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Margaery was talking to her sister Rosemary before the funerals.

"Tell me all, dear sister, did Lord Tyrion do anything? I mean, you two spent live forever alone in that room and he is known for being quite insatiable..." Margaery giggled.

Rosemary blushed. "Oh, Margaery, of course he didn't. He just... He did kiss me and it was so... good. He's sweet, he's smart, even funny..."

"What? He kissed you? As in a proper kiss?" Margaery exclaimed excited.

Rosemary nodded. "Yes. You know, he's just suffered so much already in his life... And what he deserves is precisely the opposite."

"Yes, you already told me all that but what I really want to know now is the rest...Was it just a kiss? He didn't try anything else?"

Rosemary rolled her eyes at her sister with a smile. "No, he didn't. Tyrion would never do that before the actual wedding. In fact, he's even afraid of touching me... As he said himself, he's afraid of spoiling me, my beauty and innocence..."

Margaery laughed. "Are you serious?"

"I am."

"Do you think that will be a problem on your wedding night?" Margaery raised an eyebrow.

"Oh, no. It won't. He said he loves me and he just doesn't want to hurt me, he thinks I'll hate him if we lie down or something... He didn't comprehend that I love him. That I'm not afraid of him and that I love him just the way he is. I think he understood now."

"You are one of a kind, dear sister." Margaery smiled gently.

"I... I'm even ashamed of saying this..." Rosemary giggled blushing.


"Well, when we last kissed I could feel his... you know..." She flushed even harder. "I wish that was our wedding night. My only desire was to lie down with him right there."

Margaery laughed. "I can only imagine..."

"And another thing... He said he wants me to be Regent along with him... He wants me to rule too..."

"Oh... That man really loves you... I hope you realize how lucky you are."

"I know..."

At that moment, the door opened and Willas Tyrell, Garlan Tyrell and his wife, Leonette, entered the room.

"You have arrived!" Both Rosemary and Margaery went over to their brothers and sister in law and hugged them.

"As if we could miss our sisters' weddings..." Garlan smiled.

"And things have been a little confusing around here, uh?" Willas said. "Murders, vengeances, you both losing husbands to be..."

"Have you talked to father?" Rosemary asked.

Both men nodded and Willas spoke. "Yes. Let me see if I understood. You are marrying Tyrion Lannister again, after a short lived engagement to Lord Tywin, his father."

Rosemary nodded. "Yes."

Then he turned to Margaery. "And you are marrying now the new King, Tommen Baratheon which is only a child of nine, after the murder of Joffrey Baratheon."

Margaery nodded too.

Willas was amusingly surprised. "I don't even know what to say..."

"Well, how about saying something about your quill friend, Prince Oberyn? He killed all those people, with the help of his... lover, Ellaria. And worse, father knew, father was also involv..."

Garlan interrupted his sister. "Shsh, Rosemary. You should know by now that these walls have ears."

Willas nodded. "Indeed. Prince Oberyn and Father did what they had to do."

Rosemary shook her head in disapproval and Garlan got over her. "Dear sister, I've learned that you have developed special feelings for the dwarf... Remember that you wouldn't be marrying him if it wasn't for this turn of events..."


"Well, as far as I know, King Joffrey was not a beloved King, on the contrary. I'm not even going to mention the rumors of incest between Ser Jaime and Queen Cersei... I honestly am happy that Margaery is not marrying Joffrey and you are not marrying Lord Tywin." Willas said.

"And are you happy that I'm marrying Tyrion?" Rosemary asked.

"I do not know him well yet, but I think he's all right. Especially if you like him so much..."

Rosemary sighed. "He's more than all right. Anyway, we need to go to the funeral. Father, Mother and Grandmother are probably on their way."

"We came to attend two weddings, we end up attending four funerals..." Leonette commented.

On their way to the Great Sept of Baelor, Loras joined them at the exit of the Red Keep and half their way through the city they met up with Sansa who was riding with Podrick Payne in his horse.

"Lady Sansa." Rosemary called. She was riding with her brother Loras and their horse caught up with Podrick's.

