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Original Character Introduction: Koichi Seiji by meteorthunder3

[The Past: October 10]

"He's carrying that stupid puppet around again, huh?"

"What is his, five? Who carries stuff animals? Freak!"

"Bet you he sleeps with it! Heck, bet he thinks it's alive! Ha!"

"Nah! You know what I think? His parents are probably embarrassed to have a son like him."

He knew the words, syllables and rhymes from the older kids, but it never put an indentation in him once he grew tolerable to them. They were just words; false words that didn't create truth, and since they weren't true – he wouldn't give them a purposes.

The kid watched them disappear around the corner; their echoing laughter fading with them. With a sigh, he tucked the plushie within his right pocket and adjusted the brown paper bag within his left arm.

He carried on pass the other kids and adults, staring at him, waiting for him to breakdown.

"Chi-Chi~~! Chi-Chi~!" Light burden formed on his legs from left, right, front and behind.

"Ah! G-Guys..." he restored his balance with the groceries, a faint smile creeping across his lips, "W-Watch o-out h-he... here."

"Chi-Chi! When awe yous comin' o'var today?" one of the small children spoke up, her smile like the sun.

The boy patted her on the head, ruffling it up, "A-After I help o-out my Mm-... Mom." He replied back, his lips never twitching at his stutters.

"Aw~!" and "Noo~!" came from the small group of youngsters', and he couldn't benefit himself and let a chuckle escape.

It was like this every day for him – with the children of the small town. He'd promise to play with them every day, either night or dawn, and he has yet to cessation a single promise.

He enjoyed playing with the kids; kids that don't judge him and appreciate toys as much as himself. He could share his passion with them and never be refereed and would always receive "You awe cool~!" from the little kids.

"Caretaker Aoi said you will come later on today at nwight." A boy spoke up, gripping and tugging on his left pant leg.

"Hm." he nodded at the group of orphans who stared at him with wide eyes, "I'll be o-over a-at night to play w-wi-wi... with you a-all." He then made a hand motion for the kids to step back, "But ri-ri-right now I h-have to get back a-as quick a-as possible or my M-M-Mom won't h-ha-... have your s-s-s... s-s-s...sweets done for tonight."

The kids circled their lips with gasps because none of them certainly wanted their sweets not to be delivered.

Eventually, the kids broke off from him and ran off back to the orphanage in limitless optimism.

Finally reaching his Mom's restaurant, he took in the waving male in front of the doors who wore a silly grin.

"Sorry, Koichi! I had something to do offhand and by the time I got to the store, they said you had already left." the adult gave a small laugh, looking a bit sheepish.

"It-it-it-it's fine." the boy stuttered, a smile on his lips.

"All right, okay. Cool." He patted the boy's shoulder then turned to open the door for him.

The two walked pass the quiet staff members' who were cleaning up the tables and preparing to close up; giving each other waves and small greetings as they walked into the back room.

"Koichi! Saito!" A woman called with jubilation, bringing the two males' into a pleasant squeeze, "How are you two doing? Did the shopping go fine? Find everything on the list, right Koichi?"

The boy nodded and held the bag out to his Mother who took it with a smile.

"I should be heading out, Mrs. Seiji." Saito bowed, gave Koichi a pat then left the room.

Silence engulfed the pair as they took out each item from the bag and onto the counter; lined up perfectly.

The women spoke up, "Saito wasn't around when you went shopping, precise?" His Mother gazed down at him with a divine smile.

Koichi shook his head, feeling guilty that he pretty much tattletaled on the older male, "No. Sorry." he stuttered.

"It's okay. No need to apologize, dear." His Mother instructed him, "But I don't blame him going off on his own since his son is becoming quite the troublemaker." She spoke in an undertone but Koichi caught it yet didn't make a comment.

After getting the ingredients out and setting them up in order, his Mother detected something amiss.

"Oh dear. Koichi, you picked up the wrong chocolate."

The blond boy stiffened, "I-" his stutter fell on deaf ears.

"I'm going to be back, okay? Let's hope they're still open since the suns setting..." His Mother briskly walked around the room, gathering her items to go out. "Koichi, dear, do you think you can start the first batch and pre-heat the oven while I'm away so that the food doesn't get delayed?" With a firm nod from her son, she waved and took off.

Minutes flew by as Koichi prepared the ingredients and soon the sound of the back door ringed in his ears.

"Oh! Koichi! Didn't know you were alone." A man's voice questioned, "Where's your Mother?"

