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Escape Route: Chapter 7

Previously : He looked at me with pleading eyes then laid down, giving up. I rolled my eyes and got on top of him, straddling him. I kissed him hard on the lips. His wide eyes finally closed and he kissed me back.

Mels POV

I buttoned my denim dark blue jeans, smiling to myself. I wasn't paying attention, I was in my own world. I hummed the tune of 'Still Into You' and just stared at the wall getting dressed. My headache was gone and I felt incredible. It felt like that little buzz you get after drinking a couple beers. I was drunk off of Jared's love. I closed my eyes and was about to hum 'I'm still into you' but Jared came up from behind me and grabbed me by the waist. His chin rested on my shoulder and he whispered it for me "I'm still into you."

I chuckled and turned around, kissing him fiercely. "Damn your in a good mood today." He laughed against my lips.

"You know what would make me in an even better mood?"



"Let's go." He grabbed my hand and led me out of the room. I was fully dressed, but he didn't have a shirt on, and was in sweats. I wondered what people would think.

"That's when she kicked me. Right in the groin!" Jared exclaimed to Lily and Maggie who were so invested in the story oh how we met. They laughed with their chins in their hands, and their elbows on the table. Their eyes glued to him, never looking away. They had never heard this story and by their looks, they were loving it. "I was so pissed and shocked it wasn't even funny."

"Okay. You know I was scared." I rolled my eyes.

He continued "She took off running, I had never seen anyone run as fast as she did. She was like a cheetah. So after I regained myself I took off after her. I kept yelling at her to stop, that I'd show her I was human. But she just said 'shut up.' She didn't scream it she just mumbled it." He barked out a laugh. I felt myself blush.

"What happened next?" Maggie asked, intrigued.

"I finally caught up to her and I tackled her to the ground." He chuckled "I felt so bad cause I felt my knee go right into her back. I turned her around and put the light in my eyes. Being Mel, she wasn't convinced I was human. She asked to see my neck, but I couldn't show her because I had a fake scar. She finally told me to get off of her and we introduced ourselves. She said she needed to get back to Jamie, so I offered her a ride in my jeep. I wasn't about to let a human, a beautiful one at that, just leave. I knew I needed to stay by her side. And thank god I did." He smiled at me.

"Awe," Lily and Maggie said in unison. "Then what?" Lily urged.

"Well, I asked her to not kick me again. And I kissed her again." He paused, trailing off. He looked to me, his eyes filled with lust and love "and that's when I felt it." He didn't smile, he smiled with his eyes. He was being so serious, which was not like Jared. I let myself smile, he knew exactly how to make my heart melt. "I knew I couldn't leave her. Because I was absolutely in love with her." He finally smiled, the most beautiful smile. He had never told me that. He never said that was the moment he fell in love with me. "I love you, Melanie." He leaned in close to me. I heard Maggie and Lily 'awe' us again.

"You know I love you. So much." I closed the space between us and touched my lips softly to his. I felt him smile against my lips, which made me chuckle. I put my hand on his ear, my thumb in front of it and the rest of my fingers behind. He moved his lips against mine. I pulled away smiling. "Okay. I never thought I'd be okay with my niece being in a relationship. But you guys are the cutest couple ever." Maggie laughed, her cackle laugh.

"Why have you never told me how you guys met Jared? I knew you lost your loved one when you got here, and that she was Jamie's older sister. But I would of listened to you, I would've tried to help." Lily looked to Jared.

"I know you would've Lily. I guess I didn't want to believe that she was gone. I didn't want to talk to anyone about her besides Ian and Jamie."

"Ian?" I spoke up.

"Yeah. We were cool before you and Wanda showed up."

"Well sorry for getting in the way of your friendship." I said sternly.

Everyone at the table started laughing. "Melanie I don't care. I have you back so that's all that matters." He put his arm around my waist and kissed my forehead. Jamie walked up to the table with Ian and Wanda behind him, holding hands. They looked so cute. Jamie sat down right next to me, I looked at all three of them "what's up cuties?"

