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Team Free Will: Reunion


SUNDAY MORNING (morning after escape)

Briar starts hurling his breakfast across the kitchen, and comes very close to smashing his laptop. The Winchester's are once again all over the news, but this time it isn't about their capture and the brave men who arrested them, nor is it about the impending trial that dominated national news ever since... Both just vanished... First Dean, then Sam. Security cameras on and around them pick up no foul play, except that one second the brothers were hallucinating and freaking out in their cells, and the next... they disappeared into thin air.

Although, most news stations aren't saying they escaped: they're saying the brothers were taken by 'God' Himself. Several eye witnesses and some surviving camera footage confirms that the man who posed as God - and started murdering people a few months back - showed up at the prison and sent off a shockwave that shattered the front doors and windows, then disappeared just before Sam and Dean did.

And it's not just the fringe religious groups saying it either. It's all over mainstream media with varying levels of bullshit attached. The prevailing theory is that God decided to exact judgement on the notorious Winchesters and dragged them to Hell. Briar throws his full mug of coffee against the wall - getting the boiling liquid all over his hands - and the ceramic smashes to bits.

"Shit!" Briar rages as he dashes to the sink to run cold water over his burns. Why is everyone playing along!? This 'God' is obviously their accomplice! He manipulated the cameras and the eye witnesses, and snuck the brothers out somehow. Briar didn't believe the advanced hocus-pocus when this poser first started killing 'evil' people, and he isn't believing it now. What he does believe is that a religious extremist like him would be drawn to the Winchesters like a tween girl is drawn to Justin Bieber.

Briar thinks back to Friday morning after the brothers were carted away. I swear they create a bubble of insanity wherever they go...He got a call from a very-much-alive Trish Mason, who came home to find her husband murdered with a headless lady next to him. After DNA testing, it was confirmed that the dead woman was actually Trish's identical twin sister that nobody knew existed. Not even Trish.

And Dean riddled her with silver bullets and decapitated her! Briar fumes. Why didn't I just shoot them!?


I can confirm that both Sam and Dean found watching the news that morning hilarious.

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