Hello Trekies! It is I! N.P. Windsnap! The greatest Treki of all! Just kidding. I don't even know if I'm spelling Trekies right (blame the economy). I have come to carry on Lonnygriffon's (sorry if I misspelled that, again the economy) awesome series of drabbles. For those of you who haven't read "Do I Even Want to Know the While Story" it is a series of drabble that she created out of a list of 100 words, creating a different story for each word. feed idled to take on the challenge of taking 50 more words into my series of drabbles. Even though you don't have to read LG's story to understand mine, I strongly suggest you do if you want more laughs and more cries. So please enjoy!

I own nothing.


Jim had a nasty habit of pulling the worst pranks. Whether they were a pie to the face or a shock in a handshake, everyone on the ship had suffered a prank, except for one. Ensign Pavel Chekov.

Yes that's right, everybody's favorite Russian wiz kid had escaped the Captain's pranks every time. He had a way of smelling them out like nobody's busyness. He explained once to McCoy that he had had eight older brothers in Russia and had learned to stay away from those kinds of things.

Once Jim heard this, he became determined.

He set it up so perfectly. He would call the Navigator down to Engineering where a hidden pie would spring out and hit him in the face. It was perfect!

What he hadn't expected was to see that his entire crew had dissipated right in front of him. All of the rooms rooms and hallways were empty, the stations deserted. Now that got his attention. Something was very, very wrong.

He decided to call Spock.

Jim opened his communicator.

"Kirk to Spock." He said uncomfortably.

"Captain?" Something was wrong. Spock sounded… afraid.

"SPOCK?" There was nothing but static. He switched channels. "Bones? Bones talk to me!"

"Jim! Jim hel-" he didn't finish his sentence before a cry rang out. Jim was running- no- sprinting for the bridge now. Before he could get there his communicator went off. Chekov's frightened voice rang loud and true and terrified.

"Keptin! Keptin help me!" The boy cried his Russian accent thick.

"Chekov? What happened?" Jim all but screamed into the device.

"I do not know! Somezing hit me in ze face and I could not zee! I do not know vhere I am! Keptin help me!" A wave of grim guilt rushed over Kirk. He'd caused the boy's capture. It was his fault.

"Keptin?!" He heard the boy scream.

"I'm right here Pavel." Jim said using the Russian's first name.

"One more zing." Chekov's voice was suddenly calm. That's when the light gave out. Jim felt the presence of another being in the room. Something leaned into his neck, icy breath running down his back.

"Boo," the voice whispered. The captain shrieked like a little girl. The lights flickered back on as he saw Chekov falling over laughing.

"You shriek like leetle girl!" Chekov cried between fits of laughter.

"I do not!" The captain cried in frustration.

"Da, you do!" Chekov said.

"We'll you're lucky no one else saw that." Kirk said beginning to see he funny side of things.

"I vouldn't be so sure Keptin," the boy remarked pulling up the screen view of a lesser used observation deck. The ENTIRE crew was laughing their head off over the replaying of their Captain's girlish scream.


"Yes Keptin?"