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Chapter 11

A cool breeze blew through the car window as Chloe sat there silently. She knew she would have to make her way over to the pond soon. The drive home had been quick, but as she parked and turned off her truck the redhead found herself unable to move. So many thoughts were running through her mind at the moment, mostly the kiss Beca had given her just 20 minutes before. True it was only on the cheek, but this was Beca Mitchell. The girl was incapable of handling people invading her little bubble and yet she had kissed the redhead on the cheek. That has to mean something right? Especially with the way she was looking at me as she walked away. Maybe I should…no no no Beca spent the night with your roommate last night!

Sighing, the redhead banged her head in frustration against the steering wheel. Chloe brought her head back up to find a pair of girls staring at her questioningly as they walked by.

"WHAT?" The redhead snapped. "Have a problem?!"

The girls quickly turned their eyes away and picked up their pace in the other direction. Letting out some air, Chloe shook her head. This was not how she normally behaved. She was just so frustrated and confused! That's it. I need to talk to Beca about this tonight. Clear the air. It'll be the only way I can get comfortable with this situation and attempt to move on.

Chloe nodded her head at her new found resolution. With an air of confidence, the former Bella grabbed the picnic basket and locked up her truck. The walk to the pond was short and she slowed as it neared, glancing around to find her friends. Spotting them standing by a large tree, Chloe smiled. Beca was leaning up against the trunk with her arms crossed against her chest looking frustrated with Aubrey. Secretly wanting to know what had the brunette looking like a grumpy small child, the redhead decreased her pace even more and tried to subtly approach them from behind the tree without being seen. Unfortunately, that meant she couldn't see the pair.

"Come on Bree, it's not funny!" Beca's voice whined.

A giggle was the only response for a few moments. Bree is giggling. When was the last time I heard Bree giggling like that! Beca is pretty amazing. Maybe she's making Bree loosen up a bit…I can't ruin that. Chloe sighed in frustration. You made up your mind already, you have to talk with Beca stop trying to convince yourself otherwise.

"Oh you have it bad, short stack." Chloe was brought back to the conversation when Aubrey finally spoke up.

Beca groaned. "Shut up! We both already know this, anyway I'm not the only one who has it bad…"

"I still can't believe you picked up on that!" Practically yelled in frustration.

What? Chloe shook her head, she's just being sarcastic. They're talking about each other, right?

"Ok ok, this is all besides the point. I know it's asking a lot, but I just think it'd be a really good thing to do. Feelings aside."

Aubrey sighed, "We really need to work on this whole feeling things, Becs. You need to make up your mind."

Beca groaned yet again from frustration. Chloe could picture the tiny sophomore running her hand through her hair and biting the inside of her cheek to stop herself from saying something. It was how she had managed to reign in her snide remarks. The redhead had picked up on it last Spring when Beca had worked with the seniors to come up with their new finals routine.

"But feelings aside..." She paused and Chloe leaned forward afraid to miss what was said. "I agree with you. But I will not be responsible in anyway at all whatsoever!"

A squeal erupted from the other side of the tree and Chloe quickly jumped back from shock. Was Beca squealing? I didn't even know she could hit that high of a note…

"Thank you, thank you, thank you Bree!"

Feeling slightly guilty for listening in on their conversation and unable to take anymore of it, Chloe took a few steps back and walked around the tree as if she had just gotten there. What met her eyes made the redhead's heart drop a bit. Apparently, out of appreciation to Aubrey's 'yes,' Beca had thrown herself at the taller woman and had her hands wrapped around the blonde's neck. Aubrey ...awkwardly…? No, stop being optimistic Chloe! patted the younger brunette's back. Chloe cleared her throat and put down her picnic basket. The blonde's hands quickly shot off of Beca's back and in a flash the brunette had let go of the older woman, opting to put a foot of distance between the two, looking at the ground. A silence washed over the trio.

