Every day it was the same thing.

He would Surf all the way out to the damn island.

Then he'd navigate the cave full of loathsome trainers.

Then he'd walk into the damn lobby and suffer snide remarks from Flint's annoying ass co-workers.

All while protecting the precious cargo that was Flint's lunch.

Every day, it made him so very irritable.

Upon reaching his destination, Volkner was always ready to tell Flint how much he hated doing this for him.

Every time the dopey redhead came running to hug him like they hadn't spoken in days, he'd forget it all.

AN:So I was poking around on Bulbapedia and somehow I ended up on Janine's page. I read that in Heart Gold and Soul Silver, she brings her father lunch every day. I thought that was really sweet! Although the trip has to suck, even for a ninja. So yeah, I just thought the idea of Volkner making the miserable trek up to see Flint every day would be a fun scenario to write. I hope you all enjoyed this chapter!

Oh, and as of today I decided I'm only going to upload on Saturday from now on. If you want to keep up with my updating schedule, I usually have information about it posted on my profile page.