Marian. Rescuing her, his great long sword piercing Hood's heart, her falling against his chest, wrapping her arms round his neck, gazing up at him with those wide soft eyes, and those soft sweet lips that begged to be tasted, nay devoured, were whispering My dark knight... He clenched his thighs on his mount, his leathers deliciously tight, and for once allowed his thoughts to flow unfettered as he hardly ever did, even in the dark of his bed with his hands wrapped round his cock.

She lay beneath him in that bed, Hood's bed, her soft white flesh spread before him like a banquet, and he was riding her, his great long sword piercing her—till all at once it was she who was riding him, his pale flesh that was spread for her to feast on, him that was begging her for mercy, for more, for—

His eyes flew open. The stable lad leading the spare mount was flushed. He'd serviced himself before the mirror often enough to know what the boy must have glimpsed. He didn't share Vaisey's tastes, but after that cock-up with the kitchen girl... He smiled, that long slow lop-sided smirk that he knew looked like the devil himself. The boy paled and ducked his head.

Maybe he'd let Vaisey watch.