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Chapter four: Time Portral

Yugi began to scream even louder, his head feeling like it could burst. Tristan held Yugi as Joey came running back with a bucket of water. Joey suddenly thumbled.

"Whoa!!" He stammered, letting go of the bucket. Tea screamed as the bucket splashed onto her. Tristan growled.

"JOEY!!!" He shouted, picking up the bucket, slamming it on his head. Joey grinned, rubbing his head painfully. Tea looked at Yugi.

"This isn't helping Yugi! What do we do!" She paniced. Joey stood up, thinking.

~*Dream/ nightmare*~

There was blood. Blood all over a boys face, looking quite fimiliar. The two people laughed, kicking and puching, till another boy ran up, saving him. They were limping on the sidewalk, nearly to their deaths. One was knocked out, the other carried him, but struggling. Yugi paused his screams, when he saw an old foe. It was Sid! What the hell was he doing there? Sid laughed, grinning at the boys, knocking the other out. The boys callapsed, rain pouring onto them. The knocked out boy suddenly opened one of his eyes, closing right after.


~*End Dream*~

"AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" Yugi shouted, flipping his eyes wide open. Tristan jumped, falling onto the floor. Tea held Yugi hand.

"Yugi! What's wrong?! We were worried.... you were screaming-" Yugi looked up to her eyes, trembling with fear. Joey sighed.

"Where's Yami?!" He demanded. Joey laughed a bit.

"Don't you remember? He went out to do some unfinished business. Why?" He asked, Yugi jumped to his feet. Tristan stood up.

"I think Seto went to pay his ticket. He said he would be back." Yugi fell to his knees.


NOOO!!!!! The dream is real! The dream is real! What's happening?! Why is it starting to take shape?! WHY!?!?!?!?!" He screamed in his mind. Joey bent down, patting his back.

"What.... what is it? Do you want me to find Yami and Seto?" He asked, trying to cheer him up. Yugi gulped with tears.

"They are in trouble! We've got to find them!" He cried. Tristan nodded, heading to the door. Joey gasped, running after Tristan.

"Hey! I said I was going to look for him!" He sweared. Tristan grinned.

"Don't want you to get in trouble, do we?" He smirked. Joey moaned.

"Whatever....." Tea jumped up.

"W-what about me!? What do I do?!" She scoulded. Joey smirked as Tristan walked out the door.

"Isn't it obvious? We go and find Seto and Yami: and you stay here with Yugi." Tea looked down at the trembling Yugi, cold tears still streaming down his face. Tea nodded slightly as Joey ran after Tristan.

"Hey! Wait up!" He shouted.

Seto coughed as he dragged Yami, nearly fainting as well. The rain was heavy, feeling like hail stinging onto your face. It was living hell. Seto breathed heavily, falling onto his hands and knees. Yami lied beside him, eyes deeply shut tight, blood on his lip and near his eyes, slowely washed away by the rain. Seto coughed, his heart beating wildly. A sudden laugh filled the air along with the rain. Sid suddenly came out from the darkness, sniggering. Seto shrugged.

"Ah. This kid..." He pointed at Yami.

"He looks like that kid who beat me up yesterday. Heh! Looks like he's had it. I'll just take it outta ya!" He laughed, smacking Seto on the face with his foot. Seto plunged into the wall, his lip bleeding harshly. Seto growled loudly.

"Get lost bastard!" He shouted, gaining his confidense. Sid laughed, punching Seto into the stomach. Seto painfully fell into the cement. Sid laughed with pleasure.

"Hah! You want me to get lost? Alright! After I take care of ya!" He smugged a smirk, throwing a deadly punch at Seto's face. Seto winced, unable to move. Yami opened his eye slightly, feeling the anger into him welcome. Seto moaned as Sid choked him againest the wall. Sid gasped amazed as he saw him struggle up to his feet. Sid let go of Seto, grinning at Yami. Yami leaned againest the wall weakly. Sid looked at Yami with a smirk.

"Ha! You made a whimpy decision! You should of stayed put, and your friend would of took the beating! Now you ask for it!" He said, tightening his fist. Yami gave a half smile, trying to keep his coughs in. Sid angered.