Unable take take the awkwardness that had developed, Chloe spoke up. "Sorry it took me so long. I had to grab extra food for Aubrey since I hadn't really planned for a third when I packed the basket."

"No problem Chlo! Here, let me help you with that." Beca stepped forward and took the blanket from the redhead and spread it out over the lawn. Kneeling down she grabbed the basket and opened it up.

"Thanks, cupcake." Chloe loved using the nickname for the the tiny DJ. She smiled, enjoying the moment and looked into the stormy blue eyes that met hers. A small smile spread across the younger woman's face.

"Of course, babe." A small blush crossed the brunette's face and she looked back down into the basket.

Chloe couldn't hep the grin that stretched across her face at what the DJ had called her. She had almost forgot they weren't alone….almost…

"Ehem, uh Beca, didn't you say you had to make a phone call?" Aubrey cut through the moment with her flat voice, causing Beca to snap her eyes away from the redhead's where they had managed to find themselves again.

"Oh, yea right." Beca stood from her spot and brushed her knees off. "I'll be right back, you two get all set up and try not to talk about me too much while I'm gone." With a wink, the younger woman walked away.

Chloe sighed, god that smile and cocky wink, what she can do to me with just one look…

"Chlo, you're drooling." Aubrey's voice brought her back to reality. Apparently she had been staring where the brunette had been standing and was lost in her thoughts.

There redhead turned her head away and knelt down next to the picnic basket, subtly whipping the side of her mouth with the back of her hand. "I don't know what you're taking about Bree."

Rolling her eyes, Aubrey took a spot on the blanket next to the redhead who was busily distracting herself setting up the picnic blanket with plates, sandwiches, snacks, and finally a small vase with a sunflower in it. "Really Chlo, are we going to do this?"

"What ever are you talking about, Bree?" Chloe rolled her eyes and leaned her back against the tree, finally finished setting everything just the way she wanted. True, she had decided she was going to talk with Beca about her feelings, but that definitely did not mean she had to talk with Aubrey about them. That would just be aca-awkward.

"Your toner." Chloe just crossed her arms across her chest and stared blankly at her roommate. The blonde sighed. "Seriously?! It's blatantly obvious Chloe!"

"Bree, we talked about this yesterday! Why do you keep insisting on bringing this up?" Looking away, the redhead started to pick at the grass.

"If I believed you, I wouldn't keep asking." Aubrey sighed in frustration. "Look, your words say one thing, but your actions say another. I mean, a date day? Seriously?"

"Becs and I are just super close! That's all it is." The redhead looked up at her best friend and tried to keep a neutral face the best she could.

"Yea, we're super close but you don't take me on picnics packed with flowers!"

Chloe's hands shot up in defense. "I'm just trying to make it up to her after bailing last night. Not like it was really such a big deal…" She mumbled the last part.

"I'm sorry what did you just say?!" The blonde wasn't angry, she was just straight up confused at this point.

"Oh come on Bree. Like I haven't noticed the way you two have been acting and hanging out recently. And when I wasn't there like I was supposed to be last night, the two of you had no problem having your own little…date! And I swear the other day I totes walked in on something!" The redhead was fuming. She wasn't mad at her friends, per say. More like she was mad at the situation. Mad at herself. How could I have been so stupid. I didn't tell Beca how I feel and I lost my chance! This is my own freakin fault!

"Okay, wait hold on. You don't understand." The blonde dropped off, trying to think of the best way to defend herself and Beca.

"Oh well please, enlighten me! Because to me it just looks like my 'best friend' is trying to push me onto a girl who she's been macking on! Which is…which is…just horrible! And mean! I thought you were my best friend and what you're doing is low, even for you Bree!"

Chloe was so frustrated and angry at this point that she couldn't take it. The redhead hopped up from where they were sitting and began to pace back and forth to calm down. Just breathe.

