AN: The actual concept in this story originally came from cyberdigi and her Blue Child series on archiveofourown which you can find here: /series/32716.

The story is entirely my idea alone though. This is my first fic in the world of Torchwood and Doctor Who and reviews are greatly appreciated. Enjoy ^^

When the Doctor regenerated into his eleventh form, the Tardis did its own transforming. Before she crash landed with her Doctor in front of little Amelia Pond's house, the Tardis travelled through the Time Vortex.

During her short time there, pieces of the Tardis were thrown off, many breaking apart and turning into the energy that made up the Time Vortex. There were larger pieces however that were pushed off into different spaces and times.

Most were dropped off in the middle of empty space and eventually died but some did land on a few planets, often being used as a type of fuel. One very special piece, however, did not.

It landed on Earth, in the year 1983, four months before the birth of a certain man that would become very special indeed.

The little piece of the Tardis fell into the ocean, almost immediately being eaten by a fish. The fish was later caught by a ship and taken to a market on the coast of Wales where it was bought by a man who later took it home to his wife. She was the woman who was pregnant with the very special someone.

Cooking and eating the fish that evening, the piece of the Tardis that had been eaten by the fish was already completely digested into its system and in turn, was done by the soon to be parents.

Though they may have felt some side effects for a while, understanding things that they shouldn't have been able to, being a bit smarter, healing faster (though not noticeably so), the effects did wear off. However, that energy of the Tardis became part of the food source that was being taken to the baby.

Any later and the bit of the Tardis would most likely not have affected the baby's development but that was not so and the remnants of the Tardis was combined with the fetus. Nothing was picked up on any machines by the humans however. If anything, the baby only seemed to be in perfect health.

So perfect that it was probably a bit strange but not strange enough for any of the doctors to begin to worry.

When the baby was born, August 19th, he was given the name Ianto Jones.

Ianto began talking before most kids, caught on to things quicker, and certainly seemed older in some ways but people didn't take notice of it because they didn't want to. In school, Ianto found that, especially in things like history and science, he knew every answer and even knew that much of the text books were wrong. He didn't know how. He just knew.

He didn't stand out however. He dressed averagely, if not a bit better than some kids, and made it seem as if he was averagely intelligent. Ianto was stronger than someone his size should've been too but no one, not even his parents, knew this. He healed faster too but not noticeably so to others.

Ianto knew he was different, that much was clear, but he didn't mind it. He kept his differences under control when he could and was fine with not confiding in any one. Keeping this secret didn't cause him anxiety or make him distance himself from anyone.

Being interested in what he was definitely was a different matter though.

When he turned fourteen, after some time, Ianto experienced dreams of a man in a raggedy jacket and bowtie in a strange machine that was bigger on the inside. Somewhere in his mind he knew that these dreams were real and weren't just his imagination.

He discovered the names of two people that he often saw with the man in the bowtie, Amy Pond and Rory Williams. The man in the bowtie's name was the Doctor and Ianto could find very little on him, most of the time the picture not matching up with the name anyway.

Nevertheless, when he looked up Amy Pond and Rory Williams they were actually a few years younger than him. That couldn't have been right though because the people in his dreams were in there early thirties, at least late twenties at the youngest.

It took longer for Ianto to discover the name of the machine that this Doctor and his companions traveled in but he eventually discovered it was called a Tardis. For whatever reason, Ianto felt a very strong connection to this Tardis and in his dreams the people treated it like it was alive.

The part of Ianto that was fourteen and going to school said that this idea was impossible but the side of him that was still unknown to him knew it to be true and he actually considered the Tardis as a she. The pronoun just seemed right.

This curiosity stayed with Ianto as he grew older, more and more questions popping into his head and none of them getting answered. Eventually this was what led Ianto to discover Torchwood.

Seeing aliens with his actual eyes and not just in his dreams really opened up the world for Ianto and he realized that there were hundreds of things that he might be, or at least partially be. He was pretty positive that at least some part of him was human.

He was partially scared that Torchwood might discover that he wasn't completely human though and Ianto made sure to keep everything in check. For example, he didn't correct people even when he knew that some alien 'menace' wasn't really a threat at all even when it hurt as he watched innocent aliens being killed due to ignorance and fear.

Then the Doctor actually arrived at Torchwood with his blue box but it wasn't the man, nor was it the box, from his dreams. There was also a woman with him that Ianto had never seen before called Rose Tyler.

