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Sam lays there, holding Dean tight and listening to his soft breaths. He wonders how long until Dean is himself. Sam liked portable Dean, but missed regular size Dean. He likes touchy feely Dean, but misses his bad ass big brother terribly.

Dean gasps then grabs Sam's shirt. Sam holds him tighter.

Dean looks up at Sam and whispers, "Sammy?"

Sam leans over and gently kisses Dean's forehead, "Present, as always".

Dean nods and puts his head back on Sam's chest. Sam smiles sadly as he looks at his brother.

Sam calmly says, "You want to go downstairs and see if Bobby needs help with dinner?"

Dean nods. Sam lets him go.

Dean gets out of the bed and waits for Sam to stand up.

Dean grabs Sam's sleeve and follows him out of the room. They go downstairs and find Bobby setting the table for dinner.

Sam guides Dean to a chair at the table. Dean sits down and watches as Sam walks to the refrigerator and gets three beers. Dean watches as Sam walks back to the table and puts the bottles down.

Sam squeezes Dean's shoulder and walks over to the stove to help Bobby bring over their food.

Sam sits down catty corner to Dean, making sure his knee touches Dean's.

Dean relaxes for the first time and starts eating.

Bobby sits down. He and Sam eat and make small talk.

Dean eats quietly, occasionally looking up at Sam and Bobby.

After dinner, Sam and Dean wash the dishes.

Once the dishes are done, Dean grabs Sam's sleeve and follows his brother into the living room. Bobby is sitting at his desk. Sam guides Dean to the sofa and puts the remote control in his hand.

Sam kisses the top of Dean's head and says gently, "I'm going to take a shower, stay here with Bobby, ok?"

Dean looks at Sam with terrified green eyes, then he looks at Bobby.

Bobby sighs, "Should I sit on the sofa?"

Dean nods and watches as Bobby walks from the desk over to the sofa. Once Bobby sits down, Dean grabs his sleeve and offers Bobby the remote.

Bobby glances at Sam. Sam swallows and gets ready to say something.

Bobby smiles at him, "It's ok, Sam. Go take your shower. We'll be fine." He takes the remote from Dean, "Right, Dean?"

Dean looks at Sam then at Bobby, and nods.

Bobby smiles at Sam, "He's fine, go."

Sam nods, walks out of the room and goes upstairs.

He goes into the bathroom and starts to undress. He realizes that he still has Dean's amulet around his neck. He takes it off and looks at it sadly. He blinks away the tears that threaten to fall and puts the amulet around the door knob.

Sam takes his shower. He gets dressed, takes the amulet off the door knob and goes downstairs.

He can see Dean holding on to Bobby's sleeve with both hands. With a sigh, Sam walks into the living room.

Dean looks up and runs to Sam. Dean wraps his arms around his brother and holds on to the back of his shirt with both hands.

Sam holds Dean and gently rubs his back, "It's ok, Dean. I'm back."

Sam gently pulls away from Dean and smiles. He shows Dean the amulet, "Let's put this back where it belongs."

Dean looks at it and nods. Sam puts the amulet around Dean's neck. Dean looks down at the amulet, then looks up at Sam and smiles, "Sammy."

Sam smiles back weakly, then walks into the kitchen. He wipes the tears that once again threaten to fall. He goes to the refrigerator for three beers.

He turns around and sees that Dean is still standing there. Dean's eyes are full of fear.

Sam glances at Bobby. Bobby has moved to the armchair. His eyes are gentle, and he gives Sam a weak smile.

Sam swallows and quickly walks back to his brother, "Dean, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to walk away."

Dean grabs Sam's sleeve and follows Sam back to the sofa. Sam hands Bobby one of the beers and sits down, with Dean sitting next to him. Sam hands Dean a beer. They drink their beer and watch tv in silence. Dean holds the bottle with his right hand and Sam's sleeve with his left.

Around ten, Dean rests his head against his shoulder, Sam says gently to his brother, "Ready for bed?"

Dean nods, his eyes filling with fear.

Sam swallows, "Ok." He gets up, with Dean getting up with him, clutching his sleeve tightly.