"Who you talking too? Jamie or me and Wanda?" Ian joked.

I chuckled "All of ya."

"Well since you guys got some alone time." Ian winked, oh shit, nothing was private here in the caves, sheesh! "We wanted to see if you guys wanted to go to the game room and get your asses kicked at soccer."

"Is that a challenge O'Shea?" I chuckled.

"Hell yeah it is!"

"Who's playing?" I looked at Lily and Maggie voluntarily.

"Have fun with that guys. We have to wash dishes." Lily made up excuses.

"Jamie me and Wanda against you and Jared." Ian challenged.

Me and Jared looked at each other smirking "perfect." Jared growled, answering for me.

Jared was still shirtless from before, so Ian joined him. He stripped off his shirt and threw it to the side. "Will you be goalie?" I asked Jared, who rolled his eyes in response. I looked at him with pleading eyes "pretty please?"

He groaned "fine."

"I'll make it easier on you Mel and be goalie too." Ian spoke up and moved in front of the makeshift goal we had.

I scoffed, about to say a comeback but Jared beat me too it "please. You know she'd whip your ass."

"You seem to be a little full of yourself there Howe. How about we let the girls and Jamie play till 5 points then we play till 5 points?" Ian challenged Jared.

"What about me?" Jamie protested.

"You can sit it out," I nodded but then whispered to him "it'll be funny to watch."

Jared snapped his head in my direction and he pointed at me "I heard that. Don't make me come over there."

"Oh I'm so scared." I rolled my eyes and laughed.

Wanda, who had been quite most of the time, finally spoke up "don't challenge him Mel. I've seen what he can do to make you take things back."

"I have too." Jamie nodded.

"Exactly, don't go there Melanie." He joked.

"Why am I the only one who doesn't know what you guys are talking about?" Ian raised his eyebrow, grabbing the soccer ball.

"Mel threw a pillow at Jared and called him an asshole earlier so he tackled her and tickled her till she took it back." Wanda snickered.

"That I'd like to see." Ian laughed.

"Whatever." I got into my game mode "okay. We playing till 10 goals?" Everyone nodded and Ian threw the ball to me. "Me, Wanda and Jamie will play till one of us gets 5 then Jared and Ian will play till 5." I shouted and set the ball down in front of Wanda "youngest team kicks first. Ha, ha sucka." I laughed and pointed to Wanda. She groaned and backed up a couple feet getting ready to start the game, "ready?" Wanda shouted.

"Wait wait. Aren't you guys forgetting something?" Uncle Jeb's voice startled all of us. We all turned our heads to find him walking towards us.

"What are we forgetting?" Jamie asked. I already knew this answer, but we all (sometimes) played fair and didn't need one.

"A referee." He smiled and set his riffle down, sitting down with it. Ready to watch the whole battle.

I kicked the ball towards Ian with all my might. Scared it might hit him and hurt him. "Yes!" Me and Jared screamed in unison as the soccer ball flew past Ian and past the makeshift goal.

"3 to 5, Melanie and Jared win so far. Now switch." Jeb called, obviously enjoying himself. Jamie and Wanda had actually played a pretty good game. I was surprised, but Jamie got all the goals. Wanda just kicked the ball to him.

"Fuck!" Jamie groaned.

"Jamie Stryder!" I shouted.

"What?" He looked at me surprised. He probably didn't know I caught him. He probably didn't even know he said the word.

"Don't say that word." I grumbled and moved to the goal. I was such a mother to him. Jared laughed and went to where I once stood, Ian and Wanda did the same. Jamie sat down next to Jeb, ready to help referee. "Let's do this." Ian smirked at Jared, he looked ready to kick ass. But I knew Jared, he would win.

"No!" Ian shouted.

"In your face O'Shea!" I yelled. Jared had just scored the winning goal.

