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Ian's POV

"I love you Wanderer."

"We're in this together, forever right?" She held out her pinky, asking for a pinky promise. She was such a child at heart and I loved it.

I grabbed her pinky in mine and shook it. I smiled, agreeing with her. "Forever."

Escape Route Chapter 5 -

Melanie's POV

Its black, all I see is black. I can hear sweet voices around me, they belong to Jared and Jamie. I had a bad headache, the back of my head was sore. I could hear, feel and smell the things around me. I could hear Jamie and Jared whispering back and forth to each other. I could smell soup, which made my stomach ache for food. I felt Jared's hand, holding mine. I knew it was his, cause it was big and strong. And my hand fit perfectly in his. "What exactly happened?" I heard Jamie whisper. I wondered why they were whispering, maybe Doc was sleeping.

"She slipped and hit her head really hard, Doc thinks she has a concussion." Jared whispered back. His voice made me try to open my eyes. But I was dizzy, and weak. I couldn't open them, no matter how hard I tried. I tried to squeeze Jared's hand, it was weak but it happened. "Melanie?" His voice full of excitement.

"Sister?" Jamie's hand found my ankle.

I squeezed Jared's hand again finding my strength "Melanie if you can hear me open your eyes. Please baby, I don't care if you're mad at me. I need you to open your eyes."

I squeezed again, digging my nails into his hand, surprisingly really hard. He pulled his hand away "ouch! Melanie what was that for?" I automatically missed the feeling of his warmth. I started opening and closing my hand, I moved it frantically around, searching for his hand. He grabbed my hand in his. I put our intertwined hands to my mouth, kissing his hand "I'm still mad at you." I murmured against his hand. I heard him gasp, and my eyes fluttered open. They adjusted to the light and I saw Jared leaning over me. His eyes were wide and he was smiling from ear to ear.

"Hi baby." He whispered.

"You're finally awake!" Jamie shouted. I cringed and my hand found my head. "Oh crap sorry Mel."

I hated it when Jamie said crap. "Its okay." My voice was hoarse "how long was I out?"

"Only a couple hours." Jared wiped my forehead and cheek with a towel that was freezing cold. It felt so refreshing though.

I pushed his hand away "stop taking care of me."

"Its my job to take care of you." He pouted.

I caved "fine. Just this one time." I crossed my arms over my chest. He started to lean in but then leaned back. He did that a couple times. He did this when he wanted to kiss me but didn't think I wanted too. "Just kiss me already." I sighed. He pressed his lips to mine for a couple seconds "I'm so glad you're awake." He kissed my forehead.

"What happened? Why am I in Docs?"

"You don't remember?"

I shook my head but instantly regretted it. My head pounded but I didn't let it show. "No, I don't."

"Well we were washing up together do you remember that."


"Do you remember getting pissed at me and running away?"


"Well me and Wanda were walking out and you and Ian were hugging. You saw me and started to run. But you slipped and fell back. You knocked yourself out. You scared the shit out of me Melanie."

"That explains why my head hurts." I chuckled.

"I'm gonna go. So you guys can talk." Jamie got up.

"Thank you. Love you Jamie." Jared called to him.

"Glad your awake Mel." He waved and left me and Jared alone. With a snoring Doc behind us.

"I'm sorry Jared." I turned to him.

"Why are you sorry?"

"Cause I got mad at you. I keep getting mad at you. And that's not normal."

"Its not normal. But its okay Melanie. You don't want me to go. I get that, and I'm sorry."

"Don't be sorry. Wanda talked some sense into me. I'm fine with you going now."

"I know you're not totally fine with it now. But thank you." He squeezed my hand reassuringly.

"I love you Jared. I want you to know that whatever stupid, small, or big reason I get mad at you won't ever affect the way I feel about you."

"And how do you feel about me?" He smirked.

"You are my life."

His lips curled up into the cutest smile ever "took the words right out of my mouth."

"I don't ever want to lose you Jared. Promise me you'll come back. Promise me we will be together forever."

"I promise you I will come back. I've told you this so many times Melanie Stryder. You and I WILL NOT lose each other. I will always find you again. No matter how well you hide, I am unstoppable."

"I love hearing you say that." I confessed.

"And I love saying it to you. Because every word of its true. You came back to me before, see? We will ALWAYS find our way back to each other."

"I hate the world we live in Jared. We are in constant danger. We always have to be on our guard. We could be taken at any moment."

"I know. And I promise to protect you no matter what happens."

"Promise me when you get back we'll spend every moment together? Just cherish the time we have left?"

"I promise. But why is there a time limit all of the sudden?"

"You never know how much time you'll have." I repeated this, for the thousandth time to him. "Please come back." Silent tears fell down my cheeks.

"Melanie." He whispered "why wouldn't I?"

"I don't know. I just have a feeling about this trip Jared. That's why I don't want you to go."

"Don't say that. I can't think about that." He closed his eyes and turned his head away.

"Just please, come back." I pleaded.

He turned towards me, and a single tear slid down his perfect cheek. I reached out and wiped it away with my thumb. "You know I will."

"I love you." I said as our eyes met.

"I love you Melanie." He leaned forward and softly kissed me. Lately he hasn't been rough, with his kissing. He had been cherishing our kisses and I couldn't be happier. I smiled as our lips moved against each others.

He had snuggled up to me on the tiny cot I was laying on. We laid wide awake, silent. "When are you leaving?" I didn't bother to whisper, Doc was a deep sleeper.

