Shit eating grin well and fully established on his face, Dean put boot to monster chest and yanked ten inches of blessed steel from the dead ogre with a wet squelch. Ignoring the way his shoulder burned down to the muscle fibers and how the smell of the guts coating his sword made him want to hurl, he turned to announce his victory to his crew.

Just in time to see Dresden say one of his stupid phrases, wave his dumb wand (blasting rod his ass, he'd read Harry Potter, it was a goddamn wand) and incinerate a charging triceratops, along with the three club swinging ogres riding it. Roars and bellows mixed into an incoherent and disturbingly primal scream as flesh sloughed off bone and fused together, the whole burning mess storming past and turned the park ranger's office into toothpicks on impact. Wizard and Hunter's eyes met for a dangerous moment, each man failing at pretending he wasn't breathing hard from his respective life or death battle. For a moment, the only sound was crackling flames, the cries of dying beasts, and the bellows of the remaining ogres.

"That still only counts as one!"

The sheer injustice of that statement had Harry forgetting his lungs wanted to curl up very tightly and die in peace as he straightened up to his full height and prepared to tell Dean where he could shove that opinion, only to be cut off by a female throat being cleared with more enthusiasm than was warranted by the situation.

"Hey there boys!" Both men turned as one to stare back at the petite and pretty blonde currently holding two seven foot behemoths by the throat, a set of broken legs the only thing allowing the 5'4" woman to actually reach above their waists. Giving Dean and Harry her sweetest smile, Buffy twitched her thumbs and snapped both ogres' tree trunk sized necks with a sharp pop. "Still beating both of you."