"What are you smiling about?! Your grave? Heh! You are the losser!" He shouted, aiming a kick at Yami. Yami held out his hand.

"Mind Crush!" He shouted with all his might. Sid stopped, feeling his body somehow different. Sid then screamed as his soul shattered, running away, then callapsing a block away, souless. Yami winced painfully, finding it hard to breathe. Seto closed his eyes and Yami callapsed, unable to do anything for his fallen friend.

Tea smiled weakly as Yugi stopped his tears slowely, but still in terror. Yugi shivered. Tea looked out the window, seeing the bright flashes of the thunder and lightning. Yugi jumped, sqeezing his soaked pillow.

"Don't worry Yugi. I'm sure they will come back. Nothing is going to happen..." She whispered. Yugi shook his head, then feeling sharp pain in his head. Yugi stammered as he screamed out of pain.

"Not again!" She paniced as the doors opened. A boy with long black hair appeared with a red bandana around his neck, holding a golden watch. The boy jumped.

"What are you doing here? What's wrong with him?" The boy said as a stranger, running up to Tea and Yugi.


Waves. All there was, was waves. An evil laughter approached after that, the man from his previous dreams. The man laughed louder, but no where to be found or in sight. There was another huge flash as the location changed, forming sand around the land. It was the same location Yugi dreampt of with the white haired boy and a ring, but nothing was there. The hot sun seemed so real, finding himself sweating and gasping even more. Another girl suddenly appeared, shouting and swearing out of anger. The man laughed, suddenly appearing from no where. The girl cursed.

"Damn you! What do you want?!" She shouted angrily. The man laughed in a girly tone.

"I want the code. Give me the damn code and your life will be spared." He smiled calmly. The girl refused. She wore a beautiful dress which has been ripped slightly, and a golden necklace. The girl smirked.

"No damn shit like you is going to get it! I'd rather be killed bastard!" She shouted, digging her fist into the sand. The man sighed.

"I tried to give you a chance. But you refused like the others. You must suffer the coniquence. I shall find it myself. Any last words?" The girl spat at the man's shoe.

"Find it at your grave bitch." She cursed. The man then kicked her face, holding out his hand. The girl turned away, feeling her body part from herself.

"Your soul- is now mine." He said calmly as the screaming girl callapsed. The man smiled, walking forward to the sun.

"When I find you, you better prepare to duel."

~*End Vision*~

".......... uhn......" Yugi whimpered, opening his eyes. The boy and Tea sighed in releif. Tea smiled gladly.

"Thank god! You are alright!" She faced the boy grinning.

"This is Seto's little brother, Mokuba." Mokuba nodded playfully. Tea smiled.

"I told him almost everything. So you don't need to panic." Yugi moaned quietly as he stood up, giving mokuba a weak smile. Mokuba glanced at Tea.

"What do you mean ' almost everything'?" He asked. Tea grinned emptyhanded. Yugi sighed. Mokuba stared at him.

"What happened?" He asked. Yugi closed his eyes, unable to explain anything.

Tristan and Joey gasped for air, bending down for a breathe. Tristan shrugged.

"Where are those guys...?" He asked. Joey moaned.

"I... wish.. you could.. tell me...." He smugged. Tristan rolled his eyes, standing back up.

"They' ve gotta be here somewhere....!" Joey gasped as he saw two bodies on the ground. Tristan stared at Joey.

"What? What is it Joey?" He asked. Tristan suddenly glanced at Joeys direction, jumping.


"Seto?!" They both shouted, running up to them. The rain felt like needles now, nearly inmpossible to see. Seto trembled slightly, his left eye cut with blood. Seto couldn't bear the pain to open his eyes, nor even talk. Yami was completly knocked out. Joey felt Seto's pulse.

"Phew.... he's alive..." He sighed, looking over to Tristan. Tristan started to shake from the coldness.

"Hes alive.. but.. but just barely... I wonder what happened...." He trailed off. Joey shrugged, lifting Seto up to his arms, dragging him towards the mansion. Tristan did the same, following Joey. Joey glared at Tristan.

"How... far is the mansion?" He asked in a annoyed tone. Tristan sighed.

"In the other side of town.... I don't even know how we got here..." He grinned. Joey growled.


Yugi trembled, feeling his warmth on his hands. Tea sighed.

