Ciel let Claude hold him during their respite this time, and feeling generous, he began nuzzling his small nose against the demon's collarbone and relishing the way his big hands caressed his back thankfully. Ciel could not help the deep sense of power he felt in knowing that he had Claude wrapped around his little finger; he would probably do just about anything that Ciel told him. Ciel chuckled into the side of Claude's neck.

"What is so amusing, young master?" Sebastian asked against his shoulder, his familiar hands sliding around Ciel's waist, beside Claude's.

"Why is it that every time I laugh you must question me about my thoughts?" Ciel asked cheekily, his voice muffled in Claude's flesh as he began to gently gnaw on the juncture of shoulder and neck.

"Because I love the sound of your laugh, and I always want to know what causes it so that I can hope to hear it again by imitation."

Ciel hummed and said,

"Well I doubt you would want to imitate Claude here, because I was laughing while thinking about him."

"What about me do you find so humorous?" Claude asked, a slight wounded air in his voice. Ciel inhaled, his mouth watering slightly from the smell of the other demon's blood rushing through his neck.

"Just how helpless you are before me." Ciel answered. He had given up lying long ago; there was no reason to hide what he truly thought anymore. He feared nothing with Sebastian at his side.

"That is not something that I would consider funny." Claude mumbled, but he was rubbing Ciel's back and drawing him in closer.

"Oh but it is." Ciel said, running his small tongue up and down the throbbing vein in Claude's neck, "I find it absolutely amusing."

Claude shuddered as Ciel continued his exploration of his neck.

"I think my master is a bit famished from all our activity." Sebastian growled, "No doubt he'll bite any time now."

Ciel pulled back from Claude's neck suddenly to toss his head back, glaring at Sebastian upside-down.

"Must you ruin my element of suspense by announcing everything that I am about to do?"

"I agree." Claude said, smirking and pulling Ciel's head back in to his throat, "stop showing off."

"I would hardly call it that." Sebastian said, rubbing the side of his face against the back of Ciel's shoulder like a rejected pet.

"Call it what you will, that is exactly what you are do—ah!" Claude's sentence was cut short as Ciel bit down on his neck suddenly, sharp fangs digging deeply into his flesh.

"That's my master," Sebastian murmured as Claude moaned, kissing the damp hair at the nape of Ciel's slender neck, "Always so impatient for his treats…"

Even while his mouth was latched to the wounds he had made in Claude's neck, Ciel managed to whip his hand backward and slap Sebastian. The next instant his slim arms were winding around Claude's head and holding it close.

"Ah…he's…good…at this…" Claude sighed, his larger body shifting against the tiny one he held, hands clinging desperately to the narrow waist as pleasure shot through the veins that the little demon was robbing.

"Did you know that when he first began to do this he had no concept of technique at all?" Sebastian asked smoothly, brushing the back of his fingers across Ciel's shoulder blade as he watched his partner feed.

"You jest…" Claude nearly whispered, as his eyes drifted closed and his mouth parted in delight.

"I do not. He thought that one could simply tear into the neck without consideration for the location of veins, or how to create pain or pleasure accordingly. Now he's quickly made up for lost time and utilizes the most pleasing method that there is. 'Clamp down hard and suck like hell'…that's your style isn't it, my lord?"

Ciel was beyond responding as Claude's blood flowed over his tongue. It was a very different taste than he was expecting. Somehow he had thought that he would be bitter or tart, but instead he received a deep, dark taste that was rich and heavy like licorice. It was so very different from anything he had tasted that he could not stop drinking. He felt his own heart rate speed up frantically as the energy he absorbed from the feeding throbbed through his body. His head began to spin, and he moaned along with Claude as he had to reopen the healing wounds once more with his fangs.

Several moments later he pulled back, gasping very hard. He was dizzy, and had to squeeze his eyes shut to keep everything from spinning. As he lay there and felt Claude's grip on his hips loosen, he felt like the bed was tilting and that he would slip away.

