11/3/15: This is a revised version of First Lady.

Zoro looked both ways, keeping his guard up. Once he was for sure that she wasn't there, he opened the hatch to the Bird's Nest, and quickly regretted it. There she was, beaming down on him with her smile. Her hat, which slid down off her back, was inches away from his face. "Zoro! Will yo-"

He slammed the door in her face, and headed back down the steps. He was for certain that she wasn't there, but of course, as soon as he blinked, she snuck inside. Or some other type of Luka-magic she had under her sleeve.

He needed somewhere else to go, now that his training spot was guarded by the captain. And this wasn't really the time to sleep, not when he had to keep his guards up with her and that crazy idea floating around in her head. So he headed to the one place he could think of, the kitchen.

Luka loved the kitchen, so this was probably a mistake to head there in the first place, but he needed the sake in order to cool down this buzzing headache.

Zoro walked down the staircase, past a giggling Nami and Usopp. From the looks of it, they had a bet going on. Of course they did...

"Did you find her?" Nami asked with a small snicker.

"You sent her, didn't you?" His eyes narrowed as he passed them. That wench of a woman was the whole reason he was in this mess. All he ever wanted was some sleep, sake, and becoming the next master swordsman, which he didn't think was too much to ask for. But this was never something he would think to ask for, because overall, he didn't want it.

He opened the door to a gloom-filled room, with Sanji standing in the corner, chanting somewhat along the lines of hating a maroon. Whatever. The swordsman took no patience in walking past him and grabbing the first sake bottle from the top of the rack.

Sanji's nose twitched, and he abruptly turned around, shouting, "Shitty Marimo-head! How dare you slam the hatch in Luka-sama's face!"

Chopper lifted his head up, looking at the chef, "Is she hurt?!" He even started sweating.

Zoro ignored him and walked out of the kitchen, deciding that this whole crew was now enemies. Well, Sanji was always on that list. He retired to the dock, uncorking the bottle, and started remembering the events that led him to this mess.

Nami reached over the table, looking Luka in the eyes with a sly smile. "Now that you're Pirate Que-"

"Pirate KING!" Luka corrected her.

"Okay, Pirate King, anyways, don't you need a Queen?" She winked as if the black haired girl would understand what she was hinting at.

Instantly, Usopp spit out his drink. "Nami! How could you suggest THAT?" He could already feel the blood roaming out of his nose just from the thought of them together.

It took Nami a moment to register what exactly the sniper was implying, and blushed. Slamming her fist down on his head, she shouted at him for having such perverted thoughts.

Robin raised her hand to her mouth and chuckled, looking at the two as though they were children. "Hehe, next time you should be clearer, Nami-san."

Overall, Luka was greatly confused by what the others were implying. She poked Nami, "What do you mean?"

"A King's partner is called a Queen, so Nami-sama was wondering if you had one, or thought about it."

Luka looked at her empty plate, licking her lips, and then it happened. Her eyes widen when it finally popped in her mind. "Zoro! You're my Pirate Queen!"

The others paused in their meals, with only Robin breaking the silence with her gentle giggle.

Without any hestitation on his part, Zoro replied with a simple, "Hell no."

Nami's head tilted to the side. She wasn't expecting this outcome, thinking that this would some how lead to a confession. Actually, this was mostly about just to know if the captain had a crush on anyone or not. Though, does Luka know anything about crushes?

"Him? What about me?!" Sanji pleaded with a twitching eyebrow.

Luka couldn't help but snicker, "Because it's Zoro." And because this was Luka, no one could understand her logic.

"No," said Zoro in a deadly tone.

Brook bent down, and whispered in Luka's ear, "You have to marry him first, or else it doesn't count!"

"Oh, alright! Zoro, marry me! Captain's orders!"

"Blunt as ever," Franky sighed with a pleasing smile. It was like watching two school children.

"ZORRRRRRRRRRO!" yelled the one person he has been running from. "Zoro! Zoro! ZORO! Zoro!"

Finally, he snapped.


She tripped over his shoes and landed right in his lap. She held her head up and looked at him with her bright brown eyes. "Marry me!"

"...If I do... will YOU STOP IT?!" With each word, he raised his voice louder until he was shouting.

"Of course!"

Wasn't this appeasement? And reinforcement of the bad behavior?


"Yay! I'm marriwed to Zoro! You're now my Pirate Queen!"

Usopp, who was watching this whole thing unfold from his spot on the deck, snickered, "And there goes the First Lady!" Though it quickly changed with Nami poked him, and signaled for the money.

The door from the kitchen broke in two as Sanji came screaming, "NOO!"

Zoro glared at each of the crew, daring them to add anything else. Usopp quickly turned with a gulp, while Nami and Brook cheered for the new relationship.