Hi Peoples! Here's chapter 1 of my fan fiction, and it has now been edited. Please do read the new chapters, as I will probably be making changes to the story. Hopefully my writing will sound a bit more mature now XD

You stroll slowly into the opulent halls of Ouran Academy. You had just moved to Japan, and your father had enrolled you in the school. You glanced around nervously, and took another look at your schedule, having no idea how to find your first class.

You peeked around you again, hoping to find some sort of sign indicating at least a general direction of where to go. Unexpectedly, a large hand tapped you on the shoulder. You jolted in surprise, and then turned around to find a pair of captivating golden eyes looking at you inquisitively.

"I'm Kaoru." The stranger told you. "I'm assuming you're new here, considering the frightened mouse look you've got going on."

"I'm (f/n)." You replied a bit irritated. 'Is it that obvious?' "And yes, I am new here."

Seeing your displeasure, he quickly backtracked and stated

"Here, let me see your schedule. I'll show you where your classes are." You blinked in surprise then slumped in relief. This school was truly enormous.

"Thanks." You replied. You handed him your schedule, and watched his eyebrows shoot up.

"Well, it seems you have every class with me." Kaoru exclaimed in shock.

You quirked an eyebrow in response, and leaned over to look at your schedule. Kaoru glanced over at you.

"Well…" He stated. "I better show you to first period before we're late."

You nodded in agreement, and followed after him. He led you to a classroom and stepped inside. You looked at the door for a moment, and collected yourself before following him in.

As you crept in, all of the eyes turned towards you. You turned quickly towards the teacher and asked where to sit. She looked around and pointed to a seat to the left of Kaoru. You walked swiftly over and set your bag down. Kaoru tapped you on the shoulder and stated

"Hey (f/n), this is my brother Hikaru and my friend Haruhi." You looked over and grinned.

"Hi, my name is (f/n). Nice to meet you."

You stared at Haruhi for a second. His features were surprisingly feminie. You sized him up again, noting his large eyes and slight frame, and then glanced at Kaoru in confusion.

"Why is Haruhi dressed as a boy?" You whispered.

Kaoru jumped and nearly fell out of his seat, while Haruhi and Hikaru looked at you in puzzlement. Kaoru crawled towards them and whispered something in their ears. Haruhi laughed and walked over to you.

"Hi. Sorry about them. You just scared them, because I am pretending to be a boy, and no one has ever noticed that I was a girl before." She explained. "Why don't you come down to Music Room number 3 after school today, and I'll tell you the whole story."

You looked at her and smiled. "YES! I've already made a new friend!'

"Sure." You replied coolly, hiding your inner excitement.

You returned to your class work, and were pleased to find that you had already covered this at your last school. You turned back to Haruhi, who had already finished her work, and chatted a bit. You found out that she was an honors student who won a scholarship to the school.

"Wow, you must be really smart." You exclaimed.

"Well, I just make sure to study and do all my work." She stated. You rolled your eyes at her modesty. Of course she's modest.

"Well I, for one, am pretty smart too." You joked.

"Of course you are!" She laughed. You looked at Haruhi and compared her to your late mother. Their personalities were strikingly similar. You peered out of the window and sighed.

"Hey, what's wrong?" Haruhi inquired.

"You just remind me of my mom a lot." You said.

Haruhi looked at you, and then realized what you meant. She smiled sadly at you, and hugged you tightly.

"I understand." She stated. "My mother died when I was very young." You looked at her and giggled a little. At her confusion, you said,

"Well aren't we a happy bunch. I meet you for the first time, and we're already swapping our sob stories. Haruhi glanced at you and started laughing too.

"So we are." She stated.

You both gathered your bags, and prepared to leave for your next class. You were pleased to find Haruhi was in it also, and you departed together. You heard some yelling in the distance, and turned around to see Kaoru running up with Hikaru a few feet behind him.

"Hey Kaoru." You greeted. He looked at you in astonishment.

"How did you know it was me?" He asked, confused.

"Um… Well I just did." You exclaimed laughing. "I did meet you first."

Haruhi stared at you, and then smiled. You looked at her grin questioningly, but she only waved you off. 'I wonder what that was about'. Hikaru caught up and glared at his brother.

"Why didn't you wait for me Kaoru?" He sulked.

"I promised to show (f/n) to all her classes!" Kaoru replied indignantly.

"But Haruhi is showing her!" Hikaru whined. "Don't tell me you love someone else more than me!"

"No I could never my dear brother!" Kaoru exclaimed as he pulled Hikaru into a tight hug. "I'm so sorry!"

"I forgive you!" Hikaru called dramatically.

You looked between Hikaru and Kaoru. 'They really do look like carbon copies of each other' Hikaru glanced at you and smirked.

"So, I hear you're coming down to the music room after school today. That should be fun."

"What do you mean?" You asked in confusion.

His only reply was a mischievous "You'll see."

You arrived at your class with Haruhi and the boys. Stepping inside, you went through the process of public humiliation again. You were assigned a seat next to Kaoru, Hikaru, and Haruhi, and were able to easily able to complete the class work.

The day was a lot more uncomplicated than you had expected, and you decided it was because of the great friends you already made. Haruhi decided to join you in the cafeteria at lunch rather than eat in class, and the twins sat with you two.

