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Part 4: No Longer Lonely

Emma walked out of Killian's cabin after three days of solitude feeling empty and lost. She had woken up that day and just stared at the cabin door, trying to put herself back together. She had gone through many deaths and heartbreaks throughout her life but the fact that she had been so distraught she had broken down, publicly, made her feel weak. His presence had healed her but his absence had quickly destroyed her. Not wanting her parents to hover over her and pity her, she waited for them to leave before getting dressed and opening the doors with a new mindset. She was just going to put her walls back up and let no one back in. Her break down was a great example why she should have never broken them down in the first place.

She decided her first destination would be the galley to get some water and food, feeling famished and dehydrated. As she walked into the galley, she nearly walked straight into Regina. Regina raised an eyebrow at her and her lips turned up into a smirk as she looked her up and down. Emma responded with raising an eyebrow of her own, challenging her to saw a word about her days of absence.

"Good morning, Miss. Swan." Regina murmured as she nodded to her before continuing on her way, up onto the deck.

"Welcome back, dearie!" exclaimed a voice to her right as she went to pick up a fruit that had been picked from the island. "One must be extremely tired to sleep for nearly three days."

"The heat makes me tired I guess." Emma rebuffed sarcastically as she turned to look at Gold sitting on a chair with his legs propped on the table in a most-relaxed fashion. Gold's behavior since coming to Neverland had been strange. The old Gold was much more stiff and business-like. It was hard to tell if his casual attitude was because of him getting used to his new family, or he felt more at ease in a magical realm.

"Well, you were sincerely missed, dearie." Gold replied, grinning like this some how amused him. Gold continued calmly, "The last thing we needed was to lose another crew member." Emma stilled for a moment before nodding at him with a blasé expression.

"Well, I am here now. I am going to go look at the maps to try to decide where we should look next." She said, turning around and grabbing a mug of water and her fruit before walking out of the room and onto the deck. She walked swiftly back into the Captain's cabin to grab some of the maps of Neverland, before running back out with them and bringing them up to the helm, not wanting to be in that room any longer or waste time when they could be trying to find Henry. For about thirty minutes, she studied the map, making notes of where they had not been yet. Gold and Regina occasionally came over to put their two cents in about where to search, but other than that, they did tedious jobs like polish the steps of the ship or make the cots in the crews quarters, not wanting to waste their energy using magic for insignificant jobs. Emma was looking at Skull Rock when her thoughts were interrupted by yells.

Emma looked down onto the main deck in confusion as she saw Gold and Regina rush to the side of the ship and throw down ropes and then begin pulling them up. It took her a minute, believing it was too short of a journey for it to be her parents, to realize they actually were pulling up Mary Margaret and Charming. She ran down to help, but they had already done the work and were tying the row boat to the ship when her parents began stepping out of it. She heard her father, still in the boat, conversing with Gold as Mary Margaret stepped out carefully.

"-has been muttering something about staying away from Mermaid Cove."

"-that was where you found him?"

"No, he was unconscious on the beach at the edge of the jungle."

"-not dead?"

Mary Margaret gave her a nervous smile and a relieved hug before running back to the boat to help Charming with something.

"Dad, what did you find on the beach?" Emma asked curiously and concerned. "Mom, what are you doin-" Emma began to ask when she saw Regina's eyes widen in surprise and Gold raise an eyebrow in astonishment, looking at something her mother's body was blocking her from seeing clearly. She strode towards the row boat and looked inside when she heard a small groan come from it as her parents strained to haul something out of the boat. Her eyes widened and she choked on another question she was about to ask when she looked a battered and bruised-looking Killian straight in the eyes.

Emma stepped a few steps back and covered her mouth with her right hand as she felt a mixture of shock, confusion and surprise overwhelm her. She watched, paralyzed, as her parents put each of his arms behind their necks and helped walk him onto the deck before helping him sit on a crate. She had thought this man was dead for three days and it had ruined her. Now, if she was not hallucinating or dreaming this, he was somehow back from the dead and sitting ten feet in front of her. She was torn from wanting to hide before more damage could be inflicted on her, believing this as a cruel joke of Neverland or running to him and embracing him, revealing to him her heartbreak from his supposed death and her secret love for this incorrigible man.

She decided against both though, knowing if she showed anything more than a normal crew members relief to their captain's return she would be revealing too much. His return just proved that she had a second chance and she was not going to destroy it by letting those new walls crumble down once more. She could not live if he somehow died -again- and it was her fault. Falling in love could only hurt her and him. So she knelt down next to him, observing his wounds so she would not have to look into his swollen, impossible blue eyes and break her resolve.

