Game of Thronez: tha winds of wintar: the return of ned the hed

a/n game on throne is ok I thought it would have more fucking chess or board games or something but it has lots of naked bitches which gets me randy when I pause the video tape (it's on really late so I tape it) and it sexxi vurrry xessi but I hated it atfer ned stark died and all the other stuff.

Chapter 1

nedz back: the gangster wedding that was not red

Ned head fell off. He looked like he wuz died. He didn't have no head at all. Seriously bro you could see his body just picture it man like wow. Shit.

Then littlefinger picked up the head.

"what a cool head he has ned does hae has." littlefinger.

the bitch king jeffrey pissed himeslf. he peed blood because he was actually a girl and he was on his period. lul

"yo man he looks like boromeer." a black dude said. (a/n are there black people in game of thrones I haven't seen any. :( too many crackers)

littlefinger took the head of ned back to winterland.

littlefinger smiled bigly and smily

"oh my god I loooooooooooooooooooooove winterland it's christmas e'erday and when yuou're here you get presents e'erday fucking day." he said it this like brian griffing in family g when brian got his balls off in the flashback.

he made ned's head nod and puppet. "I agree" little finger pretended to make nend send.

"I hope all of the starks are here." littlefinger said as he twiddled his twindelr.

they were. they came back.

the granny stark said "ohh my ned what happened to your head?" as she cried.

"I have a dealyo to make with fucking you." littlefingar said. "we have to do it before the winds of winter."

jon snow showd up.

"I'll show you the winds of wintar" jon snow said as he farted really loudly. it smelled so bad. like if you were there you'd be like "daaamn did you poop yourself?" it was that bad of a poot.

"what is that" area said.

"what is what the fart?" lil fingar said.

"no the wangs of wintro"

'the winds of winter?"


"that's that thing when winter and zombie"


"anyways we need to go to the secret lab under winterland to rebuild neddard stark into a robbot like his son rorbb because that robot ned is the only way to de feet and defeat the lancasters."


"let's go"


But then somewhere else the little midget bitch getter teerionn lancaster was gettin the pussy. then his brother jamey camey in.

"the fuck. ned's dead bro." teerion said.

"I know isn't it rad?" he played the sword like a guitar.

"no. I have a bad feeling about this. and it's not because your a fucking fag and I hate all the lancasters except for me."

"oh. well whatever I'm banishing you because jeffrey is the king now"

"whatever fag I don't even want to be in your shitty castle." tereion went away.

"wherever will I go, hopefully a place without fucking fags." terrion said.

zzt. bzzt. the robot parts were placed into place by littlefinger. his feet were tank tredz. he had guns in his knees. his shoulder pads were ipads, and he had sweet wolverine type claws kinda.

"now for the last piecey. ned's head." he said as he put the head into a jar onto the robobot. the roboat was complete.

"lord stark." littlefinger said.

"yes, my master." ned said.

"rise." lil finger said.

ned smiled big and laughed so hard he cried he was so happy he doesn't died.

"STAR WARS" they both said as they pointed at each other. ned gave him a high five.

cat came in with ned's family.

"oh wow I'm so happy everything is great the family is together again." cat said.

"yeah" rob said.

ned gave his family a big robot hug.

then the old buttler came in.

"shit guys, I got bad news."

"what could possibly be bad news now."

"the lancasters sent me a picture text. the first was of jamey's dick. it was a dick pick. then the second was a picture of their new ally. the zombies. also they have nukes."

everyone screamed and crapped themselves.