"Lady Rosemary. Ser Loras." Sansa tried to smile. Even though Joffrey's and Cersei's deaths gave her a bit of happiness, the pain caused by her brother's and mother's murders was much greater.

"How are you? I'm sorry I haven't still talked to you after all that confusion of the trial and the news you got... I'm so sorry about your mother and brother..."

"Thank you, my Lady. But don't worry, I know you have had a lot to deal with."

Rosemary noticed the uneasiness of Podrick. She quickly understood that it was probably Tyrion who had made Podrick escort Sansa to the Great Sept maybe so they could get to know each other better. She wondered if any of them knew about Tyrion's intention of marrying them to each other.

Garlan and Leonette were already ahead of them but Margaery and Willas were still behind. Margaery approched them too. "Lady Sansa."

Sansa smiled at her. "Lady Margaery." As she looked at her, her eyes quickly laid upon the man riding with Margaery. She recognized the Tyrell's sigil on his clothes, one golden rose on a green field, and she noticed his crippled leg.

Margaery noticed her looks and said, "This is my brother Willas."

Willas bowed his head. "I'm very sorry about your loss, Lady Sansa. Accept my sincere condolences."

Sansa replied with a shy nod. "Thank you, my Lord. You're kind." She tried to ignore his leg and she focused on his face. He might not be as comely as his brother Loras but he was still handsome and there was gentleness in his eyes that caught her attention.

"I already said to Lady Sansa that she should visit Highgarden someday, I think she would love it there." Margaery said to her brother.

Willas nodded with a smile. "Absolutely. You're most welcome, my Lady." He noticed the sadness in her eyes and how she tried to disguise it with a courtesy smile. He wondered how she'd look when she smiled genuinely, out of happiness. Somehow that happened right then when she smiled at him. "Thank you, my Lord, I'd very much like that." For a moment Willas breath was taken, as her auburn hair was caught in the sunlight, shinning red and her blue eyes sparkled.

When they reached the Great Sept of Baelor Sansa remained together with the Tyrells. Podrick Payne stayed close to her as he had been instructed to.

Sansa noticed Willas was quite skilled in using just the one good leg he had and a walking cane. He smiled at her. "It's been quite some years now. I don't think I could use two legs anymore, even if I was granted a new one." He joked.

"Oh, I'm sorry, my Lord, I didn't mean to stare." She apologized embarrassed, lowering her head.

"It's fine, really. Don't worry." He smiled gently at her.

Sansa looked back at him and his kind eyes and smile calmed her. In fact she even found some comfort in them. "My brother Bran couldn't even walk after he fell down..." She didn't even know why she said that. It seemed to her that it happened a life time ago. Bran was not even alive anymore.

"Oh. He fell down a horse?"

"No, he used to climb walls and trees... One day he fell. It was when King Robert was visiting Winterfell... Then I came to King's Landing with my Father and sister and..." She tried to fight the tears that were filling her eyes as she realized that she would never see any of them again.

Willas knew what had happened to Ned Stark and now the recent news of Robb and Catelyn Stark's murders. "I can't possibly say I understand what you are feeling, Lady Sansa, but if there's anything me or my family can do for you, anything at all..."

"Thank you, my Lord, you're very kind but there's nothing that can be done."

Willas sighed sadly, looking at her. How could such a young woman like her have been through so much already. And the way she pretended to be strong... Maybe she was. He just wished he could ease her pain somehow, give her some comfort... "Sometimes things seem hopeless but then there's something that can suddenly change that. You're young, you'll have a family of your own, and maybe you'll even visit Winterfell again..."

Sansa's face lightened up upon hearing Winterfell. She had wished so hard to leave home and come to King's Landing and now all she wanted was to be back home with her family. She looked up at Willas. "I think I'd like that." He seems gentleEven his voice is soothing. "Did things seem hopeless to you when you had that accident?" She asked shyly.

"They did, for a moment. But then I realized there was so much more I could do that I was almost grateful for this. Well, sometimes my family thinks I spend too much time with my books and my horses and hounds but I love it."

She smiled upon seeing his happy expression. "I'm glad to hear it, my Lord."