"I am glad to see you are okay, Hook." she told him as she observed a wound on his leg."How are you holding up? I was afraid you were dead."

Hook stared at her for a minute as if she were a deity. He lifted his hand to her cheek and caressed it with his thumb as he lifted her head to look him in the eyes. He had watched her fall off that cliff into the rough falls. He had looked over the edge to see nothing. The fact that she had lived and he was touching her was a miracle.

"Why would you be afraid? Aren't we dead, love?" he asked in a soft, non-thinking voice. "Is this not heaven, where we can be together? Because if not, I don't want to live another day like we have been. I almost lost you without telling you I lo-"

"I was afraid, because if you were dead, we would have no Captain to sail the ship. We are not dead." Emma cut in, not looking him in the eyes, knowing where his words were heading and her heart clenching at the thought. "You are here, only to help me find my son. That is what we were doing when we got separated. Correct?" she clarified, trying to make sure he knew their relationship was nothing but business. His eyes widened in confusion and disbelief before they hardened when she had looked back at them but there was something in them that told her this was not over.

"My apologies, Princess." he whispered, quickly removing his hand and unsteadily getting to his feet. "I was mistaken. I, also, am relieved to see I did not lose a crew member." He limped over to the steps, shaking off any help that came his way and holding back his groans of pain as he pulled himself to the wheel. He looked down at the maps before declaring they could have story time later but at the moment the must head off to Skull Rock. Everyone burst into action, untying the ropes and getting set to sail. Even the sudden movement could not stop the guilt from overcoming her from hurting Killian. If keeping her walls up was supposed to help her not get hurt, then she could not help asking herself why she was in so much pain.

The rest of that day went on silently, except for the wind that blew the sails and Hook shouting orders. Everyone was still shocked that Hook was not only alive but also working effectively. During dinner, Hook had told everyone what happened to him in those three days he was missing, avoiding Emma's gaze as he told his story. Emma then did the same, not putting much detail about her locking herself in his cabin for those three days. That night, Hook retired early for bed, leaving everyone to be able to talk for an extra hour and David and Mary Margaret tell everyone where they had found Hook. than before everything happened. Emma wanted to sleep also, but as she walked into the Crews Quarters, Mary Margaret followed her in and quickly shut the door behind them. Emma turned fast in alarm, only to see it was her mom.

"What do you need, Mary Margaret?: Emma asked, knowing Mary Margaret had not come in here to also sleep. Lucky for Emma, Mary Margaret cut quick to the chase.

"Why did you act that way towards Hook today?" she asked in an almost angry but curious tone.

"What do you mean? I acted how I normally do." Emma responded with a confusion-laced question.

"You are in love with him and have been mourning his loss for three days, alone. When you saw him today though, you gave him the cold shoulder and shut down his attempt to tell you he loves you back."

"I am not in love with Cap-"Emma started, as if her mother were being silly but Snow cut her off.

"I would believe you, if it were not for the fact that your calls out to him kept me up at night. When you locked yourself away for those days, you had nightmares and you always cried for 'Killian.' Today, you did not even call him Killian as you normally do. What changed to make you-"

"I can't handle the guilt and pain it all brought me!" Emma shouted at her as if she was being cornered. "When I believed he was dead, I knew it was my fault because he went searching for me. It still is my fault he got tortured. That pain at the thought of him dying alone without me there was excruciating and how I dealt with this pain and heartbreak made me an open target. A weakness that the shadow can feed on."

"I know-"Mary Margaret tried again but was cut off.

"No. You already have your 'True Love.' You already have your happily ever after." Emma choked out as her mother looked at her sadly. "Yes, I love Killian. But it is because I love him that I don't want him getting attached to me. If he has to choose to save me or himself in the jungle, I want him to save himself. Living with that guilt alone would kill me. Besides, he knows the land and Regina is here so Henry could still be saved. "

"You were so focused avoiding your feelings today, that you could not see his. Take down those walls before they cave in on you, Emma." Mary Margaret said quietly before kissing Emma's cheek and walking back out of the room leaving Emma alone.

Emma could not sleep. She kept having the same dream of Killian about to admit his feelings to her when she shut him down. The hurt look in his eyes was enough to wake her up from her sleep. Deciding against trying to sleep again, she quietly slipped out of her cot and silently tip-toed out of the quarters, shutting the door behind her. She walked up onto the deck and passed the Captain's Quarters as she made her way to the helm. She held onto the rail as she looked out onto the waves of the sea and almost screamed in surprise when she heard a voice behind her.

"Something scare you, Princess?" Hook asked, chuckling at Emma's alarmed face as she spun around to see him.

"No." Emma said bitterly, not liking that he had made her jump. "And don't call me Princess! I have told you not to before, Hook."

