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This story is basically exploring what would happen if Jacob imprinted on Bella, while she was his high school English teacher and all of the problems that would go with it. Also since this is an "alternate universe" of the Twilight-dom, the ages are different:

Bella Swan - 23

Sam Uley - 22

Leah Clearwater - 21

Paul Lahote - 20

Jared Cameron - 19

Jacob Black - 19

Quil Ateara - 18

Embry Call - 18

Seth Clearwater - 17

Chapter One

Isabella Swan stood in the entryway of what was to be her new classroom. She took in the peeling paint on the walls and the shabby blackboard that apparently had survived from the fifties. There were five rows of five worn out wooden desks that had been marked by all of the previous students that had sat and listened to their professors. And the floor was faded blue linoleum that reminded her of her favorite pair of jeans that were tucked away in her dresser at her new apartment in town.

It definitely was a fixer-upper, but Isabella Swan did not care. She was fresh from college, had received her education degree in High School English, and she had her first job as a real teacher.

After graduating college at the University of Phoenix, she had decided to take a break from all of the sun and had called her dad inquiring about teaching positions in her second home-town of Forks. Charlie had told her that he hadn't heard anything from the Forks High School, but he had known that the high school on the reservation of La Push was hiring.

That was all it had taken, and she was packing her bags, kissing her mother good bye, and on her way to rainy Washington. Her interview had gone so well that afterward she'd had to convince the Principal Mr. Molina that she wasn't too overqualified and that this job would be perfect for her. At twenty three years old, she was ready to plant her feet and start working immediately.

She'd found a small little apartment in town that was small, and if she was being honest with herself, it was shabby too. But she definitely didn't want to go back to living with her father, no matter how much she loved him.

Only three days earlier she had finally unpacked everything into her new apartment, and now she stood looking into the classroom. Her classroom. She was dressed in a nice fitting navy pencil skirt, and a white blouse that was rolled up to her elbows. She'd opted to wear a nice pair of white heels since it still was before labor day, God forbid she break the rules of fashion, and had brought a navy blazer since the morning had been chilly.

With a happy little smile she stepped into the room and walked around to her medium sized wooden desk. She set down her tan canvas tote bag to the side of it and reached her fingers to skim across the top of the desk. The small squeal of delight couldn't be contained as her happiness bubbled up to the surface. She was a real teacher who was going to have students of her own. And she couldn't wait.

She glanced at the clock which read that it was just about seven o'clock, which mean classes would be starting in half an hour. Walking around the desk she pulled out the wooden chair and brushed off the seat, then sat down on it slowly. Despite the fact that it looked as if it might shatter at the slightest touch it was actually quite sturdy.

Pleased with how things seemed to be going she brought out a stack of the syllabus' she had typed up the night before and looked them over, preparing herself for her students to arrive.

Which they did, eventually.

As the hands of the clock drew closer to seven-thirty she realized that the class was predominantly male. And they were loud.

Out of the twenty five desks set up in the classroom, only four of them were preoccupied with females. Although, one female had planted herself in the lap of a very large and muscular young man. She noticed that a few of the males, instead of having long braided hair, had short jagged hair cuts. As though they had chopped off their hair with a rusty pair of scissors.

That reminded Bella that she needed a haircut soon. She stole another glance at the clock and saw that there was only a few more minutes until the bell rang. She counted the heads of the kids once again and then checked over her roster. There were still two people missing.

The shrill ring of the bell suddenly sounded throughout the room and Isabella stood up from her seat.

"Alright everyone, settle down and take your seats please," she said while walking towards the door that was still open. Just as she reached it, two extremely tall boys came barreling into the room. They didn't even apologize as they basically crash landed into the last two desks available.

"Thank you for joining us, gentlemen. Next time I'd like for it to be before the bell," Isabella said in what she'd hoped sounded like a stern voice, and closed the door for good. She turned and listened to the hushed whispers of her students, and some of the laughter from the males in the room. Her palms began to sweat as she reached the blackboard and picked up a piece of chalk.

"My name, is Ms. Swan," she began while writing her name in swooping cursive letters, "I am the new English teacher, and if you do not belong in grade twelve English, than I suggest you leave now."

She turned back to her desk and saw that no one had left. "Good, when I call your names, please respond saying you're here, and if I get your name wrong, please correct me... Quil Ateara."

"Here." came a deep male voice. Isabella nodded and then continued, checking off the name as she went.

"Joseph Birchman."

"Here." Another check.

"Jacob Black."

"Present." said a voice that seemed to be much too deep for any high school student, but she still checked off the name anyway, keeping her eyes on the paper. She was still a little nervous and didn't want to lose her cool by looking at any of the people that she knew were staring at her.

And so it continued. She called out their names while the rest of the class chattered on about God only knows what. Isabella had no interest in what high schoolers talked about now. As she finally finished checking off the roster she sorted out the papers on her desk and handed them to the girl sitting in the front that she was pretty sure was named Amanda.

