Sarah: welcome to a collection of songs in honor of the pairings in Vampire Diaries, though most of them will probably be based on the love between Damon and Elena. From the moment Damon and Elena met in the show, I wanted them to end up together. But there will be other pairings in here. So, I only own what I write. I don't own the songs. Please enjoy. Also, I might include a chapter or two that doesn't have a pairing at all.

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Song: With Every Beat of My Heart

Artist: Backstreet Boys

Album: appears on a promo CD from 1999

Pairing: Damon/Elena

"C'mon, Damon," Elena begs. "It's just one song."

"You want me to make a fool of myself in front of everyone here?" Damon asks.

"I bet you're a great singer!"

"I am not singing."

Elena's eyes glint with humor. "Are you scared?'

"Why would I be scared?"

"Well, why don't you prove your not scared by singing one song? Just one song, and I will stop bugging you about it. I promise."

Damon sighs and sets his drink down. "You better keep that promise," he warns her before heading to the stage. He whispers something to the band then steps up to the mic. His eyes lock with Elena's as the music starts.

Elena's eyes widen as his silken voice flows out to her. She had not expected a love song from him. Especially not in such a public place. She clenches her drink between her hands as she listens to his song.

Damon keeps his eyes locked on Elena's face, watching as she reacts to the realization that he was professing his feelings for her through song. He knows he is a good singer. He just hates singing. He can see Stefan in the back of the room, glaring at him. The brothers know that Elena has feelings for both of them, and that they share an intense love for her. But Stefan would never have the guts to get on stage and show his feelings for Elena through song in front of a room full of people

Elena takes a shaky sip of her drink. She has known for a long time that Damon is in love with her. But she had always chosen Stefan because she thought she had met him first. But after becoming a vampire, a memory he had compelled her to forget had surfaced. Damon had met her first, when she was walking away from the party to call her parents for a ride home the night they died.

Even before she became a vampire, her heart has been torn between the Salvatore brothers. Somehow they had known that before she did. But after she became a vampire, her feelings had heightened and sharpened, becoming more defined. But she had refused to believe what her heart was trying to tell her.

But listening to Damon's confession, Elena realizes that she can't keep doing this. She can't keep the brothers fighting over her heart when she knew who it really wanted. Stefan was here somewhere. She knew that. She keeps her eyes locked on Damon's. She has now made her choice. One of the brother's will be hurt, but she was hurting both of them worse by stringing them both along. She has been acting like Katherine. Time to face the truth and let her heart's choice be known.

Elena finishes her drink and sets it down. She knows this song. It's coming to an end. The power struggle between the brothers has to end with the song. She stands up and starts making her way through the crowd. She knows she will be hurting the brother her heart is not in love with, but that can't be helped. Best to end the fight over her heart now rather than let it continue indefinitely.

Damon feels his throat tighten as Elena sits her glass down and stands up. Somehow, he knows she has made her choice. She had decided who she will spend eternity with. But who will it be? Him? Or his brother? Then she starts making her way through the crowd and he knows. He meets Stefan's eyes and the brothers silently agree to accept her decision. They will not try to force her to be in love with the one her heart doesn't want.

As the last notes of the song die down, Elena climbs the stage and hugs Damon, pulling him to her in a deep, passionate kiss. Damon holds her close as the audience cheers. They separate as the cheers continue. "I love you, Elena," he say.

"I love you, too, Damon," she replies, smiling.