said was named Daniel) was fast asleep. The other had to be Severus' god son, Hadrian. He had black hair falling in little curls around his small face, and bright green eyes that watched him from across the room. 'The kid should've heard the racket downstairs, e should be crying,' Voldemort thought curiously.

Little Harry used the bars to stand up and Voldemort walked up to the side of the crib. The baby was still looking at him, and Voldemort stared right back, waiting for the kid to start screaming. Instead, the brat smiled at him and raised a hand to his face to try and touch him.

Voldemort raised an eyebrow at the smiling baby, and reached in to pick the baby up, making sure to hold him at a distance from himself. The Dark Lord was still expecting him to cry.

Instead of starting to wail, like Voldemort kept expecting, the baby started to giggle and wave his little arms, apparently still trying to touch him.

Voldemort was curious. Everybody, even children, was terrified of him the moment they saw him. Even his own followers. Babies younger than this at screamed just by seeing him. How could this one be any different from everyone else? How could he smile at him? The Dark Lord reached out with his magic and messed with the babys' black hair, a tactic he normally used to terrify his Death Eaters.

The baby once again surprised him by stared at him in awe, then reaching up in a futile attempt to touch his face.

Voldemort was caught between a smile and a grimace, but he did hold baby Harry closer to his body, which seemed to make the kid happy. He was deep in thought about how to proceed. There was a new problem to deal with, a problem discovered when he made contact with the little ones magical core.

Someone was suppressing the Childs magic, which meant that someone was either trying to keep the child from reaching his full potential, or someone was trying to make the child a squib. And it made Voldemort mad that someone would do that to any magical child. Magic was what sustained a wizard, it kept them alive! This block had probably already given Hadrian lasting medical issues!

'I'll have to remove it,' Voldemort thought as he ran his long fingers through the babys' hair.

With this in mind, the Dark Lord moved Hadrian gently into on arm and removed his wand with the other. He tapped it on the childs back and the runes started to glow through the fabric of the babys' clothes. He went over and sat in the rocking chair to work.

Luckily, the marks were fairly new, which meant Voldemort only spent ten minutes rearranging and nullifying them. They were very well done, and that meant it had been someone intelligent and powerful that put them there in the first place.

After he was done, he spent a moment admiring his work. The runes, like most of their kind, would remain on the childsback, even if they didn't do anything. Because runes had magic infused into them, no amount of manipulation could remove them permanently. Voldemort did, however, use his own magic to cover them up, so no one else would be able to see them.

Voldemort turned the baby back around to look at him. Even though the Dark Lord knew manipulating wards on a living creature was incredibly painful process, the baby still didn't cry.

Bright green eyes met his own scarlet red ones, and Voldemort knew he wouldn't be able to hurt Hadrian. He needed to know why someone would try and hurt a magical child. They were sacred in the wizarding world because of the decreasing population of wizards. Potter Senior should know that, every magical being knew that.

At that exact moment, a child started to cry. Instinctively, Voldemort looked at Hadrian, but Hadrian was looking back at the crib.

Daniel Potter was sitting up and wailing about who knows what, and if there was one thing Voldemort hated, it was a crying child.

He gently put Hadrian down in the rocking chair and patted the top of his curly head. Then, he raised his wand towards the screaming one in the crib.

'One curse will shut you up. One curse will destroy that prophecy. One curse…' Voldemort thought.

"Avada Kedavra!"

Then his entire body exploded in pain.


Lily Potters POV

Lily Potter felt like a stranger in her own home, and it wasn't just because most of its top floor no longer existed.

She wasn't supposed to leave the house, but it was just so hard to be anywhere near her family.

It wasn't like that all the time, though. When James and she got married it was the happiest time of her life. It wasn't even that bad when she found out she was pregnant.

It started when she found out she was carrying twins.

The idea of raising one child in a war-time environment had been hard enough to accept, but two? She didn't think she'd be able to handle it, but she didn't say anything to James. He had been so excited when he found out, she couldn't just drop her insecurities on him.

Then the children were born and everyone was so happy and Lily was sure everything was fine. Harry and Daniel were both beautiful little angels and everyone adored them. The Potters were a perfect family; something she knew was required from James because of his pureblood status. She thought her insecurities were nothing more than pregnancy mood swings.