"Seb…Sebas…" He gasped, his hands weakly thumping the mattress as if to anchor himself in place. Arms went around him and he was hauled up into a sitting position against the headboard. He felt Sebastian's hands holding his face, and gentle kisses being placed on his forehead and nose. Sebastian clicked his tongue.

"Ah, young master, you overdid it again. After feeding like that you won't be hungry for a few days." Sebastian's tongue flicked against Ciel's parted lips, collecting the blood that was still smeared on them. "Hmm…interesting flavor, Claude…" He said contemplatively, then tenderly, "My Ciel…so very greedy…"

"What…wha…" Ciel murmured, trying to focus on the images swimming before his eyes. Sebastian's face was very close to his own, but it was distorted, and he could see Claude still stretched out where he had been before, his body twitching slightly in the aftermath of Ciel's feeding.

"Just give yourself a moment to come down from that high." His butler, always knowing just how to calm him down and handle every situation. Ciel breathed deeply to try and slow his heart.

Sebastian wanted nothing more than to gather Ciel into his arms right now. He looked so utterly adorable with his cheeks flushed brightly and his eyes out of focus and confused. But he knew that Ciel needed air right now, and holding him would not be the best option, for once.

"Ciel…I have only ever shared my blood with a few," Claude said quietly, laying a hand on Ciel's leg. "and I've never felt anything like that before. You've made me…ready to go again…"

Ciel's eyes seemed to snap back to life a bit, and he struggled to sit up away from the headboard.

"Come here…" He said, reached out and pulling on Claude's arm.

"What..?" Claude sounded a little befuddled himself.

"Sit up, now." Ciel slurred, as though he were intoxicated. Claude obeyed, and Ciel straddled him at once. "Sebastian…"

"Already here, my lord." Sebastian was indeed already close up behind him, pouring oil onto his fingers. Hazily Ciel wondered if he would ever truly stop being amazed by how Sebastian predicted his every need so quickly.

"Hurry…" Ciel murmured, lowering his hips and rubbing his throbbing hardness against Claude's. Claude moaned and braced himself back on the headboard as the lithe body wriggled against him. He could feel Ciel's grunt as Sebastian slid his fingers into his opening smoothly, sliding them in and out to gently prepare him.

"That's enough…" Ciel panted, after only a few seconds. Sebastian obeyed, withdrawing. Ciel slid down Claude's legs enough to hover over Claude's proud erection. "You sure are ready to go…"

That said, Ciel wrapped his mouth around the head, delicately running his tongue along the underside. Claude let out a groan that might have belonged to a wild animal. He reached down and threaded trembling fingers into Ciel's hair. The boy was not actually applying that much suction, as he was worried about making himself dizzy again, but he was licking as much as he could. Claude tossed his head back, showing the little trails of drying blood on his neck that flowed from a wound that had already healed.

Sebastian watched with envy as his master struggled to pleasure Claude through his inebriated state. This was the moment he had worried about since Ciel made this suggestion; Claude taking his master. Any other option Sebastian was willing to accept, but he was still unhappy about this one. Somehow it got under his skin, and he could not keep it from irritating him. However, he pushed the feeling down, knowing that this was what his master wanted, and that he was allowing it out of his deep love. He recalled his own words to Claude about neither he nor Ciel holding to the idea of strict fidelity, and yet at this very second he was wondering whether or not he truly believed that.

Ciel did not spend long with his oral onslaught, quickly straddling Claude again. This time he took hold of Claude's member and slowly lowered himself onto it. Sebastian winced slightly as did Claude and Ciel as the thick erection was sheathed into that lovely firm behind. Ciel sat there for a few seconds once he was fully impaled, shaking a bit and holding on to Claude's shoulders.

"This…this is what you wanted…" He whispered harshly to Claude, and then turned his head suddenly to look at Sebastian. "He craved this for so long, Sebastian. He was like you. Think about what a gift this is for him and stop your sulking! Remember how you felt…"

Sebastian felt like his master had hit him in the chest with an undeniable truth. With those few sentences Ciel had put into perspective exactly what was taking place. Sebastian's jealousy faded slightly; Claude was being granted a gift, yes, that was what this entire night was about. It did not mean that Ciel was replacing him, or finding him passé, it just meant that his master was one hell of an adventurer. Sebastian smiled to himself as he watched Ciel begin to spring up and down on Claude's cock. That was exactly why he loved him.

