Cooper's death was a sad day but then, all deaths are sad for someone. Nevertheless, Cooper had to have been one of the longest living members of Torchwood. He didn't die a horrible death, no gun shot, didn't get blown up.

Instead, Jack one day came down to the med bay only to see Cooper bent over his desk, nothing moving. In the end, it was determined that it had been a very peaceful way to go from Cooper's point of view. He'd simply fallen asleep and then his heart had stopped.

Because Cooper had no children, this was end of this particular line of the Cooper family. Nevertheless, there was probably a Cooper, direct descendant or not, going out of their way to help the people.

Cooper's passing, though heartbreaking, was helped when Ianto reminded everyone that they had given him a purpose once more, a family. At one point Cooper had had nothing and Torchwood, for once, had given him a life back.

Out of all of them, it appeared that Cooper's death had hit Jenny the hardest and the next day she told Jack that she was off, ready to travel the stars on her own and see other planets.

It was hard to let her go but she wasn't Jack's to keep. Torchwood went back to two people once more but not for long.

It would be centuries later before Torchwood finally came to a halt. Before that happened though, Torchwood grew and shrunk, it became part of the government, kept separate from the government, and was even shunned by the government for a time.

At some points, Jack and Ianto were runaway from Torchwood, and at others they were more like consultants than actual members anymore.

Torchwood became a part of the army, a science lab, a lawyer firm (despite Jack's protests), and even a simple place for holding files. Nothing stays the same, especially over so many years and Torchwood was the very essence of that idea.

Jenny came back every once in a while. She couldn't help it. As much as she loved going off and discovering new things, Jack and Ianto, in a sense, had raised her. They were like the parents that she never had and she couldn't forget that. Nevertheless, she still didn't stay long. For Jenny, the need to travel was just as strong.

During this time, Ianto and Jack didn't always stay on planet either. Sometimes they were off planet depending on the status of Torchwood and where they were most needed. Still, it wasn't until quite some time had passed when Jack revealed his idea of leaving Torchwood behind for good.

"You and me, up amongst the stars. No more ropes to pull us back." Those had been Jack's words, so earnest and excited. Of course Ianto said yes.

By this point through trial and error, Ianto and Jack had discovered much more about Ianto's different abilities thanks to the Tardis. Now becoming unnoticed was as easy as breathing and he could even do it while he was running and performing other quick movements. He was also able to pull other people or objects into the filter, causing them to become unnoticed as well.

Opening up the time vortex was a piece of cake now too. At first it had been dangerous , but Ianto soon got it fairly under control. Allowing himself to be exposed to the energy every decade or so healed his body once more. The only thing that was a pain was that he never seemed to be able to open it if he was seriously injured, probably from lack of strength. For the most part, healing slowly was something he had to do.

As years passed, he became better and more efficient with travelling through space and time. It took a very long time for Ianto to start trying that again, though, because of his fear of what happened last time. Nevertheless, he soon became able to travel just about anywhere and it didn't take as much of a toll on his body anymore either. Translating was another matter and at first, many different types of medication were used simply to stop the headache.

After hundreds of years though, translating and moving throughout history was nothing. Like everything else though, it wasn't perfect and occasionally things could go wrong but he still had more control over it.

Torchwood, as much as it had destroyed so many things, it had helped the people in the end and for that, Jack and Ianto were grateful. Now that they had left it for good, they weren't going back to it. If they happened to go to Earth one day and the institute was being put to some horrid use, then of course they'd stop it. But as a job, an occupation, a way of keeping people safe, that part of it was dead, at least for Ianto and Jack.

Of course, they tried not to look for trouble wherever they went but it was hard, both being so curious. They weren't always running or fighting strange creatures off that had tentacles for feet. No, sometimes they'd visit a planet and simply get to be.

Both were introduced to new foods, found some very interesting cultures, and were also able to enjoy life. It didn't mean death wasn't there. Death seemed to follow in their wake like an old friend. Not every planet they came to evolved into horrendous event that they would end up having to save everyone from but it happened often enough.

Despite everything that Ianto and Jack experienced though, the order of the Headless Monks would most certainly have to be the strangest.

There had been quite a few misunderstandings, a lot of running, and a strange big blue guy that stole Jack's Vortex Manipulator. Nevertheless, the strangest thing was what happened when Jack's head was cut off.

Jack had been through so many deaths that Ianto honestly thought nothing of this. Besides, he'd been through a lot worse.

As Ianto waited, for the Headless Monks had already left by this point, Jack's head slowly grew back. That was expected and after that occurred, it didn't take to long before he awoke with a gasp. The thing that nearly caused Ianto to die of a heart attack was when the bodiless head did the exact thing.

The only thing that brought him out of his shock was when he dropped Jack, the one with a body, and he yelled out in pain as his head hit the ground. It took a while before either Jack or Ianto really understood what had happened and even then it was confusing.

It took some time, getting use to the whole thing, but eventually Ianto was positive he'd figured it all out.

It didn't take long getting Jack's head situated somewhere. He was all set up and ready to start his own life, this one diverging from the original Jack's and Ianto's. In the end, they gave him the name of the Face of Boe.

The Face of Boe was one of the few constants in Jack's life. Both of them had a certain connection, one that just couldn't be broken. Occasionally, Ianto and Jack would drop in on him, chatting here and there. Jack being Jack, couldn't help but flirt with himself.

When the Face of Boe had a child, both were there for that. In many different important ways, they were always there for each other. Because of Jack's immortality, both simply assumed that the Face of Boe would just stay forever.

Besides that incident, Jack and Ianto also encountered the Doctor several times but it was always before their time. They could never say hello, couldn't even bump into him. They saw so many people by his side, ones that had never been mentioned before while at the same time they saw an absence of anyone by him.

It was the first time that Ianto had fully realized just how much the Doctor had seen.

One day they might cross a future Doctor and being welcomed back with open arms, but that day would be a long way off. The universe was large and for now, the chance of meeting their own Doctor would be a ways away.

Jenny they still kept in contact with. Closer than Jack's other head or the Doctor, they had found a way to communicate with each other across space and time whenever it was needed. They helped each other when need be, had many merry times together, and basically lived. Yes, though she could be there one day and gone the next, Jenny was part of Ianto and Jack.

Nevertheless, even if they ran from century to century and planet to planet, Ianto and Jack were forced to realize that not everyone could live as long as they did.

Ianto and Jack were in a market, when this realization came upon them. Jack was trying to force Ianto to eat some type of animal that really did not look good what so ever. However, Jack suddenly stopped without warning, moving back and having to stop to take a deep breath.

Ianto's eyes lit up with worry, carefully catching Jack before he fell.

It had taken some time before Jack could finally get out the words, to say the vowels and consonants that came out broken and hurt.

"He's dead Ianto, the Face of Boe. He's gone."

When the Face of Boe passed, it marked the ending of a chapter of Jack's life. That chapter would never be rewritten or come back in any shape or form. It was one of those special chapters that you can never forget and always think back on but are unable to turn the page back. Despite this tragic event though, the universe kept spinning.

So Jack and Ianto traveled onwards, meeting people, old friends here and there as time passed around the still point in time and his companion.

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