A/N Disclaimer: I do not own Game of Thrones. This is purely a fiction exercise. Also because English is not my native language you may have to excuse some mistakes I may write. That being said I hope you enjoy it. :)

Several days have passed since the Battle of the Blackwater. Tyrion had been almost killed there but not by his foes. It was Mandon Moore, secretly commanded by his own sister Cersei. Fortunately to Tyrion, his squire Podrick Payne was quick to act and killed Mandon before he could finish Tyrion's life.

Tyrion had been sent to some narrow, dark chambers in Maegor's holdfast for his recovery. He had scarcely received any visitors, just his loyal squire Pod and Maester Pycelle, Cersei's servant, who instead of doing the best he could to ensure Tyrion's recovery, was only giving him milk of the poppy, certainly to leave him always asleep. He didn't even tend his wounds, an awful cut made by Mandon's sword that crossed Tyrion's face from one side of his forehead to the other side of his chine, taking off a piece of his nose in the process.

Tyrion had a lot of dreams while drugged with the milk of the poppy. Most were about the battle, the ships being consumed by his wildfire, men dying, either by swords or burned alive. But one dream was slightly different. Brown eyes gazing lovingly and yet sadly at him, soft fingers touching his face and hair. He couldn't see clearly the face but it was the most beautiful face he had ever seen, he knew that. Fair skin, brown eyes and hair and the most gentle touch and voice. "Shae." He muttered indistinguishably. But it didn't sound right. No, this is different...

Then the battle returned again, and the wildfire, and the men dying, burning, blood everywhere. Tyrion started to wriggle in his bed. "No... No!" He suddenly opened his eyes.

"My Lord!" Pod rushed to his bed. "My Lord! You're awake." Pod sighed relieved and looked at Tyrion like it was a miracle.

Tyrion looked around while trying to sit up and winced from the pain.

"My Lord, don't move. I'll get Maester Pycelle at once."

"No!" Tyrion immediately shouted.

"But my lord..."

"I don't need any creature serving my sister, thank you. And look where they put me... Why am I not in my chambers in the Tower of the Hand?"

"My Lord..." Podrick didn't know how to say it.

At that instant someone knocked on the door.

"Someone is quick." Tyrion told Podrick to open the door and Lord Varys entered the room.

"Varys, I should have known... Who could be the first to know that I'm awake?" Tyrion said sarcastically.

"My Lord, glad to see your wits have not been spoiled. How do you feel?" He asked in his usual soft voice and sat by Tyrion's bed.

"How do you think I feel?" Tyrion tried to laugh but the pain stopped him. "Well since you're here maybe you could cast some light into this blurriness inside my head..."

"I'm sure you have a lot of questions. What do you want to know, my Lord?" Varys kept his honeyed tone of voice.

"What happened in Battle of the Blackwater? I assume we won if I'm here lying..."

"Correct. Stannis was defeated and deserted."

"How much time has been since that?"

"Seven days, my Lord."

"How long have I been here in this bed?"

"Eight days. You faced death in battle. Ser Mandon Moore himself tried to kill you. It was Pod here who saved your life, my Lord." Varys replied.

Tyrion looked at Podrick and the boy made a shy nod. Varys continued. "It was also him who carried you out of the battlefield into the castle again. Again if it wasn't for his swift actions you would not be here. You were nearly dead when Maester Pycelle attended you."

"Oh, and I imagine he didn't do much, hoping time would finish Mandon Moore's job... As for you Pod, it seems I owe you my life. I shall not forget that."

"It was only my duty, my Lord." Pod said clumsily.

"Varys, why am I not in my chambers in the Tower of the Hand?"

Varys smirked. "Lord Tyrion... You're no longer the Hand of the King."

"Oh really? They really thought I would die, didn't they?" He said disgusted, thinking about his sister.

"Well... I'm not gonna lie. Yes, they thought."

"Who's the Hand now?"

"Your Lord Father, Tywin. It was his army and the Tyrell's army that defeated Stannis once and for all."

Tyrion took a moment to digest Varys' words. "Oh. I see. And the Tyrells? I suppose Littlefinger was successful after all..."

"That is correct. Lady Margaery Tyrell is to wed King Joffrey in the next moon's turn."

"I see." Tyrion seemed to be thinking deep.

"My Lord, there is something else..."

Tyrion didn't seem to care. "Varys, I'm tired and I've heard enough. I just wish I..." His voice weakened as he pictured Shae in his mind. He wanted to be in her arms right now and forget about battles, Hands of the King, armies, eunuchs that bring him the news and his not so loving family that has not even come to visit him once. Instead of sending Varys away he realized Varys is the only one that can make his wish come true, just like he had many times before. To arrange the meeting with Shae.

Varys already knew what was in his head. After all he was the master of whispers, the spider. "My Lord, I took the liberty to bring someone with me. I hope this fits your wishes." As Varys stood up and left the room, Shae entered it. Pod left too and closed the door.

"My Lord! My sweet lion!" She ran to the bed and threw her arms around Tyrion making him wince with pain. A cut deep in his shoulder was the most painful thing he had ever felt.

"You need to be more careful if you want me to live." He said turning his head away from her.

"I'm sorry. I just... Why aren't you looking at me? Look at me."

Tyrion made a smirk and looked at her. "I'm not good to be looked at."

"Why? This?" She touched the bandage that covered the cut on his face and took it off. "Do you think I'm easily impressed by this?" She looked at his cut.

"It might frighten you to look at such horrible beast."

"Really? We're back to the whole 'I'm so ugly, a disgraceful creature, nobody likes me...' again? I thought we were passed that. I've been so worried. I couldn't come and see you, I didn't know anything..."

