Hey guys! I know you haven't heard from me in a while.. and thats because I'm just sick of Twilight. It's kind of to the point where I could say i hate it… but I know that would be wrong. I used to be obsessed, don't know if it's exactly to that point yet. But I have a new obsession… and it is NOT cause of Stephenie Meyer being the author of Twilight.. but it's The Host. I have such a fascination with Melanie and Jared's love. I've been writing this story for a few months now. And I'm FINALLY posting it! Yayy! I'm very nervous, cause it's very different from what i've done before. It's sticking to the true story of The Host and I'm so nervous that I'm going to mess something up and everyones going to hate it.

I recommend reading the book before you read this cause it's mainly based from after the book. But the physical appearance of everyone is the way they are in the movie BESIDES WANDA! I'm keeping her physical description based from the book.

Okaayyy, this takes place a little while after the book ends. It's in Melanie's POV because I absolutely LOVE Jelanie. O'Wanda is okay… but I prefer Jelanie. So this story is for the people who wish there were more Jelanie stories out there. This story DOES contain O'wanda so don't leave! Stay tuned, there's a whole chapter in Ian's POV and its pretty damn cute and fluffy :')

I'm almost done with this story so I wont do any hiatus's haha. If I get good reviews (PLEASE REVIEW) I'll post the first chapter as soon as possible! If not I'll just do week to week updates. Please review, I really want to know if people like this story, and if I should continue it on here or just keep to whole story to myself on my phone and laptop.

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Escape Route


Melanie's POV

Living in the cave was better than I would think. Better than I saw, and felt through Wanda. That could of been because I was reunited with Jared and Jamie. But that could also be because I was the only one in my body. I didn't want to get rid of Wanda, I love her. So we didn't, me, Jamie, and Jared went on a raid and looked high and low for a body that suited Wanda. We settled on a short, blonde haired girl. She looked fragile, and innocent, just like we knew Wanda was. And we transferred her into a different host.

The best thing about having my own body and thoughts back were that I could finally be with Jared. I was with Jared when Wanda inhabited my body but I could not touch, or talk to him on my own. And Jamie, my beautiful Jamie... it's amazing being able to be with him, and watch him grow up even more. Although he is very grown up now.

We had befriended the other few human caverns and often traded with them. They were one step ahead of us, they had shampoo and conditioner, tooth brushes and tooth paste, even hair brushes. We had traded a few snacks for some of those. Wanda got us plenty of those stuff so everyone had a tooth brush. The girls shared a hair brush and the boys every so often used it. Me and Jared would bathe together and I would sometimes brush through his hair. He loved it, but told me to not tell anyone. He didn't want to sound girly. I often found myself laughing about it. When I first came back without Wanda, me and Jared kicked Jamie out of the room. But I started to miss Jamie cuddling up on my lap while me and Jared stayed up and whispered back and forth to each other. I begged Jamie to come stay with us again, because Jared agreed that he missed Jamie. He missed the family we had. And now that he finally had me back, it wouldn't be the same without our Jamie. I was so happy where I was. I had my sister Wanda, I had my little brother Jamie. I had my Uncle Jeb, I had my aunt Maggie, and also my cousin Sharon. But most importantly.. I had Jared, the love of my life. No matter what me and Jared go through, we always find a way back to each other. I sometimes wonder, did God do this to the world so me and Jared could meet? Was it really destiny? Destiny that brought me, Jamie, and Jared together? Destiny that brought all of us in the cave together to be a family? And I sometimes think, yes, I'm sure he did. And that might just be enough to know that god will keep us safe. We were a family, the people who will be taken away will not break us, but make us stronger. And then I say... thank you god.

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