(In this random, alternate world Claude Faustus was defeated, but Sebastian did not kill him. Don't ask, this was just an idea I had.)

Ciel Phantomhive sat on the edge of his bed. The light of the fireplace cast shadows all around the grand room, making the huge curtains that hung over the bed look almost black in their deep folds. The clock on the wall was not ticking, and the air was far from warm. This house did not exist in the realm of human time, though it resembled his old manor in every way. Kneeling before him, Ciel's butler, Sebastian, had just removed his shoes and socks. As he did so he let his lips trail up one of his bare legs. Ciel was smiling down at him as his fingers slipped beneath the fabric of his shorts to feel the softness of his thighs.

"Teasing more than usual tonight, aren't you?" Ciel asked, his sensitive thighs twitching at his demon's touch.

"You know I like to drive you wild." Sebastian replied, "The best way to do so is by teasing you slowly until you beg me for what you want."

"Hmm…" Ciel rubbed Sebastian's shoulders and leaned his head to the side. Sebastian understood the invitation and leaned up to kiss that pale neck. The younger demon hummed his appreciation, sliding white fingers through Sebastian's soft, black hair.

"That's nice…"

"I'm so glad you enjoy it." Sebastian answered, his voice slightly husky and muffled in Ciel's flesh. The older demon moved his hands to the buttons on Ciel's silk shirt, undoing a few before Ciel let himself drop backwards toward the mattress. Sebastian caught him before he hit the bedspread, and the next instant he was laying the boy down in the middle of the bed, mouth still pressed to his neck.

"I had a thought, Sebastian." Ciel said, as his butler opened his shirt even more and ran his strong, slender hands over his chest, his mouth lowering down to kiss there.

"What thought was that, young lord?"

Ciel arched sharply and let out a very small whine as Sebastian rubbed his thumb over one of his nipples and let his tongue flick against the other.

"Claude Faustus…" Sebastian growled displeasingly against Ciel's chest.

"What about him?" The demon latched his mouth onto Ciel's navel, a place that he knew his young counterpart could never resist.

"I-ah! I think that-oh!" Ciel struggled to speak as Sebastian began to play on this most sensitive of areas, his tongue dipping down into his navel with practiced ease.

"I think—ah-I know why he's—oh, that's good…such a bastard." Sebastian chuckled against Ciel's flat stomach, running his hands up and down the boy's slender sides.

"You mean besides the fact that he tried to steal you away from me and eat your soul, making him little better than a thief? Besides the fact that he still must be bitter about forever losing your soul, as I was before?"

Ciel draped his small fingers over Sebastian's as they stilled on his sides, and he stroked them.

"Yes, besides that. Come up here." Ciel drew Sebastian's head back over his own, and buried his face into the side of his butler's neck to kiss and lick the skin there. He was pleased to hear the demon draw in a small breath. It always felt like a personal victory whenever he could affect him like that.

"I think," Ciel said, into Sebastian's neck, "that Claude is so tense because he needs a little tumble."

Sebastian's sudden deep laughter vibrated through Ciel's ear. His long fingers came up to hold the back of Ciel's head as he said, with humor still laced heavily in his voice,

"I am sure that you are correct, young lord, and yet, he is a demon, just as we are; there is nothing stopping him from intoxicating any human he may want. His prowess would be more than enough for any human to resist."

"Sebastian," Ciel chuckled, pulling back to look up into Sebastian's eyes, "are you actually complimenting Claude?"

"In the way that one demon compliments another." Sebastian said, leaning down to drop feather-light kisses on Ciel's cheeks, forehead, and nose.

"Also in the way that one demon makes love to another?" Ciel asked suspiciously. Sebastian let out a soft chuckle and nipped at Ciel's earlobe.

"Oh no, Lord Ciel, that is pure attraction and desire at work." They were silent for a few moments as they shared a deep, slow kiss. When they broke apart Sebastian said,

"I can't help complimenting someone who fought so incredibly hard for something that he wanted, even if he failed." Ciel nudged his cheek against Sebastian's hand, which had been holding it.

"Does your complimenting him have anything to do with the fact that, in that aspect, you two are the same?" Sebastian looked thoughtful before saying slowly,

"Perhaps, but I will tell you, I don't think I failed."


"No, for I still have you, do I not? Your soul may forever be lost, but traces of its flavor still remain in your blood, in your tears…in your body…" Sebastian's eyes were beginning to blaze very rapidly. He dipped his head to capture Ciel's mouth once more. The boy groaned a bit beneath his hot, broad tongue. Finally Sebastian pulled back, and Ciel said a little impatiently,

"Back to Claude. I think he needs someone to loosen his clothes for him."

"What concern is that of ours, young lord?" Sebastian asked, obviously bored with talking about Claude.

"Well, like you said, Claude could get any human he wanted, But it's not just any human he's ever been after."

Sebastian cocked his head to the side a bit questioningly as he grew suspicious of where Ciel might be going with this.

