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Chapter One: Firends Forever

The rays of the bright sun shimmered through Yugi Motou's curtains, stinning his eyes. Yugi moaned, flashing his pillow on top of his head, resisting the sun. It was school holidays, it seemed like a miracle, free from torturous homework. Yugi had parents, which abused him sometimes, but usually, they just acted like he wasn't there, like a ghost wandering around. Yugi yawned, lifting his head up. His hair was a mess, and his sheets were all over the place.

He stood up, limping from hte beatings his father gave to him a couple nights ago. Yugi quietly opend his door slightly, enough to peep through... His parents weren't there, that was good. Yugi then could go outside and eat breackfast without worring. Yugi flashed his golden bangs backwards from his sight, opening the door widely. Yugi soon got changed, feeling his lip if it healed from the blood. Yugi sighed. Nine and almost ten years old, barely had any parents to care for him. This usually made Yugi upset. He had no friends. Everyone hated. He always wished to have friends that would be with him always. Yugi sighed, heading out the door.

You looked catiously for any sign for his parents, then tip- toeing down the stairs out the door. He wasn't hungry that day for no reason, even as his stomach growled. Yugi opened the door, jumping out quickly. Yugi slightly limped to the park, aware if his parents seen him, he would get the beating out of himself. The air was fresh. The way he liked it, seeing the people enjoying themselves. Yugi moaned.

/ I wish I had a friend there for me when i was in trouble.../ he thought sadly. A boy with blond hair suddenly appeared with a green jacket and black pants. He sat beside Yugi, looking at the poeple. Yugi slgihtly turned around, looking at him. The boy looked to be about 12 to 13 years old by the looks of it. The boy sighed deeply. Yugi tilted his head.

"What's w-wrong...." He asked, feelish foolish asking him that. He was talking to a total stranger!... or was he. The boy sighed again, deeply, smiling at Yugi weakly.

"Oh.... nothing much... 'bout you?" He asked Yugi, being very friendly. Yugi gasped. The guy was actually talking to him! No one has ever talked to Yugi, as a friend that is. Yugi felt a warm feeling of welcome.

" Not to bad I guess...." Yugi trembled, aware not to tell him about his parents. The boy grinned uneasy, crossing his arms.

"Well.... you look truthful... ok, to be honest, no, nothings going good..." He said, trusting Yugi slightly. Yugi could tell the sadness in his eyes. The boy sighed deeply again.

"Well... see..." He said nervously. Yugi smiled, turning away to a tree. The boy trmbled.

"You don't hav to tell me if you don't want to. No one is forcing you...." Yugi beamed sightly. The boy suddenly smiled, wiping the frown away.

"Well.... ok. My name is Joey, what's yours?" He asked placing out a hand. Yugi looked at his hand. This is... a hand shake! I've never done it before... how if I mess up again...? Joey stared at Yugi.

"Uh... hello? Whats, your name buddy?" He asked one more time, this time a bit louder. Yugi grinned slighty, taking Joey's hand, shaking it slowely.

"Y-yugi Motou...." He said quietly. Joey let go of his hand crossing his arms once again.

"Nice ta meet ya.... do you stutter all the time?" He rudley asked. Joey smacked his mouth, not watching what he said to his new friend. Yugi raised his eyeborw.

"W-what's stuttering J-oey?" He asked as he didn't even mind the question. Joey grinned, sighing in releif.

"Stuttering... um.... how to say it..." He said lost in his own words.".... it's like this. Ahem.: h-h-h-ello l-little Yugi..." He said in and old lady's tone. Yugi awed.

"Oh... that's stuttering?" Joey nodded, looking at the blue sky as the sea gulls croaked. Yugi smiled, then saddened. Joey took a glance at Yugi, seeing his saddened eyes. Joey sighed.

"What's the matter Yug?" He asked as he felt he was the cause. Yugi quickly changed his looks, smiling happily.

"N-no! I-i'm..." He lied. Joey nodded slightly, spotting a boy holding twnety dollars. Joey smirkd, then looked at Yugi. Yugi paused confused.

"Hey Yug, hope we meet at school someday... I've... got some business to attend.... see ya buddy." He said, and with that, he headed away. Yugi sighed happily, finally, he had a friend. A few hours passed as Yugi sat there, nothing for him to do. HE loked at his watch, eyes widdening. It was 5:38 pm! Yugi jumped up. His parents would be home at 6:00 o' clock, he can make it just in time to go to is room and stay there till morning. Yugi started to run, halting as he heard a wimper. Yugi looked behind him. Everyone has gone, all the kids and adults headed home for the night, except two boys. Yugi noticed one of them. It was Joey. the other was a school bully at his school, Sid. Sid was a huge boy, big and fat for his agae, with a large black t-shirt with woth a skull on it. Sid grabbed Joey by his tunic, lifting him off his feet. Joey cried helplessly as Sid tightened his grip. Yugi gasped, and started to run to them Sid angriy shouted.