The blond boy turned and gave a minor bow to his Father, "Sh-She went to g-get s-s-something ex-extra."

"Ah..." the man peered around the room, taking in the items and the oven's timer, "Say... Koichi?" he grabbed his son's attention, "You think you can do me a very, simple and quick favor?"

Koichi blinked, and then nodded.

"All right. You think you could head over to the lodge cabin and bring over some wood? I would do it myself but I'm short on time..."

"I-It's fine, F-Father."

"Thanks son!"

Koichi took off his apron, set it down on the counter and went around turning the electronics down or either off. Once done, he made it to the back exit and went off toward the single cabin with a haunting sense that someone was observing him.

'Being paranoid here...' He unlocked the door and walked in, taking a look around for the brand of wood his Father needed. It then dawned on him that his Father didn't tell him the sort so he would just have to wing it.

Koichi peered over the wood, picking and setting them down as he weighted them and gazed at the outer appearance... 'Dad's working on the small objects this time around, so this type would suit best.' Again, he wasn't sure how much he should get so he gathered a level quantity of four.

"...-!" Koichi jumped at a sound from outside, releasing the wood. Hissing at his girly actions, he bent over and picked up the pieces to only hear the sounds again, but this time he identified them as voices: child voices of laughter and whispers.

"...?" He tried to peer over the widow, placing his plushie down on the wooden countertop.

Nothing. Must be his imagination.

With shrug, he picked up his plushie and walked toward the exit; his eyes catching a wooden parrot that lay crocked. Once fixed, he pulled the handle.

Clunk. Clunk.

"Wh-Wha..." He stared at the steel handle, unable to pronounce words as fear spellbound him. Why was the door locked? It can't be locked from the inside so...

He tried again but with more alarm and force.

"Haha! See, told you he would start to panic so quickly!" Koichi heard the older boys' voices laugh at him.

"You're right! Hey, we gunna do this now or are we just gunna laugh at him until nightfall?"

"You're right. Hey! Bring me that..." the rest of his sentence faded to the back of Koichi's head. Terror took over his body's movements and mind, common sense was long gone.

Thunk. Thunk.

"Let's see you walk around with your head held high now! HA!" He heard the boys' footsteps disappear as a crackling sound ringed.

'No... No...' Fright streamed through his veins as he did whatever he could to open the door, but it wouldn't budge.

The temperature rose within the cabin as well as his breathing.

'Smoke... Smoke?!' Did they set the cabin on fire? Why would they do that?

Dropping the wood since his life meant more; he took steps backward then rammed the door with all his strength.


Again, he rammed it but with his right shoulder this time.

'I think I felt something... Let's try again...' And he did, but agony shot through his arm instead of freedom.

"Argh!" He hissed, gripping his shoulder as he tried to equal his breathing but it wasn't going to work with the smoke around him.

Why did the cabin have a lock on the outside and not the inside? Who made this cabin?! Oh, yeah, his Father. 'Why didn't Dad listen to Mom when she said the lock should be switched...'

"-!" Something trickled from his face and onto his hands. Wiping his forehead, he noticed that it wasn't sweat. "Am I... I... crying?" He tried to laugh in a bitter way but it came out as a brutal cough. He couldn't stay here for long.

Maybe fate had planned this for him, to pass on tonight while not hurting anyone physically. Maybe he should just accept it. Maybe it was for the better.


The wood collapse from above, cutting lethally close to whacking him out cold; then came another then another, cornering him feet away from his only exit.

He was going to be scorched alive.

"Tch!" He hiccupped as he bumped into the wooden wall, prompting the wooden parrot to fall onto his lap. With his right hand, he took out his wolf plushie and hugged it for the life of him.

'Please... I don't want to die!' The last thing he sensed before the smoke wholly seized over was his body being elevated off the ground, as if something was carrying him.

.[The Present: September 3].

Len Little was currently waltzing through a small town, miles away from Magnolia.

'Why is the world so, so very cruel?' Len cursed the darkening sky as his fisted his dark hair, his eyes shut tight. 'Five days... It's been five days and I have yet to find anyone to join my team...'

He had taken the old man's word that day and went to inspect the kids (even though he's roughly the same age as most) but ended up discovering they were either enrolled in Fairy Tail or were going to a different guild; no one else was available.

But he looked on the bright side, and that bright side was that Shield was going to have a tough time just as himself.

"But I'm still empty handed..." Len muttered, hunching his back and he couldn't care less about the people giving him peculiar stares. Worse comes to worse, he'll give them something to gaze at with disgust.