"Yugi..... are you sure your alright....?" She asked in a concerned tone. Yugi was still silent from his vision. What code? What was it for? For what? Questions bursted into his mind like fire works exploding. The doors suddenly slammed open as Joey kicked, dragging Seto. Mokuba's eyes suddenly turned playful into terrified. Mokuba ran to his older brother.

"Noo!! Seto! What.. waht happened to him?!" He demanded as tears trailed down his face. Tristan then appeared as Yugi jumped.

"What.. What happened?!" He shouted, running to his best friend. Mokuba and Yugi glared at Joey and Tristan. Tristan jumped.

"Don't look at us! We didn't do it!"

"Yeah! We found them like this on the street on the other side of town!" Tea widdened her eyes.

"... other side of town...?" She asked. Joey and Tristan looked at each other, grinning. Yugi suddenly went deadly quiet as Mokuba cried on his brother. Tristan and Joey nodded.

"Let's take them to one of the rooms." Tristan stated, as Mokuba helped him carry Seto. Joey then took Yami as Yugi helped him up. Yugi was silent.


Oh no.... oh no oh no!! This can't be happening! How could this come true...! I can't beleive this.... but...but.... was Sid there...? How can this come true? .....Yami... I am so sorry.....

Tears came down Yugi's eyes as Joey smiled slightly.

"Don't worry Yug... they'll be alright... I'm sure of it!" He tried to beam, but failing. Yugi felt pain in his stomach, but he ignored it, every step was painfull. Yugi then put Yami down on a nearby bed near Seto. Tea followed them.


oh.... poor Yugi and Mokuba... they must feel so awful... Tea glanced at Tristan and Joey.

Somehow, I feel.... useless. I can't even help.....

"Hey Tea!" Joey called. Tea beamed, snapping out of it. Tristan smiled.

"Do you know how to take care of wounds?" He asked. Tea's eyes went big.

"Do I ever!" She said, grabbing the first aid kit.


It's about time!.... huh?

Tea looked at Yugi, who was very silent with tears coming down his face. Tea's eyes softened.

"Yugi... your so quiet...." She said gently, not making much of a difference to him. Joey and Tristan looked at him.

"Hey Yug... what's wrong....?" Joey asked. Yugi closed his eyes, stammering.

"I-I-I'm.....afraid...." He cried. Tea looked at his tearful eyes.

"Of what Yugi?" She asked. Yugi cried even more, cleching his fists tightly.

"...afriad.... of myself... I-I-I-I'm afraid... of my d-dreams and v-v-v- isions...." He gulped silently.

".... I-I'm afraid I m-might kill soemone....." He sobbed. Tea and the others looked at each other. Mokuba saddened.

"... You aren't going to kill anyone Yugi.... how could you?" He asked softly. Yugi weeped near his best friend.

"L-look... Yami is hurt because of me.... Seto is hurt because of me probebly..." He stammered lightly. Tristan patted his back gently.

"No, Yugi. You are wrong. You didn't." Joey grinned.

"Yeah! This wasn't your fault Yugi...." He said. Tea nodded as she cleaned Yami's wounds slowely. Mokuba nodded silently as he weeped. Joey yawned, rubbing his eyes.

"I can use some shut eye..." He grinned. Tristan nodded.

"Yeah. You could use some sleeping too, Yugi." He offered. Yugi shook his head.

"N-no.... I want... t-t-o stay....." He whimpered. Tea nodded, then switchiing to Seto's wounds. Tea sighed.

"Geez... these guys got a beating. I wonder what happened?" She asked herself. Joey and Tristan then left the room, going up the stairs to their own room. Tea grinned.

"Well! Thats that I guess!......?" She glanced at Yugi, still in tears since he woke up. Tea frowned.

".... Yugi.. your not going to kill anyone.... that's impossible. You just be who you are, and nothing will happen.... ok?" She asked in a soothing voice. Yugi nodded regretfully, trying to bring out a smile. Tea turned to Mokuba.

"Are you staying here to?" She asked, walking near the door. Mokuba thought. It would be nice to stay, but his room was just on the other side. He could visit Seto anytime he wanted. Mokuba glanced at Yugi.