Sam looks at Bobby, "Night, Bobby."

Bobby nods, "Night boys."

Dean whispers, "Bobby."

Bobby smiles at him. He gets up and walks into the kitchen. He needs something stronger to drink than beer.

Sam and Dean go upstairs to their bedroom. They change into their sleep clothes.

Sam gets into the bed and Dean waits until Sam is comfortable before laying against Sam's side, his head on his brother's chest. Sam fixes the sheets over them and holds Dean tight. Dean holds Sam's shirt with his left hand.

Dean falls asleep right away.

Sam lays there, listening to Dean's soft breathing.

He thinks about the future and feels tears run down his face.

Sam wants his big brother back, not just physically, but mentally. This broken man is not his brother. Sam knows that with Dean like this, they can't hunt. They would have to settle somewhere. Sam would have to get a job. Sam, wipes away the tears, when he realizes that he would have to work at home, because no way, could he go to work and leave Dean alone for eight or even six hours a day.

Sam completely rejects the idea of putting Dean somewhere, the thought of being away from Dean breaks his heart more than the thought of living with a broken Dean.

Sam knows that he needs to be strong, but right now all he wants is to be in Dean's arms and let his big brother make him feel safe. But instead, HE is holding Dean and keeping him safe.

Sam holds Dean tight and cries himself to sleep.

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Sam watches helplessly as the hellhounds claw Dean. The tears roll down Sam's face as his brother screams in pain.

Lilith, in Ruby's body, laughs and claps her hands. She is enjoying the show.

Sam sobs as Dean stops screaming. Dean lies in a pool of blood. The hellhounds chew and attack the dead body of Dean Winchester.

Sam screams at the hellhounds to leave Dean alone. He screams at Lilith. He screams...

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Sam feels two strong arms around him, holding him tight. He hears a gentle, "It's ok, Sammy, I'm right here."

Sam is afraid to open his eyes, if THIS is a dream, he doesn't want to wake up. He wraps his arms around a solid body and holds on tight to a shirt.

The gentle, but strong voice, says, "I don't know what you did, but I'm here."

Sam, his eyes still shut tight, sobs into the shirt and holds on tighter.

He says, "Sammy, I want you to open your eyes."

Sam shakes his head, afraid that he will disappear.

He moves them around on the bed, until he is laying on the bed with Sam laying against his side. Sam puts his head against his chest and listens to a strong heart beating in his ear. Sam sobs and tightens his hold on his shirt.

He places a hand under Sam's chin and tilts Sam's head up. With a gentle kiss on the forehead, he says, "Sammy, please, look at me."

Sam swallows and slowly opens his eyes. He looks into the clear green eyes of his big brother.

Dean smiles, "Hi, Sammy."

Sam looks at Dean and whispers, "Are you real?"

Dean chuckles, "I could ask you the same thing."

Sam puts his head against Dean's chest and holds Dean tight.

Dean snorts, "We'll talk in the morning?"

Sam nods as Dean fixes the sheets. Dean puts his head down on the pillow and wraps his arms around Sam.

Sam glances up at Dean, who smiles at him, and buries his face in Dean's shirt.

Sam falls asleep listening to Dean's heart beating. Dean falls asleep listening to Sam's soft breaths.

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Sam wakes up alone in the bed.

He looks around the room. No Dean. He throws the sheets off, and gets out of the bed.

He goes out into the hall and listens. He can hear Bobby moving pots downstairs in the kitchen, but no voices.

He looks over at the bathroom and sees the door is closed. He walks over and doesn't hear the shower.

Sam looks at the door, afraid to open it.

He is staring at the door, when it opens and Dean is standing there.

Dean is freshly shaven, his hair still wet from his shower, a gentle smile on his face, "Morning, Sammy."

Sam whispers, "It wasn't a dream", as he grabs Dean.

Dean laughs, "More hugging", as he puts his arms around Sam.

They hear footsteps on the stairs and with a growl, Sam pushes Dean into the bathroom and turns around.

Bobby is standing there, looking wide eyed at Sam.

Dean laughs as he pushes past Sam, "Sammy, you're a little too old to be screaming 'mine' at Bobby."