"Give it back! YOu theif!" HE shouted shaking Joey back and forth. Joey started to cry, tears rolling down his face.

"Please S-sid! It was only a little bit...." Sid growled, chocking Joey harder.

"Give me one good reason you little runt!" He shouted, throwing Joey into the ground. Yugi stopped right behind Sid, watching Joey helplessly cry. Joey looked up to Sid, with tears streaming down his face.

"Please... my sister Serenity is going to be blind... we don't have enough money... I need it.... please... Sid...." He cried slowly. Sid held out his fist, not nowing that Yugi was there.

"I don't give a shit if she's blind! GIVE IT BACK!" He shouted, about to send a punch. Yugi started to think quickly, then dicided to kick Sid on the knee. Sid howled angrily, looking at the small Yugi, with Joey shocked. Joey stood up, yelling.

"Yugi! Run!" He shouted louder, but Yugi didn't listen. Yugi wanted to help, because his parents always said he was a pain and a bother. Sid then cleched his fist, punching Yugi right into the stomach, knocking the wind out of him. Yugi started to cry painfully as Joey growled.

"Hey! You bitch! You want me! Not him!" He shouted bravely. Sid's eye started to twitch with evil- like laughter. Yugi tembled. He couldn't stand up, he had to regain his strength.

"Joey!" Someone else shouted. Joey and Yugi amazily looked at someone running by with a long coat, about Joeys age. Yugi closed his eyes, breathing hard and harshly. Joey shrugged.

"Tristan?!" The boy known as Tristan, tightned his fist.

"Peice of shit! Leave them alone!" He shouted, punching Sid on his nose. Sid took two steps back, clenching his nose. He touched it, feeling the blood drop. Ugi finally opened his eyes, forcing himself to stand up. Sid smiled.

"You wanna fight?!" He pleaded. Tristan and Joey were about to say a word as Yugi weakly said something.

"N-no... we don't want to fight you.... he will pay you back...." Yugi then was caught by surprise, feeling sharp pain on his right leg. Sid laughed, kicking and puching Yugi. Yugi was terrified, as tears streamed down his face. Tristan and Joey angered.

"Hey! Leave the kid alone!" Tristan yelled as Joey began to cry.

What have I done...? I shouldn't of stole his money.... now look what I did... Joey glanced at Yugi. Yugi came for me... brave little... um... nine or ten year old.... oh god... WHAT HAVE I DONE?!?!

"Joey!" Tristan shouted angrily. Joey then got back to his senses. Tristan nodded to Sid's directon. Joey looked at him, seeing the terrified Yugi bundled up like a hedgehog.

"This is no time to be day dreaming Joey!" He shouted, concerned at Yugi. Yugi whimpered.

help... me.... someone....

Sid laughed.

"Do you want to fight now?" He asked like he had victory. Tristan and Joey then both shouted.

"We won't give up without a fight!" Sid laughed, kicking Yugi on the back, then headed for the two. Tristan clenched his fist as he smacked Sid right in the face with a crack. Joey then sent out a kick on his side, causing him to howl again. Sid then angered and smiled, grabbing Tristan hand and swinging him around. Tristan began to shout as Sid let go of him, slamming into Joey. The both of them wimpered painfully, but then Joey got up, smacking his fist full speed with all his might at Sid's head. Joey felt a crackon his knuckle, causing him to flinch painfully. Tristan got up anf limped. Sid was silent, callapsing onto the ground, nearly knocked out. Joey and Tristan stared at the beaten giant, then grinned.

"You wanna see who's helpless?!" Joey shouted, aiming a kick for Sid's stomch, like he did to Yugi. Tristan then reached for his shoulder, causing Joey to stop. Tristan smiled slightly.

"Fightning does't solve anything Joey... it's like Yugi said..." He said, glancing at Yugi. Yugi smiled slightly, but then winced. Joey and Tristan ran to Yugi, smiling with victory. Joey smled, loking at Tristan.

"Yugi, this is Tristan, Tristan this is Yugi." He introduced them. Yugi nodded weakly, forcing himself to stand up. Tristan and Joey fliched.

