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Down to the basement. Into the little room. Hal falls to the floor when he sees Alex, hanging by the back of her jacket. His face is full of despair and probably even guilt. There are tubes coming out of her neck. Her face is smeared with blood, and the rest of her body coated with it. Not restrained. Merely hanging from the links of the fence like a stuffed animal prize at a fair. Her hands are covered in blood. She probably tried in vain to cover the wounds or rip out the tubes as the blood was drained from her body. Blood spatters the ground around her. The two containers are barely full of blood, and still more trickles into them. Even though she's dead, though her heart has stopped beating. Her eyes are open and her face is empty. Blank.

Hal's face is the opposite. His is full of regret and barely restrained anger. At himself. At Cutler. He shifts out of the grip of the men restraining him, unconsciously taking a single step towards the desecrated corpse. His expression is manic and pleading, brow furrowed and lips crooked into something that seems like a twisted mix between a smile and a grimace. He gets down in his knees, begging for Cutler to give up on his plan. Enough lives have been lost because of the plan. And because of him. He can't bear to think what might happen if Cutler isn't stopped. But threatening wouldn't be right. It's only right to plead, to be kind after the cruelty he put Cutler through years ago.

Cutler laughs in disbelief, unable to comprehend Hal's attitude. Then, he's violent. But Hal doesn't fight it. He allows Cutler to grab him and haul him to his feet, yelling into his face about how Hal stole his humanity, killed his wife, and corrupted his entire being.

An apology is insufficient. Being submissive doesn't work, so Hal threatens, sounding mildly passive even as he swears to kill Cutler to keep him from shattering the humans' world. He admits to his flaws. He fails to react in time to prevent being locked in the room that holds her corpse.

And then comes the clapping from the shadows. A sarcastic voice berating him and complaining about her crappy holiday and her death. Hal looks both relieved and anguished as Alex emerges from the shadows, scowling at him as she speaks. He tries to appease her, to tell her she's just in shock, but she tears her hands from his grasp, sneering and raging at him. A "frothing rage", to be precise. And she insults him, denying his attempts to help, calling him out for having drank her blood.

Hal and Alex argue, the latter mentioning Cutler's unexpectedly cliché villainy. Hal is despairing, but Alex doesn't care, for the moment far more fixated on the fact that she's dead and that Hal drank her blood. She's insulting and taunting him, bitterness coating her voice as she tells him that she's wanted to leave since he entered the room.

Still they argue, Hal disregarding her process at rentaghosting merely because she went in the wrong direction. He doesn't faze her, not even when he mocks her own little mocking laugh. Alex is stubborn and fierce, always returning to the fact that he drank her blood.

Once it sinks in, that she's dead and he's leaving and she has no idea what to do, her taunting comes to a standstill, as does she. Alex is confused and upset, her eyes shining with unshed tears. Hal holds his hand out to the ghost, inviting her to help him so that he can return the favour. She takes his hand, fingers linked, and they run.

She follows him silently as he struggles to make people exit the building. She watches as he takes the microphone from the DJ, yelling in despair until a haunting howl silences him. One word from him is all it takes to send people running, but they're trapped, pounding on the doors until a snarky ghost opens them for throngs of panicking people.

Hal faces the werewolf, glancing over his shoulder to glare at Cutler before recoiling away from the creature lunging at him.

In the end (or is it only the beginning?), there's a sarcastic "This is Alex. That drank my blood."