He smiles as he walks past a staring Bobby, "Good morning, Bobby. I'm starving." He goes downstairs.

Bobby watches Dean go down the stairs and turns to Sam, "Sam, THAT's Dean."

Sam nods, "Early this morning."

Bobby asks, "What happened?"

Sam shakes his head, "I don't know." He walks past Bobby, and runs down the stairs.

Dean is pouring coffee into mugs and looks up as Sam comes running into the kitchen.

Sam stops and stares at his brother.

Dean smiles, "Sit down, Sammy."

Sam sits down at the table. His eyes never leave Dean.

Bobby comes into the kitchen. He watches as Dean brings the mugs to the table.

Dean looks up and smiles at Bobby.

Bobby walks over to Dean and hugs him.

Dean laughs, "You too, Bobby".

Bobby smiles and pulls away from Dean, "It's good to see you, Dean."

Dean gives him a questioning look, "First food, then I want to know what I missed."

Bobby nods, "Ok". He helps Dean bring their breakfast to the table.

Sam watches his brother's every move, from his hugging Bobby to the moment he finally sits down at Sam's left. Sam moves his chair, so that his left knee touches Dean's right. Dean glances at Sam, but Sam has all his attention on his food. Without a word, Dean starts eating his breakfast. Bobby sits at Sam's right and starts eating.

They eat in silence until Dean can't stand it anymore. He asks, "What's today?"

Bobby glances at Sam, who hasn't looked up from his plate since Dean set it in front of him, and calmly says, "May 5th".

Dean stares at him, "The fifth? Three days? I've been gone THREE days?"

Sam pushes his plate away and yells, "Yes, three DAYS, Dean. It fucking felt like three YEARS." He gets up and runs outside.

Bobby takes a deep breath.

Dean gets up before Bobby can say anything, and without a word, runs after his little brother.

Dean runs outside and sees the Impala, giving her a brief smile, he looks around for Sam.

Dean hears a soft whimper coming from the direction of the Impala. He walks to her driver's side and sees Sam sitting on the ground in a tight ball. Dean sits on the ground next to Sam and pulls Sam into his arms. Sam buries his face in Dean's neck and wraps his arms around him. Dean rubs Sam's back with his right hand as his left holds Sam tight.

Dean says gently, "Sammy, please stop crying."

Sam mutters something into Dean's neck.

Dean laughs and tries to pull away from Sam, but Sam is holding him tight, "Sammy, I didn't catch that."

Sam slowly lifts his face out of Dean's neck. He looks at Dean and whispers, "I'm glad that you're you."

Dean gently wipes away Sam's tears and smiles, "You're gonna have to explain that to me."

Sam swallows and nods. He's still holding on to Dean. Dean gently grabs Sam's arms and stands up, pulling Sam up with him. Sam stands, he grabs one of Dean's sleeves.

Sam whispers, "Now I understand."

Dean had started walking back to Bobby's house, with Sam holding on, stops and glances at Sam, "Understand, what?"

Sam bites his lip, "Why you always held one of my or Bobby's sleeves, you were afraid we would leave you."

Dean looks at Sam confused, "When?"

Sam whispers, "When you first came back."

Dean nods, "I'm going to need a beer, before I find out about my missing three days."

Dean and Sam walk into the house. Bobby is sitting at his desk in the living room. Dean gently pries Sam's hand off of his sleeve and goes into the kitchen for three beers. Sam stands by the sofa and watches his brother. Dean walks into the living room, hands Bobby a beer. He walks over to the sofa, hands one to Sam and sits down. Sam sits at the other end of the sofa.

Bobby sighs, "Dean what do you remember?"

Dean drinks some beer and answers calmly, "I remember that the demon face of Ruby looked different. I remember her talking to Sam, then she opened up the door and the hellhound..." He stops talking as Sam sits at his side and grabs his right arm.

Sam whispers, "Skip that part, THEN what do you remember?"

Dean gently squeezes Sam's hand and continues, "That's pretty much it, until I woke up and heard Sam screaming from whatever nightmare he was having. To me, the attack felt like it happened last night, not three days ago."

