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"Morin', Kayri!" Odd greets me with a mouth full of pancakes as Ulrich hits him on the head.

"Swallow first, idiot."

"When does he even chew?" Jeremie wonders aloud, finding little interest in his breakfast after seeing Odd's. He does, however, find interest in his pink-haired friend as we join in with our trays. "Oh, good morning, Aelita."

"Good morning, Jeremie." She returns the pleasant greeting as she sits next to him. The two engage in a deep conversation that I can only imagine is about how I remembered. There's no need to keep it a secret around me now that I know, so I try to listen in.

"It couldn't have been a glitch, and there's no way she's been scanned-" Jeremie tries to lay down the facts as Aelita nods and adds her input with words way too complex for me to follow.

"So how'd you sleep?" Odd gets my attention after swallowing down another mouthful.

"Okay, I guess. Aelita and I were up all night talking." I shrug with a yawn as I take a bite of pancakes. "You guys are really cool, with the whole saving-the-world thing."

"That's us, the heroes! Fighting back evil robots-" Odd is delighted with their heroics finally being recognized as his voice gets louder.

"Quiet heroes." Ulrich reminds him, silencing Odd with a glare and looks over to me. "You are one of us now, so be prepared for anything. Those kankrelats from yesterday are XANA's weakest monsters."

"They weren't so tough." Save for the killer lasers, but who am I kidding? I got lucky. "But you usually fight them on Lyoko, right? What's it like?"

A virtual world where you aren't exactly yourself, but what your subconscious decides you to be. Even Jeremie doesn't fully understand how it works according to Ulrich, the two still trying to figure me out.

"Well, I know Odd's a cat, so what are you?" I ask him, thinking back to how we first met with my pole to his sword. Did that have something to do with it?

"He's a sa-" Odd starts to answer, until Ulrich mutes him with a warning glare. "What's it matter? Yours is so much cooler than mine, anyway."

"Meow." I tease to which Odd's eyes widen as he actually knows what I just said.

"Gotcha. Meow!" Odd repeats the noise, and maybe the randomness of him being a purple feline isn't that far off.

"You really are a cat." Having a clue as to what that meant, Ulrich lets out a snort and a clueless Odd begs him to translate.

"I always figured that was true." Jeremie speaks up, having concluded, or perhaps not by the still visibly bothered look on his face, as he picks up his empty tray.

"Aw, c'mon, Einstein, you gotta tell me." Odd pleads as the class bell rings as a warning for five minutes. Annoyed by his pestering and already stressed mood, Jeremie gets an idea as Odd continues. "Just give me one word. Two, even."

"Me. Ow." The way he deadpans it sends Ulrich and I into a fit of laughs while Odd is greatly unamused.

Aside from that, nothing else of equal excitement happens for the second day of classes. From how Aelita had explained XANA and its attacks, I figured we would have had one by now, but there's nothing out of the ordinary as Ms. Hertz explains photosynthesis in more depth,

'Bored yet?' Odd asks and I nod. Not that I didn't enjoy class or the teacher, but the thought of being on Lyoko and kicking evil butt sounded way better.

'Do you only go on when XANA attacks?'

'Pretty much. Boring, huh?'

'The boringest.' But I'm not sure which I'd rather have. Fighting with lives on the line, or the peace of a normal day. As the last half-hour of science class comes to an end, I nudge Ulrich out of his daydreams when the bell finally rings.

But just like him, I'm trapped in daydreams as the second day of classes go on. History is a blur, nothing new there, Jim has us do all sorts of athletic activities in Gym while saying that Pencak Silat lessons start tonight. I remember Ulrich mentioning them yesterday, and it sounds interesting enough. Odd is grateful at the end of Gym and to his favorite subject, Lunch, and we all meet up at the usual table.

"I still haven't figured it out." Jeremie tells Aelita as he pulls out his laptop from his bag, burying his face in the screen as Odd buries his own in food.

"It's only been a day." Aelita assures him, and I wonder why he's so intent on finding out why I remembered. "You know, XANA's been awfully quiet today."

"That's what I'm worried about." Jeremie pushes his glasses further up his nose as he looks past his computer and to me. "I don't suppose you would know anything?"

"No. Sorry." I honestly apologize to him. "You know more than I do." And I know nothing.

"A break is nice after that last attack." Yumi adds, but she can't hide her own worry. "But still, that attack was the worst so far. XANA's getting stronger, isn't it?"

"Nothing we can't handle, now that we've got our secret weapon." Odd grins, meaning me as he gestures at me with a fork of chicken.

"Hey, I haven't even-" I start to correct him, not liking all the pressure and responsibility that seems to fall on me.

"He means strength in numbers." Ulrich crosses his arms, looking just as pensive as Jeremie. "No matter what you are, it'll help us."

"...Right." I hope. Now I'm really not sure if I want to be on Lyoko, with the possibility of being useless with all this talk of strength and danger. I could be a purple cat for all I know.

"Until XANA attacks, I'll keep looking into this. What I really need is a scan-"

And he and Aelita are back to using big terms as I fail to keep up and decide to eat up.

When everyone finishes, we head back outside to the sunshine of what looks like will be a bright day. Taking advantage of the perfect weather, Yumi challenges Ulrich to a spar and Odd deems himself referee. I watch them dodge and land blows in forms of fists and kicks, wondering how they learned such moves. In moments, Ulrich loses his guard for a second and is flipped onto the ground by Yumi.

"Ow." He rubs his back with a wince as Yumi helps him up with a smile. There's definitely pink in both their faces and he hastily averts her eyes and notices me. "Um, you wanted to learn, right, Kaylee?"

"Yeah." I nod, and Yumi covers her blush with a cough when Odd comments about it.

"It's too hot." She lies, almost glaring at the purple blond and adds to what Ulrich says about Pencak Silat. "Come to the Gym after classes-"

"I can, uh, take you. After Math." Ulrich suggests, then suddenly remembers the class with a frown. "Did you get the answers to those problems?"

"I'll get them." And leave you two be. I offer with another nod as I make way for the Dormitory. With Jeremie and Aelita attached to the laptop and Yumi and Ulrich being strangely quiet, a bored Odd decides to go with.

"I gotta check on Kiwi, anyway." He shrugs, but I don't mind his company as we enter the building. Stopping by mine and Aelita's room first, there's an email waiting for me. I had forgotten to take pictures for them, and they're curious about how my roommate has pink hair. Smiling at that last part, I dig into my things to retrieve my camera.

"Smile." I hold it up to Odd's face before he can react and snap a shot.

"Hey!" He pretends offense and grabs for the device as I keep it out of reach.

"Sorry, but it's not finished yet." Having a very good idea what that meant, Odd's response comes in the form of sticking out his tongue and leaving the room to go up to his own. Quickly uploading the image to the computer and attaching it to an email back, I send it to my parents with three words.

"My first friend."

Grabbing the rest of the materials I'll need for the rest of the school day, especially the homework for Ulrich, I go to rejoin the rest of my friends.