Poor Yugi. He really shouldn't be afraid of himself... well I would..... but he really shouldn't think that way.... he is my age! finally! someone in here is my age!.... but I hope he's ok still.

Mokuba walked out from the room, leaving Yugi behind. Yugi gulped for air, forcing himself not to sleep, but, he did.

~*Nightmare/ Dream*~

Everyone went outside. Yami and Seto were fine, but Seto was upset about something. Yami barely said a word. Joey got impatient somehow, then walked on a curve. Joey suddenly shouted as Tristan ran after him, then he shouted. Everyone, including Yugi and Mokuba, ran after them, then they all shouted.

"What the hell is that?!" Tristan asked. There was a beam of light, everyone dissapeared somehow, but then the laugh echoed through the air, the same laugh that cursed all of Yugi's dreams and visions. Then there was pain...

~*End Dream*~

Yugi woke up, finding himself sweating harshly, his eyes still red from his tears. Then from his amazement, he saw Seto in a rage. Yami sat next to Yugi. Yugi turned around, throwing his arms around Yami. Yami smiled.

"You where sleeping so peacefully... I didn't want you to wake up." He said quietly. Yugi sobbed.

"I-I-I'm s-sorry...." He whinned. Yami sighed.

"About what? You didn't do anything aibou...." He said. Yugi shook his head.

"I-it is my fault...... the car crash..." Seto growled softly. Yugi cried. yami's eyes softened.

"No. If it wasn't for you, Joey and Tristan wouldn't of came to find us, and we'd probebly be in serious condition..." He smiled. Yugi had never thought of that before, but still cried. Seto growled.

"Damn idiot! Why did you have to go there!?" He asked Yami crossing his arms. Yami shrugged.

"I wanted some answers. But why the hell did you have to follow me?" He asked calmly. Seto barked.

"What? I saved your ass! You should thank me!" He smirked. Yami groaned.

"Yes, I do thank you but there is something really important that might cause our lives." He said with a grin. Seto and Yugi glared at him.

"W-what do y-y-yo mean?" Yugi asked, wipping his tears on his sleeve. Yami sighed. Seto calmly sat on a chair, waiting.

"Remember what you dreamed of Yugi? Remember someone saying: Forbidden Magic?" He asked. Yugi cried, not wanting to think about it. Yami patted his back gently.

"Long ago, in Ancient Egypt, a goddess named Shikero granted wishes. Everyone battled their way to the powerful goddess, but no one ever made it. Some wished for gold, some wished to thwart death itself. They got their wishes, but then was stopped, Shikero desired fighting and dueling with her incredable deck, she wanted to duel again, then the person who had gotten the wish suddenly looked into her eyes. Somehow, they accept, but then they came to their death. Shikero was pleased with her deck, being one of the most powerful duelist's in the world. No one ever got away with wishes they got, because their soules were taken." Yugi jumped, remembering what the man wanted. Soules. Yami continued.

"Someone then stepped up, accepting the duel. Shikero beamed once again with her innocent look of her eyes. The young boy battled with all his might through the duel, and won victory. Shikero was impressed, leaning towards him, asking what wish he wanted.

' Forbidden magic' He replied. Shikero was shocked, it was stronger power then hers, but she would defeat him, then she granted the wish. The boy then walked away, but then Shikero stopped him.

' I want a final duel' She sang. The boy turned around, looking int her eyes, seeing the beuatiful goddess sing. The boy accepted. It was hours when they dueled. Shikero was ferious when she saw the boy leave with victory. Just before the boy exit the door, his lefted his hand up. Shikero screamed as chains clanged to her like misquitoes. The boy laughed, telling her that no one was going to stop him from destruction, no one. They goddess regreted granting that wish as she turned into a living statue of herself. The boy then got seven items, sealing her with a speciel attack. The boy then demanded the items to go scatter around the world, never to be found or used. The goddess watched helplessly as the boy slowely took lives of innocent people. Shikero closed her eyes, falling into a deep, deep sleep. The boy then dissapeared as he had to much power overflowing him, he wasn't strong enough to keep it in.

