A/N Disclaimer: I do not own Game of Thrones. This is purely a fiction exercise. Also because English is not my native language you may have to excuse some mistakes I may write. That being said I hope you enjoy it. :)

Joffrey had just announced that Tyrion's trial would have to be a Trial of Seven. Which meant seven champions would have to fight for each side.

Joffrey smiled cruelly. "What? You think you can't gather seven people to fight for you, uncle?"

Tyrion tried to disguise his anxiety. He knew he could not refuse the Trial of Seven once it had been invoked and he wasn't sure he could have seven people fighting for him. In fact, he was pretty sure he couldn't. "Your Grace, it's been almost a century since the last Trial of Seven happened..."

Joffrey laughed. "Indeed. About time we have one again, don't you think? Again, I'm a merciful King so while I choose the ones fighting for me you can try to choose your champions. If you can." He grinned and started to shout names. "The bloody Hound has fled so… Ser Gregor!"

Gregor Glegane showed up from the back of the room and everyone went quiet. "Your Grace. It will be an honor to fight for you." He then looked in a defying way to Loras Tyrell. The Knight of Flowers frowned and Rosemary grabbed his arm, whispering in his ear. "Loras, you have to fight for Tyrion, please!" Loras smirked at her. "Just wait, ok?"

In the meantime Prince Oberyn left his place as a judge and stood beside Tyrion. "I'm fighting for Lord Tyrion." He declared with a cold glance at Gregor Clegane.

Joffrey didn't seem to care. Cersei whispered some words in his ear and he nodded. He looked at his Kingsguard. "Ser Meryn. Ser Osmund. Ser Boros. Ser Balon." One by one all the ones called by the King took a step forward and bowed in front of Joffrey. Ser Osfryd Kettleblack, bother of Ser Osmund, but not a member of the Kingsguard took a step forward too. "Your Grace, I'd be honored if you let me fight for your side."

Joffrey nodded with a smile. "Very well, Ser Osfryd. And now the last place should be taken by my Uncle Kevan. To represent the family."

Ser Kevan closed his eyes for a second and took a deep breath trying to disguise his displeasure. "Of course, your Grace."

Joffrey turned his attention back to Tyrion. "So, Uncle, just one yet?" He laughed.

At the same time Bronn walked towards Tyrion. "It's two, your Grace."

Joffrey chuckled. "Still five missing."

Tyrion finally dared to look behind him. The first person he saw was Rosemary. He muttered a 'sorry' to her and she just slapped her brother's arm again. Loras Tyrell rolled his eyes and walked forward. "Make it three, then."

Joffrey frowned. "Ser Loras. What a surprise."

"Make it four." Mace Tyrell stood up and stood beside his son.

Cersei was fuming. "Where are the other three?"

Because both Loras and his father had offered themselves as champions, Lord Mathis Rowan took a step forward. "Make it five."

Tyrion raised an eyebrow. He looked again at Rosemary and she smiled at him.

After some silence Joffrey stood up. "That's it? Five? It's all you can get to defend your so called innocence?"

Ever so quietly, Podrick Payne walks out of the audience. "If my Lord allows it..." He says shyly looking at Tyrion.

Tyrion smiled relieved. "Of course I allow it, Pod. And wouldn't it be funny if you saved my life twice?"

Joffrey was starting to get angry. "Whatever. There's still one missing, if you can't find someone else or enter yourself as champion the trial is over before it even began and you're dead."

Tyrion looked at all of his champions. Some were definitely unexpected. He thought he would only need one and Prince Oberyn had offered himself as champion when he came to visit him in the night in his cell. Before that it was Lord Mace Tyrell who visited him and told him he would do anything to prove his innocence if Tyrion agreed to marry Rosemary again. Tyrion didn't even know what to reply to that request. Of course he would marry her. That was all he wanted. And then there was the other man. The third and last man to visit him... The one who even left Ser Meryn Trant almost dead of shock and fear.

Tyrion looked back at the audience. One more. You said you wouldn't fail me. If you do fail me I think I can be my own seventh champion... I'm sure I can unhorse and defeat at least one of those witless knights of the Kingsguard...

Tyrion's words were interrupted by a deep voice from the back of the room, the person it belonged to was hidden. "Your Grace, as you said so yourself, the last place should be filled by someone who can represent the family."

King Joffrey and Cersei frowned at those words. "Who is speaking? Show yourself!" Joffrey shouted.

The entire Throne Room went deadly silent as Ser Jaime Lannister stood beside Tyrion. "I know I've been away for some time but I think the dwarf is still my brother."