Claude's eyes closed and he reveled in the feeling of Ciel's hot body gripping him. This was it, the lust he had held in his body and heart for so many years had been for this body, right here. Now he had it, now his lusts and dreams were fulfilled.

"Ah…oh…Ciel…you're…so tight…"

Sebastian could not help but comment yet again, leaning back against the bedpost at the foot of the bed and saying,

"Incredible isn't it? He's far from being a virgin anymore, and yet that ass still grips like a vice."

"But it doesn't feel tight…" Ciel panted, grinding himself down upon Claude. "It feels wonderful…"

"Just one more reason that you are special." Sebastian said softly.

Claude began sighing, tilting his head back as Ciel moved over him. He let his hands roam over Ciel's back and down his hips before his head lifted up again. He leaned forward and buried his face into the side of Ciel's neck. Ciel gave a shrill cry and Sebastian tensed as he smelled his master's blood. Ciel's body stilled, and he just sat in Claude's lap, quivering as Claude suckled at his neck.

"Enjoy it, Claude…enjoy the gift Ciel is giving you…" Sebastian said quietly, fighting jealousy intensely at the thought of Ciel's blood flowing into Claude's mouth. Somehow it was more precious than Claude drinking his seed earlier.

Ciel shuddered in Claude's arms for a few more seconds before the older demon pulled back, tongue instantly catching the stray drops of blood from his lips.

"Please…please let me…tip you over…" Claude gasped.

"Alright." Ciel said, equally out of breath.

Claude gathered Ciel in his arms and without drawing out of him, managed to lay the boy on his back. Ciel's head rested just a foot or so away from where Sebastian was sitting. Instantly Claude took up the dominant role, thrusting forward slowly and reverently into Ciel's body. Ciel gripped the sheets hard and bit his lip as Claude moved faster, and harder.

"It's like heaven…" Claude whispered after several long moments of this, "at least…what I know to be heaven…"

Ciel made a small squeaking sound in his throat at this statement, and threw his head back into the mattress as Claude sat up straight and gripped his hips, pounding into him furiously. Sebastian reached out and stroked back the hair from Ciel's forehead repeatedly, watching. It pleased him to observe that while Ciel was enjoying himself, there was little real intimacy; his legs were not around Claude's back, and his arms were at his sides. When he and Ciel made love Ciel was always tangled as tightly around him as he could, trying as hard as possible to merge them as close as they possibly could be. That effort was far from being put forth on the boy's part with Claude. This comforted Sebastian, and he gazed down into Ciel's flushed face with admiration. He truly had a worthy partner.

"Oh, Ciel, thank you, thank you …thank you…" Claude gasped, as he moved even faster, finally giving a long grunt. His body bent over as his thrusts ceased, heat flooding Ciel's channel. Ciel gasped, lifting his hips in Claude's grasp. The older demon was shaking, his eyes shaded by his unruly hair. He drew out very slowly, as if wanting to preserve the sensation for as long as he could. Then he laid himself down beside Ciel, letting one hand rest on the boy's flat stomach.

Ciel whined a little. He had not come, and his cock was about ready to burst. He looked up desperately at Sebastian. His demon was smiling down at him expectantly, as if he had known all along that this would happen. Ciel looked back at Claude, who was rubbing his stomach and panting beside him.

"Claude, I…that was wonderful but I…"

"You need Sebastian." Claude said breathlessly, his head buried against Ciel's shoulder. "I understand."

Without waiting for one more word to pass, Sebastian moved into place above Ciel. Like clockwork they fit together, Ciel's arms and legs instantly wrapping around him, and his small body accepting his erection like it was made for it.