"Was that before or after you stopped calling me Killian?" he asked, his smile fading and turning serious.

"I don't know what you mean, Hook." Emma dismissed, turning back around to look at the water so she would not let him see how much the topic bothered her. Emma took a sharp intake of breath when Hook grabbed her by the arm and yanked her back to face him.

"Yes, you do." he growled, leaning down so their noses were nearly touching, daring her to move. "For three bloody days I believed you to be dead. I believed it to be my fault that you were dead, believing I did not defend you as well as I should have and I deserved the torture the Lost Boys inflicted on me. I truly believed I had lost another love. I find out you are alive and that I have a second chance with you and you dismiss me before I can tell you what I thought I would never have the chance to tell you."

"I would believe you did not feel the same for me, if it were not for the fact that you could not even look me in the eye while denying the feelings you had." As he said this, he had pushed Emma to the railing, where she had to lean on it to not be pressed against Hook. "Look me in the eyes, love, and tell me that you truly hold no feelings for me."

"I…" Emma tried to tell him she did not feel anything for him, but looking into his eyes, she knew she could not. Even from when they had first met he could read her like an open book. But she knew she had to stop him from saying things he could not take back; revealing feelings she could not deny reciprocating. "It would never work between us, Killian. There is no way the famous Captain Hook could settle down in the small town of Storybrooke and I have a son that needs a steady home with his family to take care of him."

"How can you stand there and tell me what I can and cannot do?" Killian asks, not able to stop the small smile from appearing on his face after her inability to deny her feelings for him. "It is passed the point of no return, lass. I would die for you if I had to. I don't know what I wouldn't do for you. But there's one thing I do know. It is that I love you, Emma. " Emma could not help the noticeable intake of breath she drew in when he finally said what she had not let him say earlier in the day.

"Killian, you don't mean that." Emma whispered as she unwillingly let a few of her walls tumble down. The look in his eyes was so honest and heartfelt. He meant what he said and held no regrets.

"I do." As Killian said this, he put his left arm at the arch of her back, his hook facing the rail, and pulled her to him so her torso pressed against his and she had to look directly up at him. Her hands were on his chest as the last defense she had against him. "You are the first thing that can be truly mine. Milah, though she loved me, was a married woman who loved adventure much more than stability. My love would have never been enough for her and I would have held her back."

"Emma, look at me." Emma tried to look away from his piercing gaze but he put his right hand up to her cheek and turned her head back towards him. "I love you more than I have ever loved any woman. It seems I have waited for you longer than I have ever waited for any woman. When I thought you to be dead, I wished I were too. Without you, I might as well be." With that being said, he put his right arm behind her back and pulled her closer as he leaned down and crushed his lips onto hers.

Emma had been about to speak when he had pulled her even closer to him and began to kiss her. The last of the walls around her heart had her push against his chest, trying to stop him, but as he kissed her more unrelenting, those walls tumbled down and she melted into him, her arms grasping at his coat lapels as she let out a sigh. He took this moment to deepen the kiss, hearing Emma let out a small moan as she slid her arms up and around his neck. This kiss was passionate and yearning and nothing like Emma had experienced before. It was a kiss that could go on forever without becoming tiring.

Eventually, they had to move for air but when they looked at each other it seemed like all they really needed was each other. It made Killian's heart warm to see Emma's cheeks flushed and her eyes wide in wonder. She should have known the kiss would have been so…perfect. This turn of events was inevitable. So it was no surprise when she pulled him back down to her again but this time softly. When her tongue grazed his lips, it was a sign of trust. It was as if she were reassuring him that everything would now be all right. Eventually they pulled apart and he had to ask the true question.

"So, what now, love?" She looked up at him quiet and considering before suddenly putting her arms behind her back, biting her lip before smirking at him.

"Well…" she said as she slowly started slinking backwards and away from him. He quirked an eyebrow at her and curiously followed her. "We definitely need to search for Henry at Skull Rock. And… you also need to tell me the reason we cannot go to Mermaid Cove." Killian nodded as her back collided with the door of his bedroom.

"We can't do that right now, darling. We can start up the search again right at day break." Hook reassured as he stepped right in front of her.

"I think we might be busy though…"Emma said mischievously as she looked up at him with innocent, wide eyes and turned the handle of the door, slowly opening it.

"With what, my love?" He asked as he watched her, confused.

"Finishing where we just left off." And with that, she grabbed him by the coat and stepped back into his dark room, pulling Killian with her. He kicked the door shut behind him with a grin as she whispered an I love you into his ear and began to kiss him in the moonlight. At this moment they both knew, without a doubt, that they would not have to worry about being lonely again.