"My lord..?"

"You know it's true. He didn't just want any human…he wanted me."


Ciel hesitated. Even now, when he had eternal power over Sebastian, he felt a bit cautious about approaching the idea that had come to him. However he knew that Sebastian would have not choice but to comply with his wishes, regardless of what they were. With this thought in mind, he boldly went on,

"What if…I let him have me? Just to keep life…interesting?"

Sebastian's face fell in a completely genuine expression of shock.

"Ciel, you cannot be bloody serious!"

Ah, there it was; the reaction. Ciel had always loved making Sebastian react in a very visible way, as he always tended to be so composed. This was a win for the young demon. Ciel smiled up at him wickedly, folding his hands behind Sebastian's head.

"What are you getting all excited about? He is a demon, and we're both demons now. It's not like he can hurt me anymore."

Sebastian pushed Ciel suddenly into the mattress, holding him down with a force that would have made him wince were he still human. He nearly hissed his next words,

"Is this your way of trying to tell me I haven't been satisfying you enough?"

"Not at all." Ciel answered calmly, stroking Sebastian's reddening cheek, "I just feel the need to be adventurous. Wasn't it you who said that living forever could become weary, and that it would be rare to find anything truly entertaining for any stretch of time?"

"Inviting Claude Faustus into our bed is certainly not what I had in mind when I said entertainment!" Sebastian growled, nipping at Ciel's stroking hand. Ciel didn't mind, and continued,

"Well, I disagree. Whatever wrongs he did against us in the past now have nothing to do with us really. Even thinking of it now is like looking back on something that happened to a long-lost relative rather than myself. Plus," Ciel rubbed a single finger along the base of Sebastian's neck, "For all his past misdeeds, he dons a purely mouth-watering appearance that could melt anyone's resolve. Don't you agree?"

Ciel thoroughly enjoyed the intense jealousy that flared in Sebastian's eyes.

"Oh don't worry," He added, "you are still the most beautiful to me. That won't change. But I won't lie and say that I will never find anyone else attractive…or erotic."

Sebastian looked completely displeased, but Ciel continued to smile, unable to help himself. It was just too delicious how transparent Sebastian was on this point. Then again, much had changed for them in the last half-century that they had been living together as demons.

At first Sebastian had been extremely cold toward him. He had still obeyed Ciel's every order, but he had done so mechanically, and sorrowfully. Ciel had tried not to let on how very much that had hurt him. For all that he had tried to be tough as nails and detached, his heart had ached. He had never been able to completely suppress his human emotions, no matter how he had acted when he was a human, and even now as a demon they lingered with him. It had only taken a matter of months before he had done something that he had never thought possible; he had broke down and actually wept. Not in front of Sebastian, of course. At least, not at first. He had tried to leave. He had not been able to take the waves of irritation and the brooding coming from the one person he needed more than ever to comfort him.

They had been in Paris again, of all places, and Ciel could not stand Sebastian's mood any longer. He had bathed him, dressed him in his night shirt and put him to bed and left, without speaking a single word. Ciel had been too discouraged to sleep, and had felt that his heart was going to break. So he had left through the window, and then climbed his way to the highest point of Notre Dame. There, he had let himself weep. For the first time in years, he wept. He wept for all that he had never let himself before; his parents, his home, his fiancé whom he would never marry, his life that was now lost despite having known that it would end someday. But most of all, he had wept for the love of a demon butler who appeared to hate him. The one person who had always been there, even if it was just because of the contract. Ciel had felt affection from him in the way a pet might receive before. Even that was warmer and more comforting than this cold indifference.

His eyes had been red-rimmed and sore as only a demon's could be by the time Sebastian found him. Ciel still did not know how long Sebastian may have watched him from the shadows before coming over to him and touching his shoulder. All he knew was that through his tears he had done yet one more thing that he never thought he could; he had moved Sebastian's heart. The demon had comforted him that night, and every night since.

Therefore now, more than fifty years later, they were tangled up in each other's arms in the bed they shared. A strong, steady bond had been formed that had nothing to do with contracts. It was a bond between their hearts. Or what hearts they had.

"You know, master," Sebastian said, "All this talk about Claude is making me think you should prove to me that you truly will remain faithful, regardless of any lustful detours you take."

The boy grinned and pushed Sebastian's shoulders to make him lie on his back. Ciel's small but deft hands began to run all over the strong expanse of his chest and abdomen, and his little full lips pressed firm, deliberate kisses everywhere on his smooth flesh.

"You're not trying to tell me that you doubt my desire for you, are you?" Ciel asked, taking one of Sebastian's dark, male nipples between his fingers and pinching it hard. Sebastian moaned softly, and Ciel grinned; he had found that the demon liked it rough. "It would be most unwise to test me, demon."

Ciel stilled suddenly as he realized what he had just said. Sebastian did not miss it either, and he asked, tauntingly,

"Young master is forgetting what he himself is, I think?"

