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When Kagome crawled out of the well she was shocked—the well house wasn't there anymore, it was in ruins. She let her bag fall back down into the well and ran to the house as fast as she could. She ignored the pain in her body from the injuries she had received on the other side of the well. She took the stairs to the house two at a time. The door was mostly in chunks on the floor while some pieces still hung from the hinges. She ran inside and stopped in the entrance. There were bloody hand prints smeared all over the walls, floor, and furniture. She continued to walk slowly through the house, her steps light and not making a sound. Her knuckles were white from the harsh grip she had on her bow.

She stopped just outside the open archway to the living room. She could hear light shuffling and an occasional soft groan. She peeked her head around the corner, and there she saw what looked like a corpse on the ground; it wiggled with no legs or arms to move it. This was where the groaning was coming from. When its eyes lifted and met hers, she could tell that its soul was gone. This was no longer an actual living person but a monster. The corpse's jaws began to snap at her as it wiggled its body trying to get to her. She drew her bow and aimed her purification arrow at its heart. With a light twang of the bow string, the arrow lodged itself in the corpse's chest and disappeared. She was surprised as she watched the body turn to ash. As she continued through the house, she didn't find any more of the living corpses, just more blood and smeared hand prints. When she reached the last bedroom, where the door looked clawed and splintered, she found a piece of paper with red dots all over it.



We love you, we will meet again.


After that was just a scribble Kagome assumed was supposed to be a signature. She didn't notice she was crying until a drop hit the paper.