"!" The dark-haired boy grinned at his stomach, "Guess it's time to eat, huh?" With a tap over his black tank top, he took it upon himself to check out his surroundings for any respectable food joints.

"Sweets, sweets... There's got to be a bakery here... C'mon man... I need me self some swe-!" There! Right between a barber shop and clothing store. "Score!" After having a little celebration to himself, he high-tailed it toward the entrance but got cut off by a group of kids.

"Come on guys! We're goin' to miss it again!" one boy shouted, most likely the leader of the pack.

"We better not!" another comeback.

"Yeah! Brother said he's going to head to Magnolia after the show!" a girl spoke up, her preppy voice having an annoying ring in Len's ear.

Before he could give those pest a piece of his sixteen-year-old mind, they were off and gone, heading straight into the forest.

"..." No. He was too hungry to be curious about this dude's 'Magic' and 'show'. With an hmph, Len adjusted his folly red hoodie and took two steps toward the sweet store.

"Damn you conscious! Damn you to He-!" He caught himself, taking a deep inhale then exhale. He'll be damned if he let those kids, non-Magic users, out into that forest where creatures lurk to pounce on the weak.

"One of these days..." he muttered darkly to himself, bypassing strange stares, "I'm not gunna listen to you, conscious. I'm not! So until that day comes..." He'll obey like the good little boy he was.

Minutes flew and Len soon found himself at the edge of the forest upon entrance. He peered to his right then left. Why did he feel like he'll regret walking into the forest? Or, better yet, feel enthusiastic? It was like something inside of him was telling him to hurry his scrawny rear into that forest or his opportunity was going to pass him.

With a sigh and a decision made, Len jogged into the trees.


"...see tha-..."


Len picked up the kids voices and a few more deeper in the woods from his minute journey. How far are those kids in? And why do they sound so calm?

'Dude, they wouldn't be in trouble since they're seeing someone who knows Magic...' They were safe as long as they were with the Mage.

But curiously bit him in the rear, producing the teen to stalk his way through the trees, trying his best to enter with low presence.

And that's when he saw something magnificent.

A large, overgrown Raven was circling a huge wolf in the middle of the forest. At first, Len didn't pay any heed to the kids in awe; his focus was solely on the two overly large creatures and their stance for battle.

It was intriguing to Len – how a wolf would stand its ground against a Raven, much less the size of that Raven. 'I would've hauled my rear out before that Raven could blink...'

The wolf made its move, diving toward the Raven but it avoided with ease and surprisingly good speed considered its size.

The Raven countered; its dive led with its peak. It almost looked like it was going in for the kill.

The battle, or maybe spar, between the two finally ended over sometime once a figure strolled out amongst the kids.

"All right guys!" the person's voice was light and masculine, obviously a teenager was speaking, "Time to head home! It's getting late and I don't want parents complaining to me again about keeping you all out pass ten."

The kids answered him with childish responses.

The male gave a laugh to them, in which Len picked up the deepish tone of it, "I know. I know. How 'bout this: I come back two weeks from now and stay for five of those days? How 'bout it?" There was a stutter in his words, Len had picked up, but the kids seemed to ignore it or didn't notice it at all.

"Fine~!" They chorused.

With a wave, the blond teenager summoned the large Raven over, "Now, who wants to ride him? Ne?"

Len watched the kids piled onto the bird then took off toward the town, leaving the wolf and the teenager behind.

'Woah...' He stared in awe at the sky where he last saw the bird. Tearing his eyes away from the spot, he peered back to the male who stared square back.

"Fu-!" Len jerked his body away from the tree truck, took a step forward than jolted to his left to only smack his face on the said surface. The dark-haired teen rubbed his face with his palm to bay the discomfort.

"Name, please?"

Len stopped his motions with a gapped mouth. Without turning any body parts, his eyes clash with a beautiful shade of green; dark jade almost. 'The hell? I'd rather have him laugh at me then act like I didn't just embarrass the hell out of myself in broad daylight! And what's up with the politeness?'

"...Little..." Len slurred a dark glint in his light brown eyes.

The blond only raised an eyebrow; Len took a quick glance at his blond styled hair, taking in the two tufts like locks appearing as wolf ears and a headgear that wrapped around his forehead where furry straps laid flopped over his ears.

"That's your first name?" He gave the impression that he was innocently curious.

Len made a face, "No. That's my last name. Like am going to tell a stranger my first name. Tch."

After that response, the two stood in awkward silence as they took in the others appearance.