Nevertheless, despite the huge difference in appearance, the Doctor seemed like Ianto's Doctor, only younger. Same with the blue box. The Tardis, on the outside anyway, Ianto wasn't able to see the inside, was dirtier and older but the Tardis felt younger to him. Even Rose Tyler had the same air about her as Amy Pond did, making her the Doctor's equal unlike all the sheep like humans around him.

One day while the Doctor was there due to the 'ghosts' that had been seen walking the streets of the world, Ianto was able to get close to the Tardis.

He tried the door but it was locked and instead pressed his hand to the wood. She felt warm beneath Ianto's fingertips, like a fireplace in your home filled with your loved ones. She seemed comforting, similar to that of a mother.

Ianto could tell that the Tardis was confused though. She seemed to recognize him but didn't quite understand why she recognized him. It was probably because she was younger than his Tardis but before Ianto could even think of asking a question a guard came up, asking what he was doing there.

It wasn't difficult for Ianto to come up with some excuse and he left, planning to come back to finally ask his questions.

He never got his chance though as the end of the world happened the next day.

Any curiosity about himself or the Doctor was locked away as his main priority became Lisa. His wonderful, beautiful Lisa, halfway converted. Ianto had to help her, had to save her. He couldn't let her die but it hurt him so much to see her in pain like this.

Trying to help her, Ianto discovered Torchwood Three and Captain Jack Harkness. At first Jack seemed hesitant but eventually, after some trouble with a pterodactyl, agreed to hire him.

Ianto liked Jack, probably more than he should, but something was off about him. It was clear that he was hiding something but that wasn't what bothered Ianto. He had his own secrets and he certainly wasn't going to call anybody out on their own.

Still, just standing near to the Captain made part of him want to run away for whatever reason, like Jack wasn't meant to be there, like he wasn't supposed to be real. Despite this feeling Ianto found himself by Jack's side more often than not. He really did like the man. Jack was kind, funny, complex, strong.

Ianto would've tried to get something out of the man but he had to focus on Lisa and helping her.

But then the secret of Lisa was out and she, after nearly killing his friends and succeeding in killing two other people, was executed. Ianto thought for sure that this would be the end of the line for him at Torchwood yet Jack didn't fire him right away and actually asked him to come back.

Despite the fact that it was probably a bad idea, Ianto did and in doing so his life was transformed. He allowed himself to become closer to Jack, the man who had killed his girlfriend soon becoming the one thing he needed.

When he found out Jack's secret, it saddened and shocked Ianto greatly; one because Jack would out lived him, two because Jack had probably outlived hundreds of people that he cared for already.

His immortality was probably what sometimes set Ianto off. Whatever the unknown part of him was, it could sense that Jack shouldn't still be alive.

Before Ianto could really even ask about Jack's life or just the truth about Jack in general, he disappeared though and the year that never was happened.

Yes, Ianto remembered everything that happened during that time. He also remembered dying in front of a tortured Jack, the scene breaking his heart before being pushed into blackness. That wasn't the end for him though because a part of Ianto was still around. If he was religious he would've said it was his spirit.

However, Ianto was pretty sure that at the moment he was really more like left over energy, floating around, just barely holding a mind together.

He found the Tardis, tortured in her own way and forced to become a paradox machine. Ianto comforted her through the pain, learning more than he had even expected about what he was and what had happened to him as both put the pieces together. She was still younger than Ianto's Tardis though.

When time was reversed and the damage undone, it was four more months before Jack came back. Ianto was probably a bit harsher than he needed to be with Jack for his absence but that was only because Ianto had been afraid he wouldn't come back. Ianto knew of the pain that Jack had experienced, that he still remembered, and he wondered if Jack would run away.

He should've known that Jack was more than that.

Ianto wanted to tell Jack about himself, now that he knew what he was. He also wanted to consul him since he also remembered what had happened on the Valiant. Jack sometimes woke up from nightmares, at least a few of them from the year that never was. Of course, Jack never spoke of that because to everyone else it hadn't happened.

A good time never came up for Ianto to tell Jack though. Whenever he thought he might be able to, some event came up that would stop him, as if something was stopping him from telling Jack.

For the first time, keeping his secret became difficult for Ianto. He loved Jack dearly, and Jack loved him just as much as well. He knew this yet he couldn't tell him what he was. Jack knew who Ianto Jones was but he felt that he should tell him what he was too.

Then the 456 event happened and Ianto's entire world was turned upside down. Part of him was angry that the Doctor nor the Tardis showed up to help but he didn't honestly have time to be angry as he, Jack, and Gwen, did the best they could.

Then Ianto died in Jack's arms.

