A/N Disclaimer: I do not own Game of Thrones. This is purely a fiction exercise. Also because English is not my native language you may have to excuse some mistakes I may write. That being said I hope you enjoy it. :)

"And this is why they can't witness the birth of their children." Maester Gormon complained while he and Maester Lytos carried an unconscious Tyrion to a large arm-chair. "Even those who have long experience in war, blood and dead bodies get easily impressed with the simple and natural event of the birth of a child. And that is why I don't like having husbands assisting their wives giving birth."

"But Grand Maester, Lord Tyrion didn't see the birth..." Lytos said shyly.

"No, he didn't and yet he still fainted. Now imagine if he did." Old Gormon kept whining. "And it might change the relationship they have with their wives. Seeing a baby coming out of the woman they lie in bed with can make them never want to do that again."

Lytos smirked while Gormon slapped Tyrion's face and made him inhale some smelling salts.

Tyrion's consciousness quickly aroused. "What..." He said confused.

"You fainted, my Lord." Gormon explained.

"I fainted... Rosemary..." He mumbled. "Grand Maester, did I dream it or was it real?"

"It was tough, it was hard and painful but Rosemary was strong. She needs you now. They need you."

Tyrion jumped from the arm chair and ran to the contiguous room where Rosemary had been lying for the past eight hours now.

"Tyrion... you're awake." Her voice was weak but her smile was generous. "Are you okay?"

He stood standing in the middle of the room like he had frozen. He looked at the scene in front of him. This time he didn't faint but he was speechless.

Lady Alerie was sitting beside her daughter with a tender smile on her face. "I suppose I'll leave you alone now."

"Thank you for everything, Mother." After she left Rosemary spoke again. "Tyrion..."

He shook his head in disbelief. "Gods, is it real?" He still wondered if it was too much wine but he hadn't drunk any wine since his lunch and it was almost dawn already.

Rosemary nodded smiling while some tears ran down her face. "Yes. Come and meet them."

Tyrion walked towards the bed. His heart was about to burst with joy and excitement. A silent happiness that filled him completely. He couldn't stop staring at his wife and her company. He sat down next to her. "They are just beautiful." He managed to say.

Rosemary had one baby in each one of her arms. They were quiet, with their eyes closed, breathing slowly and quietly. They seemed so peaceful resting against their mother's chest that Tyrion was afraid of touching them.

Rosemary looked at Tyrion still with a big smile. "They were two. They are two. That's why I was always tired and with such a big belly. Maester Gormon says they are perfectly fine and apparently very healthy. Look at them."

Tyrion had his eyes full of tears. "My children." He leaned and placed a soft kiss on Rosemary lips. "How are you, my sweet wife? You must be exhausted..."

She kept smiling. "Yes, but it doesn't really matter. What matters is them."

"They are perfect." Tyrion contemplated his children. A couple. A baby boy and a baby girl.

Rosemary nodded. "They are. You have your heir right here. This little one was the first out." She chuckled nervously looking at the baby boy.

Tyrion wiped his tears off his face. "I... I have no words, Rosemary." He kissed very gently the babies' foreheads and then looked at her. "Thank you, my dear. I'll be forever grateful for this."

"No need to thank me, dear husband. Do you want to hold them?"

Tyrion hesitated. "Hold them? I... They look so peaceful right there with you..."

Rosemary chuckled at his fear. "Oh come on, they want to know their father too."

Tyrion seemed a little hesitant.

"Sit here next to me." Rosemary said.

Tyrion obliged.

"Here, take the boy, he's closer to you." She said.

Tyrion somehow managed to have his son and heir in his arms. The baby opened his eyes, muttered a sound and stared at Tyrion for a while. "Oh dear, I don't think he likes me..." He giggled amused.

Rosemary laughed. "Of course he does. He's not crying, is he? No, he's happy. Hold him against your chest." She suggested.

Tyrion did as she said and the baby nestled in his arms. "He's so vulnerable and fragile. I'm afraid I'll hurt him or something..."

Rosemary chuckled at Tyrion's words. "Of course you won't hurt him. And look at this precious little girl..." She caressed their daughter's head very gently and kissed her.

Tyrion smiled. "She has got her mother's beauty."

Rosemary smiled. "No, she's more beautiful."

"Who would have thought? Twins." Tyrion said happily.

"Well, Maester Gormon said it's not unusual because after all twins run in both our families. Your brother and sister, your cousins and Loras and myself..."

"Let's hope they'll be more like you and Loras and less like my brother Jaime and Cersei..." Tyrion smirked, obviously thinking about their incestuous relationship.

Rosemary understood what he meant. "Well, they'll be just... themselves. Humm, Tyrion, we have to name them."

Tyrion nodded. "We do. Have you thought about it already...?"

Rosemary shook her head. "Not really. I wanted to see if it was a girl or a boy first... And now we have both."

"I can name one and you can name the other..." Tyrion suggested.

Rosemary smiled. "Sure... You do already have something in mind, don't you?"

Tyrion looked at her with puppy eyes. "Guilty..." He pouted.

She grinned. "Okay... So, tell me what you have in mind, dear husband."

"Well... I thought we could name our daughter Joanna." A tear rolled down over his cheek when he said the name.

"Oh." Rosemary instantly understood. Tyrion's mother's name. "Of course we can, Joanna is a beautiful name and I think it suits her perfectly."

He smiled thankful at her. "Thank you, my sweet wife. You can now name this strong one here."

"Well... How does Luthor Lannister sound as heir of Casterly Rock?" She suggested hopeful. Luthor was her grandfather's name and Lord of Highgarden before her own father Mace Tyrell.

Tyrion smiled. "Sounds like our enemies will be terrified, right, baby Luthor? It's perfect."

Rosemary laughed and Tyrion added. "Plus, your grandmother Olenna might be pleased to have her great-grandson with her late husband's name. Or not, maybe she'll just get offended, I can never tell with her." They both burst into laughter which woke the babies.

"Oh, I think they are responding to their new names." Rosemary smiled as baby Joanna opened her eyes. "Do you want to hold her now?"

"Absolutely." Tyrion put Luthor back in Rosemary's arms and held Joanna in his own arms instead. "She's adorable. Oh, is she smiling at me? I swear she's smiling at me." He said excited.

Rosemary laughed. "I don't think newborns like these can actually smile but maybe she is. She likes you."

"My dear sweet Joanna, aren't you lovely? Oh yes you are." Tyrion spoke in a childish voice to his daughter. When he looked back at Rosemary he saw her breastfeeding baby Luthor. "Oh, smart boy." He commented amused.

Rosemary smiled embarrassed. "Oh, when you were unconscious, they both already did this. I suppose my milk is good, they never cried again after they were fed for the first time..."

"Of course your milk is good. How couldn't it be?" Tyrion started lulling Joanna in his arms.

Rosemary smiled and teased him. "I think you have a soft spot for Joanna..."

"Oh, I do and for young Luthor too. And for you. I don't think I ever loved you more than I do now, sweet Rose."

She reached for his hand and squeezed it. "Me too, Tyrion."

After feeding also the baby girl, Rosemary eventually fell asleep, exhausted. Tyrion joined her and for a few hours, before the babies' next meal, they rested in each other's arms while the twins slept in their cradles.