Len inspected the teen's face where two yellow, slanted triangles were printed to his dark jade eyes then light tone skin. The blonde's attire was simple, consisting of a black tee-shirt, navy blue cargo pants that fit slightly baggy, black and blue fur boots completed with a navy blue cloak.

'Who wears fur clothes these days?'

"What's your name kid?" Len asked with attitude, his eyes landing on the guys rectangular sunglasses.

"...Seiji." Now it was Len's turn to raise an eyebrow, "Last name. Not like I fond telling strangers my first name." The boy had spunk, he'll give him that.

Len gave off a charming smirk, "And here I thought you wouldn't have this type of attitude given your height and all."

Seiji's eyebrow twitched ever-so-slightly that Len almost didn't catch it. 'So his height is a sensitive spot, eh?'

"My sincere apologize for not being what you've expected." He mocked a bow at Len which got him to boil over.

"Look here, you miniature, scrawny br-!" Len started with heavy stomps but stopped when it dawned on him that 'Seiji' might consider joining the guild. 'I probably already ruined that...'

With a sigh, Len palmed his face and murmured a, "Let's start over. Last name is Little, please no puns, and let's just say I go by many names, but 'Len' it one of my main." He finished with his hand extended for the blond, his eyes drifting to the large wolf behind the boy.

He picked up the hostile vibes from the dark-haired boy and shook the boy's hand, 'He's got small and soft hands for a Mage...' "Sorry if he causes you any discomfort." he nodded toward the creature, "My names Koichi Seiji." He shook the boy's hand once more before letting go.

Len was a bit... astonished once the boy uttered his full name. 'Koichi? As in the Koichi who... Nah! Can't be! Isn't he shorter than this dude?' He took a quick glance over once more and racked through his foggy memory for a face and name. 'Holy-! It is him! Thank God I didn't introduce myself as...'

"You've got a funny name. Bet you those kids nickname you 'Chi-Chi', huh? Hu~h?" The words spilled out before they could filter through his brain, so Len played it off as a joke. If he could, he would be nudging the boy's gut.

A ghost of a smile appeared on the boy's face with certain glint in his jade eyes, "Of the sorts, yes."

Len nodded, "All right then. I'm gunna be frank, Seiji."

"Koichi's fine."


"Koichi, please."

"Okay, Koi." Len grinned like a serial killer at the slight irritation the boy held, "You in a guild yet?"

Koichi blinked, titled his head then spoke a simple, "No." to Len.

The hoodie wearing guy felt as if he could kiss the boy on his lips! "Awesome! How 'bout joining Mythical Lotus and joining my team?" Len had made it closer to the short dude, towering him over by five inches.

Koichi took a step back, not from the height but from personal space, "A little too frank, don't you say?" But there was a grin planted upon his features and he didn't know why.

"I'm just that type of... person." Koichi wondered why he had paused at that point, but shrugged it off as nothing.

It wasn't like he particularly had anywhere to go. As of now, he was just roaming the lands, performing for kids out of a compassionate heart. It may do him justice to be settled with a guild now.

And he heard small rumors about Mythical Lotus. They were a fine guild; small and friendly. No strings attached.

"How 'bout I s-stick around for a week over so and see if I like it?" Koichi offered, his eyes caught onto Len's light brown hues, seeing if he picked up his short stutter.

He did, but didn't call it, "Only makes sense, Koi."

"But please call me Koichi."

"Sure thing, Koi~!" He wasn't going to listen to him, but yet that didn't really bother him.


Len interrupted the blonde's words as he pumped his fist in the air, shouting, "In your face, Shield! I'm one up! How you like me now!?"

It was as if he had gone mad. But Koichi let a laugh escape his lips with a grin. He certainly wouldn't regret joining.

"All right! Onward to finding two more tea-" The next thing the two knew, Len had face planted into the ground with Koichi's feet in front.

"Len, are you al-"

"I'm bleeding?!" Len shouted, his eyes on the red fluid resting on his palms, "Who bleeds after hitting dry leaves?! The hell is this sorcery!?"

Yeah, he undoubtedly doesn't regret joining at all.

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{"Dialogue Preview" for Chapter Three:}

"Didn't I inform you, Haru?" Len bit, "I want Mages' over the age of sixteen. I do not want to babysit kids!" His eyes were flamed, his lips narrow, "It's bad enough that I have a soon-to-be team-mate who's shorter then me - no offence, Koi." he added with a smile.

The blond rolled his eyes.

"What if I tell you she's sixteen?"

"Then for some reason, I still feel like a pedophile." Len deadpanned.