Then the prophecy was revealed and Lilys' life fell to pieces around her. The Potter family was forced into hiding and Lily felt as if she was placed under horrible scrutiny from those around her. Which was ridiculous as it was only herself, he family, and occasionally the rest of the mauraders.

When Lily mentioned an orphanage, she just wanted an escape. Either from Danny's constant need for attention or Harrys quiet gaze, she didn't care. She just wasn't able to care for two children under these conditions anymore. Sadly, James took it the wrong way. Even if it was an expected reaction, it still hurt.

That was the first time Lily left the house to seek comfort from one of her friends.

The second time she mentioned it to James, he completely snapped. After his yelling fit, James went to the nursery to soothe a now crying Danny. Lily went, once again, to her friend.

This time, comfort went farther than it was supposed to, but Lily didn't care anymore. Whatever she used to have with James wasn't there anymore, it was being replaced with this new relationship with her 'friend'.

Lily was there more often, without reason. That was where she had been tonight. When she should have been with her husband, fighting the Dark Lord, but she didn't' feel guilty.

In fact, when she went home and saw the entire top story of her house blown apart, she actually felt excited.

Maybe the kids and James were dead! Maybe she could be free from this prison she was forced to call home!

Instead, somehow a one year old toddler had defeated the worst Dark Lord in centuries and her husband had only been stupefied. She had arrived a couple of moments before Dumbledore and some other Order members had, so she had enough time to make up a story about how she had been knocked out and had just recently woken back up.

Now the four Potters sat in Albus Dumbledore's office in Hogwarts. Harry sat in James' lap, quietly playing with his father's fingers. James gave Harry a warm smile and kissed the top of his head, making Harry giggle.

Lily quietly thought 'Even if I don't love him anymore, at least James still has his sons.'

Dumbledore was inspecting the lightening scar on Daniels forehead, while James and Lily looked at him expectantly. Dumbledore had never looked as tired and old as he did now. Finally, Dumbledore spoke.

"Daniel Potter is the Boy-Who-Lived," he said calmly. "He will be the one to defeat the Dark Lord and save the Light."

James spoke quickly "Dumbledore, Voldemorts already gone! Right?" he looked kind of scared at the thought that the worst Dark Lord in wizarding history might still be alive, and plotting to kill his son. Lily couldn't really blame him. The thought terrified her, also.

Dumbledore shook his head. "Not forever. He will be back, and Daniel must be ready when he does." He said gravely, the twinkle in his eye considerably dimmer than it normally was.

James nodded and said quietly, "What about Harry?"

"I believe that, in the interest of both children, young Hadrian would be better off living with some one else. At least for now."

James gapped at him for a moment, before snapping back into action. "No! You can't!" He looked horrified, but Lilys heart leapt at the idea.

"James…" she said hesitantly, but her husband cut her off quickly.

"No, Lily! We've been over this! I won't give up my son!"

Dumbledore cut back into the conversation. "James, my boy, it's the better option. Daniel will need more time, attention, and training if he's going to defeat the Dark Lord. Now, I suggest Lilys sister and her family…"

Even Lily was surprised at this. Dumbledore had been at the wedding, he had met Petunia! She hated magic and Lily! The boy would be so horribly treated there, but if it got the boy away from Lily herself…

James said "No," very seriously this time. That was his business voice. Lily knew James wouldn't back down on this, even to Dumbledore. And James gave Dumbledore everything!

It looked like Dumbledore knew this but he was still trying. "James-"

"No. If you even try to take my son away, I'll take both Daniel and Hadrian and leave right now. For the last time, Harry stays with his family."

Dumbledore gave in. Lily knew he wouldn't risk loosing the Saviour, and that a lot of the funding from the Order came from James' vaults. It wouldn't be worth it for him to push the issue at this time. "Fine, Hadrian may stay. But you must give Daniel the necessary attention he needs to thrive, so that when the time comes, he may save the Light." Here, Dumbledore looked at Harry for the first time that night.

"If your attention wavers, little Hadrian will have to leave."


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