Bobby glances at Sam, who is holding on to Dean's arm with both hands. His head resting on Dean's shoulder, his eyes closed.

Bobby clears his throat, "Well, Sam found a spell that night that kind of bought you back."

Dean glances down at Sam, and asks, "What do you mean 'kind of'?"

Bobby smiles, "You were eight years old."

Dean looks at Bobby with surprise, "Eight. Ok, I can see me recognizing you, but Sam would have been a complete stranger. Not to mention, the Impala is parked outside. How did you explain Sammy and Dad not being here?"

Sam opens his eyes and whispers, "I knew 'the code'."

Dean lifts Sam's chin up with his left hand, "You DID 'the code' in front of Bobby?"

Bobby snorts as Sam smiles, "I whispered it in your ear."

Dean laughs, "And then?"

Sam sits up and slowly lets Dean's arm go, "I explained that you had died and that I got you back."

Dean nods, "Then?"

Sam calmly says, "Then Alastair came for you and I sent his ass back to Hell. Chuck showed up and did something that made you 'grow up' overnight and ..."

Dean cuts Sam off, "Who the fuck is Alastair?"

Sam says coldly, "He was a demon that was working for Lilth, he thought that he would be able to take you back and I showed him that was not going to fucking happen. Thanks to Chuck, we have a new weapon against demons."

Dean nods, "That's awesome, what is this weapon?"

Sam takes a deep breath, "Me".

Dean gets off the sofa and looks at Sam, "What do you mean "me"? YOU are the new weapon against demons? How?"

Sam swallows, "I can send demons back to Hell with my mind." He glances up at Dean and waits for his brother's reaction.

Dean looks at Sam then at Bobby, "YOU knew about this?"

Bobby coldly says, "Don't use that tone with me, boy. Sam and I were not going to let some demon grab you, just when we had you back. Sam said that Chuck put the 'power' in his head and Sam did what needed to be done to keep you here."

Dean paces into the kitchen and back into the living room, in a tight voice he asks, "And who the fuck is Chuck?"

Sam whispers from the sofa, "God. Chuck is God. He told me what spell to use. He told me how to get rid of demons. He restored eight year old you, into Hell broken you and I am pretty sure that he restored Hell broken you into my big brother."

Dean sits on the sofa, "Hell broken me?"

Sam nods and looks up at Dean, "You only spoke two words, 'Sammy' and 'Bobby', the whole day. You held on to my sleeve or Bobby's. You knew the Impala and our weapons, but you needed me close. We went to bed last night and I wanted YOU back so bad." He tries to fight the tears that threaten to fall, but some do and he wipes them away angrily. "Damn, I haven't stopped crying since you died. The nightmare I had, was the hellhound attack and then YOU were talking and holding me, and I wanted it to be real, but I was afraid that it wasn't."

Dean nods, "That's why you refused to open your eyes." He puts his arms around Sam holding him tight.

Sam wraps his own arms around Dean and silently thanks Chuck for giving him back his big brother.

Bobby mutters, "Idjits," as he gets up, walks over to the sofa and hugs Sam and Dean.

The group hug lasts for a couple of minutes until Dean says, "Enough, before we start growing ladies' parts."

Bobby chuckles as he stands up and goes back to his desk. Sam laughs and lets his brother go.

Dean sighs, "Anything else?"

Sam shakes his head, "No, that's it."

Dean nods, "Ok, I need some air." He gets up and starts to walk out the living room.

Sam and Bobby look at each other. Sam gets up and grabs Dean's arm.

Sam says, "Where are you going?"

Dean pulls his arm out of his brother's grasp, "I'll be outside with the Impala. Can't spring all this on a guy and expect me to be ok with it."

Sam takes a deep breath, "Fine, but if anybody shows up, let us know."

Dean rolls his eyes at his brother and leaves the room without a word.

Dean walks out of the house and walks to the Impala, "Hey, baby. Did you miss me?"

Behind him, he hears, "Actually, I did."

Dean spins around and sees a twenty or so year old blonde woman standing near a pile of tires.

Dean silently curses himself for walking out of the house unarmed. He says coldly, "And you are?"