You all had a fantastic time at lunch, and you smiled at how close all of you were already. You have never had many friends because of the many times your father made you move. This time, he was letting you stay in an apartment by yourself, so you wouldn't have to move around with him. You were thankful because you finally had friends that you wouldn't want to leave behind.

You smiled at them as they did their work for the last class of the day. They had no idea what a wonderful thing they had done for you. The bell rang and you began to pack up your possessions. 'Now I wonder what's going to happen in Music Room #3…'

You followed Haruhi, Hikaru, and Kaoru out the door to get the story of how Haruhi began to dress as a boy.

You opened the door to Music Room #3, and raised a brow at the rose petals that fluttered out. 'What the heck? Why are there roses?' You walked in and were immediately accosted by a handsome blonde boy.

"Welcome my stunning princess. Your beauty outshines all of the stars in the sky, and I can only see you and your loveliness." He sang. You turned to Kaoru and stated

"Who is this flirt?"

Kaoru snickered and replied "This is Tamaki Suoh."

"Does he greet every one like this…?" You trailed off as you watched him attack Haruhi with a enormous bear hug. He picked her up and swirled her around squealing

"Oh, my beautiful daughter has arrived! Those shady twins weren't bothering you were they?"

You noticed a mischievous gleam in Hikaru's eyes. He turned to Tamaki and with false shock exclaimed,

"Tamaki! You just announced that Haruhi was a girl in front of (f/n)! You are an awful father!"

Tamaki's eyes left Haruhi and turned towards you, clearly having forgotten your presence.

"Oh my wonderful daughter, please forgive me!" He wailed in despair. He looked towards Haruhi for forgiveness, but she only glared at him and replied,

"You're an idiot." You chuckled at her dry statement, and then observed as Tamaki moaned in despair, throwing himself in a corner.

You then saw him sit down and curl himself up. Confused, you looked towards Haruhi for an explanation, and she said

"Tamaki is a huge drama queen that sulks a lot." You nodded in understanding and cocked a hip.

"Oi, Blondie. I already knew she was a girl, so you can bring your sulky pants back here." You examined him as he immediately stood and became his flamboyant self again. He glared at the twins, and stormed towards them as they guffawed in the corner at his so called "stupidness".

"You devils! You gave away our sweet Haruhi's secret didn't you!?" He screeched.

You winced and covered your ears.

"No, Tamaki. I realized she was a girl. It's pretty obvious if the first time you see her is in what I assume is some type of host club."

Suddenly, a very tall boy with dark hair strolled into the room carrying a tiny boy with blonde hair and a baby face. The blonde glanced around, and noticing you, ran over.

"What's your name? My name's Mitsukuni Haninozuka, but you can call me Honey! I love cake! Would you like to eat some cake with me?" He babbled.

You blinked at his zealousness, and replied in a calm voice

"My name is (f/n) (l/n), and I would love some cake." You smiled sweetly at him, and giggled as he grabbed your hand and dragged you away.

"Oh, and this is Takashi Morinozuka. Everyone calls him Mori." Honey explained.

"It's nice to meet you Mori." You greeted, and weren't surprised when your only reply was a nod and a grunt.

Smirking triumphantly at your very accurate first impression of him, you followed Honey to a table where he proceeded to impress you with his cake eating abilities. You seized a piece of (your favorite flavor) cake and began to eat.

"Hey where did (f/n) go?" Hikaru asked. Kaoru looked around in confusion. 'Where could she have gone'? Kaoru finally noticed you in the back of the room with Honey, eating cake. Feeling a little irritated that you had left him, he marched over to you.

Hikaru, seeing this, followed Kaoru over. Kaoru walked and sat on your left, while Hikaru appeared and sat on your right. Kaoru poked you on the shoulder and whined

"(f/n), why did you leave us? You're so mean."

You glanced at Kaoru, who was pouting, and stated

"If you didn't notice, I am currently talking to Honey. It's very rude to just interrupt like that Kaoru." You turned back to Honey, and continued your previous conversation. Kaoru looked at you stunned, and you mentally snickered at his expression. 'Are all these boys so self centered?' You already adored Kaoru and Hikaru dearly, but they could be irritating boogers.

You glanced up again as the door opened and another boy strode inside. He had black hair like Mori, but was a little shorter. Sharp looking glasses obscured his eyes, and it seemed like he angled them specifically to conceal his expression.

He gazed at you questioningly, but then called out

"Everyone it is time to begin getting ready." The twins stood up, along with Honey, Mori, Tamaki, and Haruhi. They all walked into the back and into another room with a chorus of "Bye (f/n)." and "We'll be back in a couple minutes." Also one nod and grunt from Mori.

You stayed seated and quirked a brow at the new man. He strolled over to you and stated

"I am Kyoya Otori. In case you were wondering, this is a host club, and I am the vice president."

"Who's the president?" You asked

"Tamaki." He replied.

"Blondie's the president, huh? Well that's a surprise."

"He is a bit… melodramatic, but he has the highest amount of customers, and it was his idea to create the Host Club."

"Hm." You stood up and said "Haruhi said she would explain to me how she came to be dressing as a boy today, so do I have to request her or something?"

"That would do." Kyoya accepted. You sat back down and wondered what the Host Club was doing. The door opened again and you turned around. Your mouth dropped open in surprise, and then burst out laughing at the ridiculous site in front of you.

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