He then dissapeared, the Forbidden Magic sealed in a sacred cave, dangerous with puzzles and mazes. No man have ever survived. But whoever has a mellenium item may have a chance to get it." Yugi gazed at him as Seto day dreamed of the beautiful goddess. Yugi thought of the man in his dreams. He was sucking souls out of people, and somehow got stronger. Maybe he was the one after the power, maybe, just maybe. Yami stared at Seto.

"We have to stop whoever is after that power. And we must awaken the goddess. She is the only one who knows how to destroy it-"

"Well lets get going!" Seto jumped with bright eyes. Yami and Yugi looked at each other.

"Y-your coming?" Yugi asked. Seto nodded rappidly.

"Of course! I'm not going to miss a hot chick like that.....!!" Seto jumped as Yami and Yugi laughed, then Seto started to blush bright red. Yugi giggled, walking out the door with Yami and Seto following. Seto grinned.

"I'll call a private plane.... ok?" He said to Yami. Yami sighed, nodding silently. Yugi then saw Tristan, Tea and Joey sitting on the steps. Tristan and Joey were argueing while tea rolled her eyes, crossing her arms.

"Gaaah! Your like boys fighting over toys..." she whinned. Tristan gwaked quietly as Joey sneered. Seto jumped as Mokuba tugged his long jacket. Mokuba beamed.

"Can I come? Please please please!!" He begged on his knees. Seto rolled his eyes, crossing his arms.






"Please please please!"

"No! NO and No!"





"..... please........?" Mokuba sniffled with his innocent look. Seto frowned, hating that innocent look he could never turn down. Yugi and the rest sniggered and laughed as Seto seemed helpless.

"...FINE." He shrugged out, shutting his eyes. Mokuba cheered, jumping up and down, taking out a large suitcase. Everyone widdened their eyes. Seto growled.

"You can take a little bit... NOT the whole house..." He whispered. Mokuba awed, then ran up the stairs. Joey growled, standing up.

"Thats it! My legs need some excersise...."

"Hmm. Thats a new one for you. Never thought you'd say that for ages...." Tristan grinned a smug. Joey angrily coughed, walking away. Yugi suddenly jumped, feeling a cold chill down his back.

"D-don't go!" He whimpered. Joey glared at Yugi with a strange look. Tristan laughed.

"See?" He laughed. Joey then got impatient.

"HEY! Yugi! I'm not going to go anywhere! Just around the block, that's all." He chuckled. Tea stood up with a stern look.

"No. Yugi might be right. How if we-" Joey then shrugged, plugging his ears tightly.

"NAAHH! I cant hear you! LALALA!" Everyone frowned as Seto impatiently growled.

"When the hell is the cab going to be here?" He cursed. Yugi looked up to Yami, who leaned againest the gate.

"W-where are we g-going?" He asked. Seto grinned at Yami annoyingly.

"Yeah- where ARE we going?" He asked with a smug look. Yami sighed, walking out from the gate.

"Egypt." He replied with a smirk. Everyone jumped.

"Egypt?!" The cried. Yugi then started to panic, remembering the dream. Seto rolled his eyes.

"Are you trying to tell me- we are going to go to Egypt?" He shrugged. Yami smirked with a halarious grin. Seto was about to curse as they heard a scream- from Joey! Tristan jumped, running after his friend.

"Gaaah! Help! Tristan! Yugi! Help!" Joey whimpered. Tristan ran around the block, then yelled.

"Wha! What is that?" He shouted painfully. Everyone gasped, then running after them. Yugi gulped as he limped behind Yami, catching up with them. There was a flash of light. Mokuba dusted his hands off, then looked outside. Mokuba raised his eye brow.

"Where's everyone? Huh?" He jumped as his body somehow was lured into the other side of the block. Mokuba squealed, as his feet stepped slowely towards the light. Mokuba started to cry.

"I...I can't control my body! Whats happening?!" He shuddered. Yugi cried as his body painfully started to tingle, everything was bright. Yami held on to Yugi's hand tightly, not letting go, but slowely losing his grip. Yugi began to cry as all of them were sucked into the bright light. Tea and Seto screamed as they dissapeared first, then Tristan, Mokuba came in next. Yugi cried as Yami lost his grip, he was next, Yugi then fell into the light, everything went black with massive pain, endless pain. The light dissapeared, with no one there. This my friends, was a Time Portral.

To be continued....

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