The afternoon was scorching, hoping to cope with the heat, Flint suggested a trip to go get ice-cream.

"….Heeey Voooolkneeer" Flint drawled.

"What now?" Volkner knew this would be trouble.

"Hold my hand!" Flint demanded.

"There are kids and-"he sputtered.

"Do it," Flint threatened "or I'll do inappropriate things to this ice-cream in front of them."

"You wouldn't-" Volkner paused when he saw Flint, mouth agape, descending over his ice-cream.

Thinking of the children, Volkner snatched his lover's hand dragging him away.

"I knew you'd come around." Flint declared.

"…Shut up" he snapped.

"Whaaat?~ I was only thinking of you!"

AN: I would like to thank the lovely AniseAsylum and all her drabbling experience. If not for her, this would have been double its current length. I actually really enjoyed writing this chapter, which is probably why when I started it I went so far over the word cap.