"No, we'll carry you home to the hospital...." Joey said quietly. Yugi then gasped.

"N-n-no! I can stand up and go home!!" He shouted, letting out all his might. Tristan's eyes softened.

"Yugi... you need to treat your wounds..." He said soothingly. Joey then started to cry, feeling guilty. Yugi looked at him sadly.

"...What's wrong Joey?" He asked standing up. Tristan nodded.

"Yeah, what's wrong?" Joey sobbed.

"I-i'm sorry Yugi... I shouldn't of stole that money..."

"DAMN RIGHT!!" Sid shouted, standing up, pointing at them.

"You are lucky you didn't die, punk... next time you won't be lucky..." He said, limping off to home. Tristan smiled.

"That's ok... but ehy did you take the money?" Yugi asked innocently. Joey shrugged.

"Remember when I met you, I didn't wan to tell you something?"

*Flash Back*

"What's w-wrong...." He asked, feelish foolish asking him that. He was talking to a total stranger!... or was he. The boy sighed again, deeply, smiling at Yugi weakly.

"Oh.... nothing much... 'bout you?" He asked Yugi, being very friendly. Yugi gasped. The guy was actually talking to him! No one has ever talked to Yugi, as a friend that is. Yugi felt a warm feeling of welcome.

" Not to bad I guess...." Yugi trembled, aware not to tell him about his parents. The boy grinned uneasy, crossing his arms.

"Well.... you look truthful... ok, to be honest, no, nothings going good..." He said, trusting Yugi slightly. Yugi could tell the sadness in his eyes. The boy sighed deeply again.

"Well... see..." He said nervously. Yugi smiled, turning away to a tree. The boy trmbled.

"You don't hav to tell me if you don't want to. No one is forcing you...." Yugi beamed sightly. The boy suddenly smiled, wiping the frown away.

*End Flashback*

Yugi nodded.

"Well, I have a sister named Serenity, she's with my mom in New York. My parents are divorced you see..." He trailed off, wiping his tears.

"My mom sent my dad a letter saying that 'Serenity may become blind!' But my dad never agreed to give her money to have the operation.... so...." Joey's hands started to tremble.

"...so... I needed money. I needed to help my sister.... she needs me..." Tristan and Yugi saddened. Yugi actually felt he had best friends, he didn't feel alone anymore, but what really bothered him was when he got back home.... to his parents.

Tristan and Joey walked down the street Yugi lived in. Yugi then stopped them about a block away from his house, not wanting them to see his house and what a mess it is. Tristan raised his eybrow.

"What? You want us to go now....?" Tristan asked concerned. Joey sighed, still in shock.

"If you say so Yugi.." Yugi smiled, waving them goodbye. Yugi couldn't help but notice that Tristan was limping. Yugi opened his mouth, but not letting anything out. As soon as Tristan went by the corner of the block, Joey stopped and looked at Yugi smiling.Yugi tilted his head like a curious cat.

"What is i-it Jo-ey?" He asked. Joey smiled.

"Yugi...I really want to pay you back... I really owe you one..." Joey grinned, leaving for Tristan. Yugi nodded as he set out to his house. Yugi looked at himself. He was badly bruised, blood on his shoulder and leg, he had a black eye, and was still breathing harf from the kick. Yugi tembled as he saw that the lights were onn, and started to panic. He knew his parents would beat him up again. Yugi sighed deeply, walking slowely up the stone steps, opening the knob quietly. Yugi's mom, Shitano, sudddenly slapped him on the face. Yugi started to panic and cry. Shitano angrily kicked Yugi on the stomach, loosing his air once again. Yugi yelped, tears streaming down his face. Shitano raored.

"You little bastard! You are late again!" She shouted, punching Yugi on the face as he stood up, slamming into the wall. Yugi stuttered.

"M-m-m-m-mom.... p-please...." He whispered quietly. Shitano rolled her eyes.

"Wait till your father comes home! You will get a beating!" She screamed as she smacked Yugi on the face again. Yugi winced terrified, crying louder. Shintano growled.

"Go to your attic... or I'll put your life in danger again....." She said, sitting back to the television. Yugi shuddered, keeping his howls of pain quiet as he crawled up into the attic. Yugi shut his door closed, entering his attic. It was full of cobwebs and only one window with worn curtains that were ripped with blood stained into them. The only thing remained in his room (or attic), was a towel on the floor, along with a puffed up garbage bag with shreads of paper in it, acting as a pillow, and a dirty blanket that has been ripped. Yugi cringed, hating his life. No one liked him, except Tristan and Joey perhaps. Yugi stammered as he covered himself with the blacket, shivering coldy. Yugi felt the fear welcoming him instantly as he her loud stomps up his stairs. Yugi held his breathe.




