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"Sure you're up for this?" Rick asked T-dog.

"Yeah," was his reply before he walked around behind the kid. Rick looked to Daryl.

"One wrong move, you get an arrow in the ass," Daryl told the boy. Kagome got a slight smile on her face from that and shook her head. She turned around to look around. Maru was on full alert. She could see the muscles tense up and down his body. His nose wiggled slightly as he sniffed the air around him. His ears twitched back and forth. Kagome walked the step over to him and rested her hand on his head.

"Everything will be okay, Maru," she smiled down at the dog. Kagome turned her head at the sound of a shot gun being cocked.

"Let's go see Guillermo," she heard Rick say before they moved into the yard of the building. Kagome followed behind Daryl.

"Here." She looked up to Daryl. His hand was placed out in front of her. She smiled and took his hand as he helped her through the broken window.

"Thanks," she smiled up at him. Daryl gave a slight smile back then turned around to watch Rick's back. She jumped down after Daryl and followed behind them. Kagome notched an arrow in her bow, letting it rest there so that she would be ready when needed. She walked backwards, watching all around them. She couldn't sense any auras the way that she was facing besides T-dog's and Maru's. All of the auras were behind her in the building that they were heading towards. Kagome turned around as she heard the locks clicking on the door and then the strong rattle of the metal doors opening.

"You okay, little man?" A man asked as he stepped out of the building.

"They're gonna cut off my feet, carnal," the boy said with a frown. Kagome just shook her head and laughed a little. The man that the boy was talking to looked at her. Kagome's face straightened out quickly. The man turned and looked at Rick.

"Cops do that?" He asked.

"Not him," the boy said. "This redneck puto here." He turned and looked at Daryl then turned back to face the other man. Daryl looked at Kagome quickly and shrugged his shoulders causing Kagome to smile and shake her head at him. Daryl had a sense of humor. "He cut off some dude's hand, man. He showed it to me," the boy continued.

"Shut up!" Daryl said. Kagome quickly raised her bow when a man came storming out of the building.

"Hey, that's that vato right there, homes. He shot me in the ass with an arrow! What's up, homes, huh?" Kagome and Daryl both had their weapons trained on the man that came out pointing a gun at them.

"Chill, ese, chill. Chill," the first man said.

Kagome turned and looked at Daryl quickly. She winked at him. She knew what was inside the building. She could feel all of the young and old auras. Daryl gave her a questioning look. She just smiled at him and eased off of her bow a little.

"We were hoping more for a calm discussion," Rick said. Kagome and Daryl tuned back into the conversation.

The guy goes through everything that they already know that has occurred in the last couple of hours.

"Heat of the moment. Mistakes were made on both sides," Rick explains.

"Who's that dude to you anyway? You don't look related. Or that girl there," he nodded his head towards Kagome and Daryl.

"They're a part of our group, more or less," Rick answered. Kagome snorted and dropped her bow. Fine, if that's what he says to that. "I'm sure you have a few like him." Rick said, talking about Daryl.

"You got my brother in there?" Daryl asked.

"Sorry we're fresh out of white boys," the man said. "But I've got Asian. You interested?"

"I have one of yours, you have one of mine. Sounds like an even trade," Rick replied.

"Don't sound even to me," the man said.

"G," The boy pleaded with a 'what the hell' look on his face. Kagome was really getting sick of this stand-off. It was taking too long, and the sun would be setting soon. It was more dangerous at night. Rick and the other man started arguing over the bag of guns, saying whose it was and whose it wasn't.

"What's to stop my people from unloading on you right here and now and I take what's mine?" The sounds of guns clicking caused Kagome to raise her bow quickly, aiming it into the small crowd of people. Daryl and Rick both raised their weapons a little higher.

"This is getting ridiculous," she said under her breath. Daryl looked at her from the corner of his eye. "Men," she said when she caught Daryl's eye.

"You could do that," Rick turned to look up on the wall surrounding the yard. "Or not." The man noticed T-Dog on the wall with a sniper rifle. Kagome gave a loud whistle. Maru came running in with a bullet proof vest on and stopped between Daryl and Kagome, growling loudly.

"Oye!" The man called out. Three men appeared on the roof, the one in the middle with a bag on his head. It was obvious that it was Glenn.

"Glenn!" Kagome called out, lowering her bow and taking a step forward. Daryl wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her back.

"Wait!" Daryl hissed in her ear. Kagome settled and leaned against Daryl. She was worried about Glenn. She could feel his fear, almost as if it was her own.

"He's so scared," Kagome whispered. Daryl heard her.

"Of course he is. Who wouldn't be?" He said. Kagome realized what she said and was glad that Daryl didn't question her.

"I see two options. You come back with Miguel and my bag of guns, everybody walks. Or you come back locked and loaded, we'll see which side spills more blood." Everyone started to move. Kagome, Rick, Daryl, and Miguel backed away from the building as the others went inside and began to close the doors.

Kagome sat on the floor with Maru wrapped around her as she petted his head softly. "Silly boys, Maru. Silly boys," she said as she watched Daryl, Rick, and T-Dog go through the gun bag.

"Them guns are worth more than gold," Daryl said. "Gold won't protect your family or put food on the table," He continued. Kagome did agree with Daryl, but she still thought this whole situation silly. "You willing to give that up for that kid?"

Kagome stood to her feet quickly. "I would give it up in a heartbeat for any of you. Yes, guns and other weapons are needed in this time, but so is life. We are surrounded by so much death, so much that any life that we can preserve gives us that much more of a chance at a future! This is all just silly!" Kagome turned and walked away from them with Maru hot on her heels, Daryl and Rick staring after her.

She walked to the roof access in the building and climbed up. When she got out onto the roof top, she sat down.

"Oh, Maru. I miss them. It's been so long. My little Shippou wouldn't be so little anymore would he, Maru? Yash would have had a hay-day with all of these walkers. He'd be swinging that silly sword around like a mad man. Your great granddad would have been a big help too with just his poison whip. You know, I thought for a second that you were him when I felt you wondering the streets. I am so glad that I ran into you." Kagome sensed Daryl's bright aura behind her.

"Talkin' to a dog? You must be lonely," Daryl said.

"Better than talking to a silly man," Kagome retorted back with a small smile on her face. "I've been on my own for a long while with only Maru to keep me company." Kagome smiled at the dog before standing to her feet. "So what's the plan, boss?" She asked.

"I ain't no boss, but we're gon' go get Glenn back. You taggin' along?" He smiled at her. He held out his hand to her. Kagome blushed lightly before placing her hand in his.

"Let's go get Glenn back," she said as Daryl began to lead them back towards the doors.