"Wait." Tyrion interrupted her. "You didn't come to see me?"

"No, how could I without any help and without being discovered? I wanted to."

"So it was a dream..." Tyrion sighed.

"You dreamed about me?"

"It was the best of dreams among all the other ugly ones of battles and blood."

"Oh, my sweet lion, we need to go, to leave this place. You do not belong here. We could go across the Narrow Sea, to one of the Free Cities, you would never have to think about battles and blood."

"Really? And what would we do there?"

"Oh, sleep, eat, drink, fuck, not necessarily in that order..." She smiled cheekily.

He chuckled sadly, looking at her youth and her careless ways of thinking. "No, I belong here. And I have too many things that need to be solved."

Shae smirked. "What about us?"

"About us? I pay for your services, I shall look for you when I need them." It came out harsher than he wanted to but he couldn't forget what she was. A whore. Not someone he could fall for or hope to have a life with. He had already learned that lesson with Tysha when he was a boy.

Shae looked at him offended. "I will forgive you for this but only because you were nearly dead. Your head must be still confused."

Tyrion sighed. He was tired. He certainly wasn't in the mood for sex so he just said. "Yes, I'm confused. I need to rest. Leave me alone now."

Shae smirked again. "Ok, but I'll be waiting for you. Get well fast. I miss you." She leaned to kiss his lips and headed out of the room.

Tyrion sighed again. He closed his eyes for a second and he saw her. The woman of his dream. No, it was not Shae. He was almost sure of that. This felt different and yet, he was almost sure it was someone he had never met before. When the vision disappeared he opened his eyes again and he shouted for his squire. "Pod!"

Podrick immediately appeared in the chambers. "My Lord?"

"Pod, come here."

The boy approached Tyrion's bed.

"Pod, tell me, you brought me here from the field of battle..."

"Yes, my Lord, I've been here day and night since."

"Oh, day and night? You know then who's been here to see me. Tell me, has anyone of my family been here?"

Pod bit his lip and shyly shook his head.

"Of course. Why am I not surprised? So, who has?"

"Well, apart from me there was Grand Maester Pycelle who attended your wounds, Lord Varys and Bronn."

"You, traitor Pycelle, Varys and Bronn?" Tyrion laughed. Indeed it was funny to see who had the troubles to visit him in his death bed.

"Well... There was..." Pod stopped, uncertain if he should say it.

"What? Speak boy."

"I'm not sure it's my place to tell."

"You are my squire, you saved my life, what is that you can't tell me?"

"Well, there was someone else who came to see you."

"Who?" Tyrion was now curious.

"She came in the night. I couldn't say no to her." Pod said like he was apologizing.

"WHO?" Tyrion asked again.

"Lady Rosemary." Pod shrugged.

Tyrion frowned confused. "Lady Rosemary?"

Pod nodded almost afraid of the dwarf's reaction but Tyrion was just puzzled.

"Maybe it's just the dreamwine or the milk of the poppy but I don't follow." Tyrion admitted.

Pod's face showed pity now. He understood his Lord had no idea of it all. "My Lord, Lady Rosemary Tyrell, your betrothed."

Tyrion's jaw dropped. "Say again?"

Pod shrugged embarrassed.

After the initial shock Tyrion started to put the pieces together. "Lady Rosemary, twin to Ser Loras, the beloved Knight of Flowers."

Pod nodded. "It is said that the allegiance with the Tyrells was made not only by marrying Lady Margaery to King Joffrey. Lord Mace Tyrell demanded that his other daughter married the heir of Casterly Rock."

Tyrion laughed loudly. "Heir of Casterly Rock? And my Lord Father agreed to that? Sure, he did, only to assure he'd have the Tyrell's entire army supporting him. I can now see how my death would serve all purposes. Not only my sister's but also my father's. If I were dead his promise to Mace Tyrell would be broken simple as that. No more heir of Casterly Rock to wed Lady Rosemary."

"My Lord, surely your father didn't..."

"You clearly don't know my family, Pod. But you have my thanks, I shall not forget your loyalty when I become Lord of Casterly Rock." He laughed again.

Pod bowed. "I'm honored, my Lord."

Tyrion was still chuckling at this whole story when his thoughts focused on the Lady he was supposed to wed. "So, Lady Rosemary was here visiting me, you say?"

Pod nodded. "She was, my Lord. I was not supposed to not let anyone inside but she insisted. I let her in."

"I see. I never met her before, tell me, what does she look like?"

"Oh." Pod blushed. "A Lady."

Tyrion chuckled. "I know she's a Lady."

"Well, she stayed by your side for long, she tended your wounds personally."

"She did?" Tyrion frowned curious.

"Yes, and when Maester Pycelle found out he was not very happy. Honestly I don't know why, all he ever did was giving you, my Lord, milk of the poppy. I am not expert but it seems to me that wounds need to be tended or they will fester."

"Of course. Pycelle wants me asleep for good. So I guess I should thank Lady Rosemary..." Tyrion was very intrigued by this. "If I remember correctly, Lady Rosemary was to be married to a Southron Lord, a Hightower, I think."

Pod nodded. "Yes, but he died when Renly's and Stannis armies battled briefly, right before Renly's death. The marriage never happened."

"Oh, poor sisters, both losing their husbands to be. That doesn't seem very favorable for me or Joffrey, does it?" Tyrion laughed.

Podrick smirked.

"Well, I'm not superstitious. I believe it's time for me to leave these chambers. Help me get dressed." Tyrion stood up and with his squire help he was ready to be back to life again. And there was much to be taken care of.