(A/N): Another wonderful series from my childhood. I don't own Code Lyoko, so don't send XANA after me! Actually, that'd be awesome- I mean, here we go! Virtualization! Anything said in italics is in 'English', just to have some fun.

The neon red numbers on the alarm clock read '6:37' when I glance up from the futon on the floor.

"Yumi?" I let out a yawn and stretch as I wake myself up. The human body under the black covers doesn't move, so I give it a gentle nudge. "Yumi?"

The only response I get from the pile of pillows is silence, my host sister strangely not there. School hadn't started yet, had it? Hastily, I change out of my pajamas and into the only pair of clothes available. The rest of my things must be at the Dormitory by now, but I can't reason why Yumi is gone, especially with the decoy of pillows. The rest of the Ishiyamas are already away, the parents off to work and Hiroki at his school, leaving me alone. I wonder if I can still get breakfast in the cafeteria as I stuff my pajamas in my bag. Wrestling my chestnut hair into two braids in the bathroom, I look over myself in the mirror. Green eyes stare back with an uncertain glimmer.

Well, I guess this is it, huh? Here I come, Kadic Junior High School!

The streets are oddly quiet, like unnaturally silent. I can vaguely recall there being so many people going about their business yesterday, but there isn't a single human body on the sidewalk. It looks like a ghost town, the only sound coming from the autumn leaves that crunch under my feet.

"Talk about creepy." I whisper as I pick up my pace to the school. It even feels like I'm being watched, and that there's another pair of footsteps behind me. When I turn around, no one's in sight. By the time I reach the entrance gate, I'm speed walking.

And there's still no one around.

"Hello?" I glance around the empty courtyard. Maybe classes have started, but it's still way too early for anything. I make my way to the Dormitory building, hoping that my roommate will have an idea. I haven't met her yet, only what Yumi has told me. Aelita.

But the only thing there is my suitcase outside the room.

"He-Hey, Aelita?" I knock on the door, but even the knob won't turn. Some day this is.

I place my bag on top of my suitcase, and begin to head out when I spot a metal pipe leaning against the wall. I grab it, weighing it in my hands and reassuring myself that it's just incase. Just incase what?

I shake my head, trying to escape the thought as I leave the Dormitory. Maybe everyone is at the Cafeteria still, but I wonder why Yumi would have left me alone.

Then there's a rustling sound in the nearby brush and I tighten my grip on the pipe.

"H-hello?" I call out to it, trying to hide the fear that edges on my voice as I try to make out a figure. "This isn't funny!"

The figure in the brush emerges, resembling a large brown tick with a strange symbol marking its head. Before I can question what the robot is, a flash of red light circles around its sole eye as a short laser beam fires at me.

"Ah!" I manage to get out as I block the shot with my pipe, the power of the attack melting the metal in half. I don't want to imagine it on human skin. This doesn't stop the thing as it scuttles towards me, more lasers charging as it prepares to shoot again.

I hold the remains of the pipe close as I sprint to the nearest building, ducking whenever I hear a launch and flinching when it leaves a scorching mark on brick. The door is unlocked and I slip inside, but there's no way the glass will hold that thing back.

What do I do now? Did this thing attack the others? What is that symbol? I've never seen it before. My thoughts race with my heartbeat as I press myself against a wall, out of view from the door. Best first day ever.

I glance down at the broken pipe in my hand, the part where it had been blasted leaving it symbol remains etched on my memory, the circles and lines almost like a target. What choice do I have?

The glass of the door finally shatters into a shower of shards, the tiny robot thankfully turned away from me as it enters through its own doorway. Raising a half of the pipe, I creep towards it aiming for where the symbol is.

"Yaaaah!" I cry out as it swivels its head at me, the symbol in sight and I jab my weapon through the center dot. Electricity crackles from it as its tiny legs crumple on the broken glass. The metal of the pipe melts into it, leaving me with the other half.

"Sorry." The apology escapes my lips, not sure why I say it to the thing that tried to kill me. It must have been someone's as I recall Yumi saying something about a Robotics Club at some point. Eyes off the remains of the robot, I decide to continue in the building. There has to be someone around, right? Stealthily and wary of any sounds, I head down a hall and left to another. As I turn a corner yet again, there's a body on the floor with three of the robots, broken, beside him. A boy no older than me, blonde and clothed in all purple, lies unconscious on the tiles. He must have taken on all three, clothes torn in places where the lasers struck him.