"Oh, Ciel…" Sebastian groaned. He had been hard since seeing Ciel bite into Claude's neck, and had waited patiently for an opportunity to relieve himself. Now he was buried deep in his master's body, loving the tight embrace around his throbbing cock. Ciel thrust back against him, loving the familiar closeness they shared, and the searing pleasure that was as alive right this moment as it was the first time they had ignited the flames. It took mere moments for both of them, so teased by the entire night, to climax. Nearly at the same time they let out long groans and their bodies tensed, releasing their liquid in hot spurts.

Once more, they all lay recovering beside each other, Ciel in the middle. After a longer span of time than the other two rests, Ciel said,

"I don't care if I am a demon now, I don't think I could do anything else tonight."

Chuckling came from either side of him, and Ciel instinctively curled up against Sebastian, and grinned as he felt Claude follow him to spoon up against his back.

"This is nice." Ciel yawned. "Perhaps I should make a habit of this."

"Come again?" Sebastian asked a bit sharply, to which Ciel shook with mirth and replied,

"No thanks, I told you I'm spent for tonight."

"Clever." Sebastian said, pressing his lips to the top of Ciel's head.

"Don't worry, Sebastian. I was joking."

There was a long pause before Ciel said,

"Claude, I hope you have enjoyed this night." Claude moved even closer against Ciel, as if fearing that he would be thrown out.

"Yes, Ciel, I have enjoyed it more than I can ever explain."

"That is good, because I cannot promise that it will ever happen again."

"I understand."

"Of course, I can't promise that it won't, either. I may want to be adventurous again in another decade…or century for all I know."

Claude made a small sound of displeasure.

"That is rather cruel of you, young master Ciel, to leave me with a sense of hope that may or may not be false…but then…cruelty is at the heart of who and what you are; as Ciel Phantomhive, and a demon."

"Well-spoken." Ciel said, ironically around a yawn. "You are free to share the rest of the night with us; I have not been able to give up the habit of sleep yet, so you may find it rather boring."

"Not at all."

"Then I will say goodnight." Ciel murmured, clinging to Sebastian and yawning again as he drifted off.

"Good night, precious one." Sebastian whispered against his cheek.

It never took Ciel long to fall asleep now. Sebastian had been pleased to note the change early in Ciel's existence as a demon, after they had patched their relationship into something beautiful. As a human Ciel had been plagued by disturbing thoughts, the weight of his responsibilities, and it had always taken him a long time to fall asleep. Now he could fall into the oblivion of sleep nearly at will, and his dreams were pleasant and uninterrupted.

Sebastian looked down into his sleeping face, and was soothed himself by the sight. He felt tired as he picked up on his master's relaxation. He laid his forehead against Ciel's, and listened to his sweet, quiet breathing.

"Is he really asleep?" Claude's voice asked the same question he had done so earlier.

"Yes, why?"

The bed shifted and Sebastian felt the warmth of Claude's arms leave Ciel's body.

"I will take my leave now." Sebastian lifted his head to watch Claude. He picked up his scattered clothing and slipped back into them slowly, putting on his spectacles once more.

"The young master did invite you for the rest of the night." Sebastian reminded him.

"I know…" Claude said, a distant look in his golden eyes, "But…I don't belong here…holding him in his sleep…that is far too intimate for even I to try and experience."

Sebastian's grin was slightly evil as he asked,

"So you'll fuck him up the ass, but you're uncomfortable holding him in his sleep?"

Claude was slipping into his shoes, and he nodded.

"I can't explain it. I will carry the memory of this night with me forever as something beautiful and perfect. But sex is just sex, no matter what I feel in my heart, and intimacy…" Claude stood, and made his way to the door, stopping as he reached it to look back at the two of them, wrapped up in each other on the bed, "intimacy is not something I have a right to share with Ciel Phantomhive."

Sebastian stared at him for a long moment, and Claude stared back. The only sound was that of the fireplace crackling and popping. Finally Sebastian bowed his head to the other demon, and smiled.

"Until we meet again, Claude Faustus."

Claude bowed his head in return, and silently left the room.