It got louder. The door suddenly swung open, smashing into the wall. His father, Tabasha, angrily flipped Yugi with a kick, causing Yugi to squeal loudly. Tabasha roared with fierce evil.

"YUGI!!!! Shitano told me you were late again! You little shit!" He said, throwing Yugi into the wall. Yugi trembled as blood streamed down his lip. Tabasha then kicked him and punched till he was breathing harshy, having enough exercise for one day. Tabasha weezed.

"Don't let that happen again bitch, or your life will be in danger... or death if you are not careful..." Yugi lied there, crying. He slowly got up, leaning againest the frozen wall. He didn't care if he died. He'd rather die then to live with them... Yugi began to stammer, crying taking small gulps. It just wasn't fair.... Yugi then crawled to his window, looking up to the moon as his tears sparkled silver. Yugi then saw a shooting star, his hopes slowly gaining.

"I-I-I.... wish...." Yugi stuttered painfully. "To h-have someone....t-t-t- there for m-me... I wished someone c-cared.... I want a true friend....I.. want....." he finished off, thinking about Tristan and Joey. They were his friends, but.... did they really care for him.... like a brother...? Yugi didn't beleive that. No one has ever looked at him like a brother, or a true friend. Yugi smiled slighty, still glad having Tristan and Joey.

yugi closed his eyes, un aware that something on his bed was glowing. Yugi gasped slightly as the object glimmered brightly. Yugi covered his eyes, unable to see. The lighting suddenly dimmed, causing Yugi to have curiousity. Yugi slowly crawled to the object. There where peices scatterd across Yugi's bed, still dimming from the light. Yugi already figured out that it was a puzzle, but he didn't remember putting it there. Yugi sighed, taking one peice, examining it. It was an eye, shaped like the one in ancient Eygpt. Yugi then looked at the edges, searching for the connecting piece. He then saw it, then...


The pieces fit perfectly

Yugi thought, looking for the remaining peices.


Yugi placed another one by one, as the puzzle slowly got brighter every time he placed a piece.


Yugi shrugged, as he remembered his parents had sharp ears, one sound, your in for in it. Yugi quietly searched for the peice. He placed a few more peices, till be came to the final peice. The puzzle was shaped like a pyrimid, with the eye for the center, Yugi took the eye, placing it into the center. Nothing happened. Yugi sighed. But then, a bright flash crowded the room. Yugi started to panic. He was now shivering, imagining that his folks would come up and get him. Yugi opened his eys, gasping when he saw an elder boy just like him. The boy stared at Yugi eye to eye with fierce passion a loyalty. Yugi gripped his puzzle.

"What is your name?" He demanded. Yugi felt like screaming, but from looking into this eyes, he felt as if he could trust him, and dared not to lie. The boy narrowed his eyes.

"Well?" He asked again, more seroius. Yugi trembled.

"Yugi....." He whispered softly. They boy nodded, smiling.

"See? Does the truth hurt?" Yugi didn't answer. Of course it hurt. Living here really hurt, it was a nightmare. The boy looked around his room, eyes widening.

"Is.... this your room?!" He asked again. Yugi couldn't help it when he bursted into tears as the stairs thumped wildy. The boy looked at the door, slowly opening. He quickly dissapeared, and his puzzle glowed. Yugi was amazed when he heard his voice in his head.

// Don't worry, I'll be here.// He siad. Yugi frowned. Why did he have to be here to witness his life? Shitano kicked Yugi in the stomach.

"I'm trying to get some sleep! No voices you shit bag! I MEAN IT!!" She screamed, smacking Yugi on the face. Yugi silently cried, feeling terrible what the boy saw. The boy suddenly appeared as Yugi's puzzle glowed, then dimmed. Yugi looekdup to the boy, tears streaming down his face. The boy sneered.

"Are those your parents? Those.... those barbarians?" He whispered a shout. Yugi nodded as he hicced. The boy angrily looked at him.

"Why didn't you fight them?" Yugi paused. He didn't want to. Two againest one was pretty bad enough... The boy gasped as he saw that Yugi threw his arms around his waist, crying and sobbing. The boys anger drifted away as he patted Yugi's back gently. Yugi weeped.

"..... What's y-y-your name..... please...." Yugi cried. The boy smiled slightly, letting go of him.

"Yami. My name is Yami."

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