"4 to 5, or 7 to 10. Jared and Melanie win!" Jeb clapped his hands together.

Jared turned to me all sweaty, his smile was huge. We ran to each other and I jumped into his arms. So what we were soar winners? That's what made us, us. He swung me around while we laughed. He set me down and kissed my forehead. "Good job! You were great." I poked him in the chest.

"You were pretty great yourself. You're a maniac when it comes to soccer, you know that right?"

"Of course I know that." I smiled triumphantly.

He laughed and kissed my forehead again and walked to Ian. They high fived and hugged. "Good game dude." Ian smiled. He and Wanda weren't soar losers, which was nice. Wanda smiled at me "nice job!"

"You too." I chuckled.

"Ian and Jamie were convinced we were going to beat you guys."

"What about you?"

"I know how you play soccer. I was in your body once remember? And I've seen Jared play. I knew we probably didn't stand a chance." We both laughed.

"Hey guys. Just came to warn you, we'll all most likely be sleeping in here." Kyle called to us from the opening.

Does that mean, that it's raining? My heart leapt with joy, I love it when it rained here. It was me and Wanda's favorite thing. "Is it raining?" I asked, excitement obvious in my voice.

"Yeah." He paused "hard." Some people started piling in, they were wet. I saw Sharon, Freedom, Maggie, Lily and Sonny. I looked to Jared with pleading eyes, just like Wanda did to Ian. He knew what I wanted, and he sighed "let's go."

We had a shotgun for the raid just in case we ran into trouble. Me, Jared, Ian and Wanda had gone out of the caves so we could enjoy the rain. Jamie wanted to hang out and play a game of soccer with everyone else, cause he could actually play this time. We looked around the desert, and didn't see anyone or anything. And if we did we had a gun. It was warm, and the rain was warm, probably because we were in the desert. I tilted my head back and stuck my tongue out, catching a few flavorless drops of water on my tongue. We were on a flat surface and we went off and did our own thing. Ian and Wanda were a few yards away from us, they were kissing. I didn't want to be cliché, at least not yet. So I grabbed Jared's hands "may I have this dance?" I asked.

"Shouldn't I be asking you that?" He chuckled.

"Who cares." I shrugged.

"Well then of course." He bowed and stepped in close to me. We started to do the swing dance we used to always do when we were on our own. I was surprised when my body remembered the dance. And I was surprised when Jared remembered it too. At the end of it he flipped me over his shoulder and I let out a squeal. He set me down and we laughed. At this point we were drenched. I suddenly felt this need, a need to be held by him. I slowly closed the distance in between our bodies. And I wrapped my hands around his neck. His hands found my waist. We smiled at each other for a while then I hopped up on my tip toes and kissed him passionately. Right as we kissed lightning struck, far away. The earth was showing us the sparks that happened when we kissed. We stopped and laughed for a second but brought our lips right back together. About a minute later the thunder finally boomed through the sky. I heard from a distance, Wanda shriek in fright. I laughed internally, but was too invested in kissing Jared to laugh out loud. He didn't laugh either, but I knew he was laughing internally too. The wind finally kicked up a notch and started blowing frantically. My long hair flew around and stuck to my neck and face. I couldn't help myself, I broke the wet kiss and started laughing. In a second his face went from confused to silly. He started laughing with me until we doubled over. We caught our breath and our lips reconnected. His lips soft on mine, moving slowly. His tongue traced my bottom lip, I opened my mouth to him and his tongue lightly grazed mine. I moaned into his mouth and our tongues wrestled. We broke to catch our breath. He rested his forehead on mine. We spent a few minutes staring at each other. Communicating with our eyes. We smiled for the longest time before I looked at our surroundings. The sun was setting, it was beautiful. There was a rainbow around it, the sky was pink, orange and purple. But then it dawned me. The sun was setting. And in a few minutes it would be dark. My heart then broke into a million pieces.

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