"Short stack and I have…bonded…since the start of semester. But that doesn't mean…I would never try to do something like that to you Chloe. I just want to understand how you are feeling in all of this. Because from where I'm sitting someone's bound to get hurt." The blonde grabbed Chloe's hand to stop her movement.

Looking down at her former co-captain, Chloe let out a sigh and fell into a seat next to Aubrey. "I don't want anyone to get hurt. Beca and I…we are or we were so close. And recently it feels like I don't know, I'm not good enough. I keep…I mess up or she doesn't tell me things and yet the two of you are just peachy keen laughing and hanging out. I feel like I'm not needed any more."

"Oh Chlo," Aubrey brought an arm up around the redhead as she heard her sniffle. "Of course you're needed. You're the glue in all of this. Heck, I don't think I'd manage to keep a single friendship without you!"

Chloe rolled her eyes in disbelief at what the woman was saying and brought her hand up to wipe away some of the tears that were staining her cheeks.

"Do you remember sophomore year Chlo? We had just come back from break and Maggie and I had that huge blow out? You hunted her down and waited in her dorm until she came home that night. I don't know what you did or said to her, but the next day she came around and found me, apologizing to the moon and back. Seriously, I wouldn't be able to keep anyone hanging around without you."

"That was sophomore year Bree. A lot has changed…" Chloe sighed

Aubrey looked down at her friend, someone she had never seen look so insecure. A thought crossed the blonde's mind. "This isn't just Beca is it?"

"What are you talking about?" Chloe picked her head up.

"This has to do with you being turned down for those publishing jobs you applied for, doesn't it?" Aubrey nodded her head as if she was piecing it together. "Chlo, you know that you would kick ass at those jobs and they'd be lucky to have you. Just like any guy or girl would be lucky to have you."

"Yea, but they don't want me." The redhead looked back down at her hands as she picked at her nail polish.

"There were no job openings and you put yourself out there and sent your resume anyway. They said they would keep you in mind if something opened up! You can't let that taint how you see yourself."

"Bree, I wasn't good enough. And now I'm…I don't have anything to do. I don't know what to do!" The redhead started to cry silently again. "I graduated and I'm still here, with nothing to show from it."

"Have you told Beca about this?" Aubrey inquired.

Chloe shook her head.

"You should really tell her. You say you feel like she isn't telling you things or she's pulling away from your friendship-"

"Don't use air quotes."

"Well don't be stupid. You aren't telling her something that is a major part of your life right now!"

The redhead sighed and wiped the snot dripping down her nose. "I hate when you're right."

"Shut up. I'm always right." The pair laughed. "Good, now you better clean up your face a bit before the midget comes back. Otherwise she might high tail it, you know emotions and all scare her away."

Chloe chuckled and shoved her shoulder against her roommates. "You know that's not true! She's like a cupcake! Or a fluffy unicorn made of marshmallows!"

"HA! Getting actual emotions and feelings from her is like pulling teeth." Aubrey rubbed her hands up and down her friend's arms. "Which is why you need to deal with your toner because the fact that you think Beca is a fluffy unicorn is not normal."

Groaning, the redhead pulled away from the blonde's grasp. "And we're back to that…"

"Chloe, you can't just keep—"

"Sorry 'bout that guys! Took a little longer than I thought it would." Beca lightly jogged back to the blanket and sat down gently next to the redhead.

"It's cool Becs, you actually have perfect timing." Chloe smiled at the brunette next to her.

"Oh, really?" Beca quirked an eyebrow in question.

Aubrey quickly spoke up. "Yeah, aca-awesome. We were actually just talking in about how Chloe has feelings fo—"

"FEELINGS OF HUNGER!" The redhead shouted, quickly cutting the blonde off. "I'm feeling hungry…which is why you getting back is perfect, because we can eat now!"

The blush that painted the redhead's face made the brunette question if that was really what they were talking about, but a loud grumble from her stomach stopped her from prodding further. "Alright then, let's eat."

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