She laughs, "Dean, you forgot already?"

Dean coldly says, "Lilith."

Lilith smiles, "There you go. We can do this the easy way or the hard way, but you ARE returning to Hell with me." She takes a step towards Dean, but is only able to take that one step before slamming against an invisible wall. She glances down and sees that she has stepped into a Devil's Trap.

Before she can say another word, Sam and Bobby come running out of the house.

Dean looks at Sam, but before he can say anything, Sam steps in front of him, straightens to his full height and says to LIlith coldly, "Dean isn't going back to Hell, only you are bitch."

Lilith laughs, as she watches Sam raise his right hand, "Parlor tricks, Sam. How amusing."

Her laughter slowly dies as black smoke starts to bellow out of her mouth, and disappear into the ground. Her body drops to the ground seconds later. Sam grabs his head and starts to sink to his knees in pain.

Dean glances at the woman's body for a second as she falls, but he grabs Sam and slows his brother's descend to the ground. Sam lets his head go and wraps his arms around Dean. He buries his face in Dean's neck and closes his eyes against the pain in his head.

Bobby goes over to the woman and checks for a pulse. He breathes a sigh of relief, when she slowly opens her eyes.

Bobby smiles at her, "It's ok, miss." He helps her to her feet and guides her to the steps to sit down.

Dean holds Sam with his left arm, as he rubs Sam's back with his right. He whispers, "Were you in pain before?"

Sam whimpers, "Yeah."

Dean whispers, "Then this is a 'weapon' that is used only as the last resort."

Sam whispers, "if it saves you, I will use it EVERY time."

Dean sighs, "Bed and some aspirin, should help."

Sam softly laughs.

Dean gently pulls away from Sam, "What's so funny?"

Sam smiles, "Eight year old you, had the same idea."

Dean smiles, "And did it work?"

Sam smiles, "Of course, big brother knows best."

Dean laughs and gently helps Sam to his feet. Meanwhile, Bobby has gotten the young woman some water and aspirin for HER headache.

Bobby walks her to his Chevelle. He says, "She says that she left her car on Drendon Road."

Dean nods as he leads Sam into the house, "I'll take care of Sammy."

Bobby laughs, "Like I was going to suggest anything else." He gets into his car and drives off.

Dean helps Sam upstairs to their bedroom. He gets Sam into bed and covers him up.

Dean goes downstairs and gets a bottle of water out of the refrigerator. He goes back upstairs and gets two aspirin from the bottle in the bathroom. He brings the aspirin and water to Sam. Sam smiles at the sense of deja vu. He takes the aspirin and finishes the bottle of water, just as he did before.

Dean says gently, "Get some sleep, I'll be downstairs." He turns around to leave, but Sam grabs his shirt.

Dean sighs, "Figured as much."

Sam moves to the left of the bed, allowing Dean to lay down and get comfortable. Sam lays against Dean's left side and puts his head on his big brother's chest. Sam smiles, when he thinks about the first time he used his power and his 'big' brother took care of him. His head just fit on eight years old Dean's chest, now he has room for his head and room for his hand to hold Dean's amulet. Dean rests his left hand on Sam's back. He covers Sam's hand with his right.

Sam listens to Dean's heart beating and relaxes. He once again sends a silent 'thank you' to Chuck.

Dean says calmly, "Sammy, thank you for getting me out of Hell."

Sam looks up at Dean, "You're welcome."

Dean smiles and kisses Sam's forehead, "Get some rest, Sammy."

Sam puts his head back on Dean's chest and closes his eyes. Dean is alive, he is no longer broken AND Lilith has been taken care of, Sam can relax and be the little brother again.

Sam falls asleep with a smile on his face and Dean's heartbeat in his ear.

Dean, who had HIS sleep interrupted by a little brother's nightmare, falls asleep as well.

When Bobby returns from dropping off the poor young woman Lilith had picked as a meatsuit, he finds both of them sleeping peacefully in each other's arms. Bobby is hit with a sense of deja vu and with a smile, closes the bedroom door and goes downstairs.

Chuck watches from outside and smiles. THIS time he got it right.


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