The fact that Ianto knew part of him would come back did not uplift his spirits any as he cried and begged Jack to never forget him. Ianto had been able to talk to the Tardis but no other human had known he was there. It was like he'd been a ghost and as the months passed he'd felt himself fading.

Ianto wouldn't last forever, even after this death. He'd die, all over again, and no one would be the better.

Something Ianto didn't expect though was Jack coming to the House of the Dead and calling him back. Ianto really wished he hadn't because it just made leaving Jack worse, especially since he had to lie to him, to tell him that he could leave with him. Instead, though, he did what he knew was right.

Believing that this would permanently kill him, Ianto set the bomb off, the Rift closing for good with Jack outside it.

But Ianto didn't die and instead fell into the Time Vortex, the energy surrounding him like a blanket. It guided him, to where he wasn't sure, but when he got there he was thankful.

Ianto found himself with his Tardis, the one that he had dreamed about. She looked exactly like she did in his dreams. The Doctor, with the bowtie, Amy Pond and Rory Williams, now the proper age, were there but of course they couldn't see Ianto. He had no form, no body. That was rotting back on Earth.

Still, the Doctor knew something was different in his Tardis but that whatever it was wasn't a threat and therefore didn't say anything to Amy or Rory.

While they walked around the Tardis, talking about their next adventure, Ianto knelt next to the consol of the Tardis, right by her heart.

For the first time Ianto didn't care about himself. He didn't ask any questions. He wasn't curious. He simply cried, metaphorically speaking of course. Ianto hurt, his entire mind hurt, and cried out his fears and nightmares to the Tardis.

Ianto was afraid that the fact the Time Vortex hadn't destroyed him meant that he might not ever die permanently. He was terrified that he'd never be able to hold Jack's hand, to speak to him in what Jack teased was his 'beautiful Welsh vowels'.

The Tardis felt more like his mother to Ianto now, and in a way she was, as she comforted Ianto while the Doctor parked and ran off onto some other planet. Ianto was thankful for the quite.

I believe I can help you, the Tardis spoke softly to Ianto, holding him close to her heart.

Nothing can help me. I've lost everything.

Not necessarily my little darling.

A spark of hope filled Ianto, one that the Tardis could feel herself, but he quickly crushed it. False hope was the last thing he needed now. Please don't lie to me.

I am not lying. You are part Tardis, part of me. That is how you've survived this long yes?

Of course but there is nowhere for me to go back to. My body is rotting and there's nothing that I could do to stop it, cried Ianto in pain.

Your mind has already proven to be so like a Tardis, why not your body?

I aged at the same rate as a human. I can get hurt and I can die. Sadly enough that part of me is human.

I do not believe so. There have been other humanoid Tardises, she replied, feeling the shock roll over Ianto.

Taking a moment, Ianto asked, Where are they? How many of them are there? Have you had other children? Could I have brothers or sisters—

All Tardises, even the humanoid ones, have been female. Sadly, they were all destroyed during the Time War along with all of the other TimeLords. I did say there were other humanoid Tardises but never has one been born the way you were. Never has there been a hybrid of a human and a Tardis.

Then how could this information help me? asked Ianto, pain covering him.

Their circumstances may still apply to you. Your body is rotting yes but if left to the raw energy of the Time Vortex, it would heal and combine with your mind once more. Before now, you've never been open to the Time Vortex, it is what has kept you alive since the rift closed. Maybe your body will react the same way. I myself can die if I do not have energy to feed off of, though my lifespan would probably be longer than yours without the Time Vortex.

Ianto was silent, wanting to believe what she said but was still hesitant. So Jack wouldn't have to be alone? He'd actually have someone to be with him for all those years?

He could feel the Tardis' smile. Dearest Jack, the still point in time. Yes, you would be able to stay with him. And I will help Ianto. I will help you find your way back to him.

Ianto began to break down again, but this time in happiness. He clutched the Tardis and whispered, Thank you for this second chance. Thank you.

There is no need to thank me dear one, murmured the Tardis back happily.

What should I call you? I can't very well call you the Tardis. That's your race, not your name. Do you have a name?

I have never had my own name, no, the Tardis said softly. My Doctor, when he's being his silly self, calls me Sexy but that is between me and him. What do you want to call me?

Silence fell between them as Ianto thought about this. Of course, the Tardis could hear his thoughts, there were no barriers between them but it was still different than what they would consider talking.

Mother. May I call you Mother? whispered Ianto, feeling like a child once more. The name felt right and despite everything, in these few moments, the Tardis felt more like a mother to him than his human mother ever had.

Of course, said the Tardis with a smile.

Then thank you Mother. Thank you.