Ciel responded by slapping him across the face, hard. Sebastian growled, this time with lustful intent, and Ciel knew that his slap had seriously turned him on.

"Back to me proving how desirable I find you…" Ciel said nothing more but bit down suddenly on Sebastian's chest, his infant fangs breaking the skin. Sebastian let out his first real groan of the night, his hands flying to grip Ciel's sides as the boy's small tongue lapped at the little trickle of black blood.

"Young master Ciel…" Sebastian knew that it aroused Ciel to hear his name tacked on the end of such a formal title, even if calling him by his first name was just as common between them now. "I can see that you desire me, very much," he whispered, running his hands up under Ciel's loose silk shirt, and stripping it off him by tearing it in two. "But then…you desire Claude now as well?"

"I am a demon now, Sebastian. You of all people know that my lusts are very strong."

"Indeed, stronger than most demons who have been alive since time began. I can't think of any instances of a demon being born after our fall from heaven."

"Think of it this way," Ciel said, licking at the wound he had made and watching it heal, "Claude could prove to be a strong ally in the future. It might be wise to form a friendship…of sorts."

Sebastian let his fingers explore the familiar lines of Ciel's spine.

"You do have a point. But…could Claude make you feel like I do? Could he do this-."

Sebastian suddenly lunged forward, throwing both of them off the bed and pinning Ciel up against the opposite wall, holding him there with his own strong body. Ciel gave a growl of his own; he had come to find that occasionally, he liked it rough as well.

"Could Claude anticipate your every need? Your every desire?" Sebastian sank his own fangs into Ciel's neck, and he enjoyed the violent tremble that ran through the small body as he bit down. Ciel moaned at the flood of pleasure the bite provided him. He seized Sebastian's arms and wrapped his boyish legs around Sebastian's trim but powerful waist.

"God, Sebastian…"

Sebastian pulled back from his neck, Ciel's blood staining his lips and rolling slowly down one side of his dignified chin. Ciel trembled all over again from the erotic sight.

"Could Claude make your entire body sing with just one bite?" He leaned in very close to Ciel's face and began to lick the blood from his own lips.

"Could he arouse you this much with tenderness as well as roughness?" His long fingers dipped down between Ciel's quivering legs to press teasingly against the twitching hardness he found there. The thin fabric of his shorts provided extra stimulation as Sebastian began to gently rub him with just the very tips of his fingers.

"Ah! Please…!"

"Does Claude know every inch of your body? Does he know how to manipulate every single one of your pleasure spots?"

Ciel thrust his hips forward against Sebastian's fingers.

"Sebastian! I'm-I'm…"

"Could Claude be as patient as I am with you, and take time to prepare your tight little body? Does he know how to work it gently until it opens smoothly to receive him?"

"Enough, Sebastian! Just take me!"

Sebastian grinned as Ciel tugged his head down for a hot, chaotic, beautiful kiss. As it drug on longer and longer Sebastian worked Ciel's shorts down his legs and began to rub his fingers against Ciel's entrance. The boy squirmed and moaned until Sebastian's own hard length was impaled deep within the flesh that had so often received him. Gauging Ciel's mood to be a wild one, Sebastian thrust repeatedly hard and fast, Ciel's little back beating the wall he leaned against over and over as he clung to Sebastian and groaned his name between kisses.

Finally the moment came when they both were at their peak. Tonight Ciel threw his head back as he came, uttering a very guttural groan as he spurt against Sebastian's rocking body. Some nights Ciel would want to look at Sebastian's face while he climaxed, and most often he would press his face adorably into Sebastian's neck as if hiding. Sebastian loved it when he did that, his hot little breath panting against his collarbone as he finished his final moments of ecstasy. Tonight, though, he still looked beautiful as ever, head tilted back to present the pale lines of his slender neck. Sebastian came himself at the sight, letting out a loud moan and thrusting shallowly a few more times before his body stilled.

He held Ciel up a few moments longer as they both breathed hard, and then he quickly laid back on the bed, bringing his young master to lie beside him. After they had recovered in each other's arms and were softly touching each other here or there in the afterglow, Sebastian smirked and said,

"I wonder if Claude would ever do it like that; holding you against the wall for so long?"

Ciel huffed irritably and frowned up into Sebastian's face.

"For all your dislike of Claude, I bet you'd get hard watching him with me."

Sebastian looked down at Ciel, and raised an eyebrow pointedly.

"Is that a challenge, young master?"

Ciel smiled and slowly licked his red, swollen lips.

"Only if you're up to it."

"Oh, now, master, you should never tempt me with a chance to prove you wrong."

"Was that what I was doing?" Ciel asked, looking innocently up at the ceiling, "I see it more as an opportunity to prove that I am always right. That, and hopefully a good lay."

Sebastian chuckled, pulling Ciel in close to his body and cuddling him tightly.

"You're hopeless."

"And you're about to lose a bet."

"Tomorrow night, then?"

"Tomorrow night."