"This is the syllabus that we will be using throughout the year. Please pass them around and hand the excess back up to the front. I'd like to start on the back page where you'll find the list of books that we will be reading over the course of the year. It may seem like a lot, but you'll find that we'll be moving quickly in this class. The material isn't too hard, but I also don't know what you've covered before," she said while looking over the list herself. It was some of her own favorite literature.

"Can anyone tell me what you did last year?" She asked since no one had answered her before.

Another girl sitting in the third row raised her hand. Isabella looked and her and nodded, "What's you're name again?"

"I'm Kimberly, but you can call me Kim," she said in a slightly shy voice. Isabella noticed one of the larger boys with short hair smiling at her sweetly. Must be her boyfriend or something, Isabella thought

"Alright Kim, go ahead," Isabella smiled at the timid girl.

"We read The Lord of the Flies, The cask of Amontillado, and we went over a few of Shakespeare's sonnets. I can't remember which ones..." she finished, slightly embarrassed.

Isabella's brows pulled together... That was a very short list. She was beginning to wonder if these kids would be up to her own syllabus or if she would have to modify it. "Alright, we can work with that. Please flip to the front of the page and we'll start to go over some of the personal rules of the classroom."

The sound of flipping pages filled the room and Isabella drew in a breath as she leaned against her desk in front of the students.

"Number one is sort of a no-brainer. Don't be late, please. It's wasting my time as your teacher if you come in late, and it's wasting your time because you won't be learning anything."

"Jacob!" came a muffled voice hidden in a series of loud coughs. Isabella looked up at the coughing boy and arched her eyebrow. Some of the other boys snickered.

"I'm sorry, what was that?" Isabella asked firmly. The snickers died out and the boy looked

up at the teacher with a smirk.

"Nothing," he said cheekily. Isabella internally rolled her eyes and reminded herself that these kids were still only eighteen, nineteen at the most.

"Right... Moving on," Isabella continued to go through the list of rules and then moved on to her grading system. "My class will be different in the way that if you do not hand in all of your projects, quizzes or tests throughout the year, you will not pass. Homework will only count as a zero in the gradebook, and you won't fail from not passing in some of the homeworks, but that does not mean that is a free pass for not doing any homework all year." she said sternly and watched as the same smirking young man raised his hand.

"Yes...?" she looked at him while prompting him to tell her his name.

"Yeah, I'm Embry Call, what if we are absent on a day that we take a test?" he asked.

"In that case, if you're absent, I expect you to come in after school or during study hall to take the test within the week after you miss school. After that week I will take off ten points each day you don't take the test."

There was a soft collective groan that rippled through the classroom.

"That isn't fair," the deep voice that Isabella had noticed earlier spoke up.

"I'm sorry Mr. Black, but you're a senior now and college professors don't really care about what's fair and what isn't. I'm helping to prepare you for your future," Isabella said as she skimmed the rest of her syllabus.

"My future is the reservation. I have a lot more things to worry about rather than some stupid test about fucking Shakespeare!" the voice ranted angrily. Isabella jerked at the use of language and looked up sharply from her paper. She sought out the source of the argument and her eyes landed on an irate pair of dark eyes, set into a russet colored face with handsome features.

Isabella felt her heart begin to beat in her ears, but at the moment she chalked it up to being so upset with this boy.

"Mr. Black, I will have absolutely no tolerance for that kind of language in my classroom! I have set down these rules of the classroom and I expect them to be followed. Whether or not you choose to go to college is your own choice, but while you are still one of my students you will be expected to follow my rules. Is that understood?" Isabella seethed at him while still trying in vain to keep an expression of professionalism. This first day really wasn't going the way she had hoped.

She watched his expression go from one of complete anger, to one of awe. For the longest time he looked as if he was frozen in space, just staring at her.

"Did you hear me, Mr. Black?" she asked again, and just like that the boy snapped out of whatever trance he'd been locked in.

"I heard you," he whispered softly. It was a complete contrast from his voice not only a moment earlier.

"Good," she replied, still somewhat upset at his outburst. And then she watched as he stood abruptly from his chair and crossed the room, almost clipping Amanda in the shoulder as he stalked towards the door of the classroom, "Mr. Black, you can't leave in the middle of a lesson!" Isabella tried to stop him, but it was as if he couldn't hear her.

He opened the door in one swift movement and then slammed it shut behind him so hard that the glass pane on the upper half of the door completely shattered. Isabella's mouth dropped open in shock at the display and she didn't even realize that the two boys, Jared and Embry rushed out of the room after him. They didn't even mind the broken glass across the linoleum. A third boy, the one I remembered as Quil quietly made his way over to her.

"I'm really sorry about all of this," he apologized quietly, and then rushed after the other three boys that had left.

The entire classroom was silent and every student kept their eyes directly on Isabella.

She had no idea what to make of the situation and slowly turned to the rest of her students, at a loss of what to do in this situation.

"If you all could go to the cafeteria, you are dismissed from the class," she said in a robotic voice as she turned back to her desk. She barely heard the rushed footsteps of all of her students leaving. They were probably going to go see if they could find Jacob Black. No doubt every student in the school would hear what had happened before second period.

This definitely was not what Isabella had expected for her first day teaching at La Push. Then again she hadn't anticipated a student like Jacob Black.

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