Kingdom Hearts vs Resistance

By Michael Valentine (chimera hunter)

Based on the game series 'Kingdom Hearts' by Square Enix

Based on the game series "Resistance" by Insomiac Games

Please note: This is considered a fan-made canoncal and non-canoncal story and characters in this story are

copyrighted and are being used for non-profit entertainment purposes only.


In the year 1908, a meteorite crash landed to Earth in Russia. Many thought it was a normal meteor. It was not. It

carried a form of Alien virus that mutated humans into half-breed monsters with three simple virtues: Kill, Infect, and

Destroy. Rumors spread of villages and towns being destroyed and their inhabitants missing overnight. In 1927, the

aliens made themselves known and later called the "Chimera". Russia later closed it's borders from the rest of the

world, but all contact was lost from the entire country in the late 1930's. No one knew about the event until strange

occurances began in Russia such the weather growing cold in the warmest times of the year. On the December of

1949, the Chimera broke through the red curtain and launed a surprise attack on Europe, taking over most of

Europe in a matter of weeks. They later dug through the English Channel and invaded the United Kingdom, which

fell in months. The United States government, aware of the threat, closed it's borders in 1950, keeping it a secret,

and all radio, TV, and newspapers reports became state property. However in 1951, the U.S. sent a attack force of

12,000 troops, all but one were killed or converted. His name was Nathan Hale, a soldier who was infected with the

virus but was partially immune. In the days that followed, the tower in london a base of the Chimera which was

built millions of years prior and dug from the ground. He was claimed MIA by the U.S. army command and presumed

dead. Later that year, they built a massive armada and invaded the United States and succeced in their plan which

was concieved by a leader called Daedalus. In the end, Hale's second in command, a man called Campelli, killed him

after the death of Daedalus and Hale's body almost entirely Chimaeran and mind had fully converted. Hale's final

words were "This is only the beginning...".

In another world, three kids lost thier world to a dark force that consumes the hearts of others in order increase its'

size and consume other worlds into darkness and a boy named Sora used the power of the Keyblade, an ancient

weapon with the power to repel the darkness and seal the worlds from the darkness. With two companions

Donald, and Goofy, whom were sent to find their missing king, found his friends a girl named Kairi, whom had a

misterious power and was unknowingly a princess of heart (whose heart whose pure light), and a boy named Riku,

whom was almost comsumed by darkness, but in the end overcame it, and found the missing king (whom was

Mickey Mouse, for those whom do not know this), and defeated a group called organization XII and their army of

Nobodies. The girl gained a keblade before thier return. However these heroes' next adventure will begin at the

world where it all began, by a new, and even more deadiler threat.

New enemies will be made, new allies gained, and the race against time for our heroes to save the worlds.