"Tomorrow night. " He sighed. That hit me like a wall of bricks. I didn't even think I could answer. "I know its so soon. But I'll be back in no time." He kissed my right temple.

"You never told me how long you were going to be gone." I prepared myself for a sad answer. The tears were building up in my eyes.

"3 weeks." He whispered. Knife to the heart, I let the tears fall. I felt at least 6 tears fall down my cheek. I sniffed lightly, so my nose wouldn't run. Jared looked at me and his face fell. His eyes went soft and he wiped away the tears. "Mel please don't cry."

"I can work with this. I mean, I can work all day every day, so I'm preoccupied. But how do I sleep without you?"

"You will not over work yourself! If anything happens to you while I'm gone Melanie Stryder I swear to god I will beat you when I get back."

I didn't even answer him. I kept on going on with my rant. "How will I sleep without you? I've never slept without you here in my body. Even on raids, we cuddle up in the back and sleep or sleep on the same bed in hotels. I don't know how I'm going to do this Jared. Three weeks?" I ranted, very fast.

"Jamie?" He suggested.

"He's not you though. Sure he's Jamie, he was my comfort before I met you. But now your my comfort."

"Every night, think that your one day closer to being with me. That helped me when you were gone. Even though I didn't know you if you were ever coming back.' He frowned.

"I'll try." I yawned.

"Do you want to go lay down in our room? And have Jamie come in here?" He whispered.

"Wouldn't Doc say no?"

"He doesn't have to know." He winked and we silently got up. I instantly got dizzy and saw black, I stumbled backwards but was caught by Jared. He picked me up like a baby and carried me out of the room. I laughed, burying my face in his shoulder.

We reached our room and he had laid me on the bed. Jamie left when we got there, knowing he was supposed to he at Docs. That made us laugh until our stomachs hurt. Jared hadn't laid down with me, he just stood there and watched me get comfortable. I had buried myself in the blankets, I was sure I looked like a burrito. He lightly smiled and looked at me with a sparkle in his eyes. "Aren't you going to join me?" I looked at him with pleading eyes.

He rolled his eyes and walked towards the bed "of course I am. I was just admiring you."

"Admire away. I love it when you look at me like that." I sat up and kissed his shoulder when he sat down. He slid down until he was laying and I joined him. He put his right arm around me and let me rest my head in his armpit. "Can I ask you a question?"

"Just one." He joked.

I smiled and started to play with his fingers. "Where would we be? If the world was normal?"

"You want me to answer this truthfully?"

"Yes." I nodded, worrying about what his answer would be.

"I think we would be married." He smiled triumphantly. "We would have kids and everything."

"Boy or a girl?"

"Both. Boy first, so he can protect our little angel."

My heart fluttered, our little angel. This man was a dream "where would we live?"

"What about on a beach?" He raised his eyebrow.

"That would be perfect. Can we have any animals?"

"You get one and I get one." He smiled. I loved this, we were planning for something that would never happen.

"I want a husky named Kodah. He'll be able to say words like I love you." I chuckled.

"I want a golden retriever. Who we would get before our children came. So she's old and good with kids." He kissed my forehead.

"Jamie would have his own room. We would have our own real room, with a bathroom. If only that could really happen."

"Who knows. We don't know what the future holds, with the souls."

"I know. But we're probably just going to die off."

"Way to be positive." He chuckled.

"Sorry." I shrugged "but its more than likely going to happen."

"And I'll be by your side when it does."

I yawned "I'm so tired. But I don't want to go to sleep."

"Why not?"

"Because that's waisting the time I have left with you." I frowned.

He traced my lips with his index finger. "You need to sleep. I'll be right here when you wake up."

"No." I argued.

"I'll be sleeping too. I don't see what the problem is."

"That means less time with you. And when I wake up it will be closer to when you have to leave."

He laughed "I love you."

"Mhmm." My eyelids started to get heavier than usual. I fought it, not wanting to fall asleep.

Then he started to sing. It was a song he always sang to me at night. He said it was how he felt about this world. And it helped him get through the hard times.

"I've got a life out there somewhere it's waiting. Lined with palm trees and only new faces. If I could look past the present and get there, well baby it's worth a shot. Just enough time to plan an escape route. I put my map on the wall in the basement. Not quite a victory to run from your problems. But it's the only plan that I got. It's the only plan that I got. And if you try to find me now. I'm in all the echoes that have faded out. So.. I'm moving on cause I just want to feel for once that I belong. That's what's going on. That's what's going on. Crossed the state line and called out a warning, not too long now, I'll breathe California. Paid my dues and I tried to be loyal. But now I'm done with all that. Where I'm going is everyone's story 'We want, You left, We're left to start over.' It's not a question of who are we really. It's who we want to be. And if you try to find me now. I'm in all the echoes that have faded out. So.. I'm moving on cause I just want to feel for once that I belong. And that's what's going on. All that's in between a brand new life and I is time. But time has not been kind. It's not been kind to me. It's winding backwards. Time has not been kind. It's crawling by...So...Slowly.. And if you try to find me now. I'm in all the echoes that have faded out So.. I'm moving on cause I just want to feel for once that I belong. And that's what's going on. And if you try to find me now. I'm in all the echoes that have faded out. So.. I'm moving on cause I just want to feel for once that I belong. That's what's going on."

I let my eyelids close, "sleep sweet beautiful." He kissed my head and I fell asleep fast.

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