Lena had seen the flash of fear in Stefs eyes the first time their hands touched. It was just a brief moment; Lena had reached across the table and brushed her thumb over the blondes pale skin. But her smile faded and her hand crossed back over to her side as she saw Stef's face. The blonde had quickly cleared her throat and her eyes locked with her plate. Disappointment ran through both of them. And Lena suddenly felt the urge to ask if they should really be calling these "dates" because they were currently on date number four and nothing had happened.

She had known going into this that Stef's heart had been beaten and broken by her ex-husband in the past couple of years. That the idea of romance was almost sickening to her and the idea of romance with a woman was completely foreign. She was at a strange point in her life and although Lena was sympathetic, her self-restraint was waning. The woman in front of her was beautiful, courageous, enticing, and intelligent. She was everything Lena was looking for, not to mention she was sexy as hell. She had wanted her from the moment they'd first locked eyes but the lack of physical contact was terrifying to her. Women she'd been with before had practically thrown themselves down for her but it seemed as if the idea hadn't even crossed Stef's mind. And she started to think that maybe she was fighting a losing battle, trying to be with a woman who didn't want her back.

As Stef tried to carry on the conversation to something light, something safe, Lena's mind drew farther away. Her heart began to race as thoughts of her and Stef tangled together in her car, in her bed flashed in her mind. But just as quickly as they came, the thoughts faded, and she saw herself on the couch. Holding a bowl of popcorn, flipping through the channels, and marking week old quizzes. Life pre- Stef. The last few weeks with the blonde didn't amount to much but they meant everything and she wasn't ready to let it go, not yet.

"I want to kiss you."

Stef stopped her sentence but her mouth remained open as her eyes widened. Green orbs met brown over the table as Lena began to furiously shake her head, a blush creeping up her neck and cheeks.

"I-I'm sorry, I didn't mean that, I just-"

"So you don't want to kiss me?"

They both stopped and they're not sure who smiled first but suddenly they were laughing. And their laughs kept them going until every table in the restaurant had spared them an odd glance. When the laughs faded they still wore their smiles and dinner continued on just as it always had, no expectations, no pressure.

As they left the restaurant, Stef pulled the door open for Lena who turned toward the parking lot.

"Wait," Stef breathed and reached forward for Lena's hand. "It's not too late to take a walk on the beach is it?"

Lena scanned the parking lot and eyed the calm and empty beach just on the other side, "No of course not, it's never too late."

Stef smiled and almost dropped the brunettes hand as butterflies built in her stomach but Lena tightened her grip, locking her fingers on the pale skin. They walked in a comfortable silence down the path to the beach, looking like a relaxed married couple, feeling like inexperienced teenagers. When they finally reached the sand they both had to undo the straps of their heels, carrying them until they found a spot to sit. Stef undid the blazer she'd worn and laid it out on the ground.

"I don't want your dress to get sandy."

"What about your jacket?"

"It's not as pretty."

They both sat, thigh to thigh, watching the waves hit the shore. Lena's hand settled on Stefs knee but her eyes were content to just wander the beauty of their surroundings. It was a gorgeous night and they both took their time savoring the moment until Stef finally spoke.

"I want to kiss you too."

Lena's head snapped around, "You do?"

Stef finally looked her dead in the eyes, "Of course I do! You're this incredible woman, not to mention you're beautiful. So so beautiful-"

"But?" Lena asked, her heart sinking.

"But I'm scared." Stef looked to her hand which was trailing patterns through the sand, "This is hard."


"Good?" Stef asked quietly.

She suddenly felt a surge of warmth run through her body as Lena's hand tipped her chin up, "If it wasn't hard, than I'd know this didn't really mean anything to you."

Years later both would claim they were the one to lean in but the truth was, they met halfway. Lena's hand under Stefs chin, Stefs hand sneaking up Lena's calf and resting on her knee. Their lips met. It was soft and incredibly slow, the type of kiss that girls dream will be their first. They remained there, lips massaging over one another's until they were struggling for air. As they pulled apart, they smiled, and all the anxiety, the questions, and the doubt flooded from their bodies. They leaned more heavily against each other, remaining silent. Both had thoughts, things they wanted to say but in that moment they knew that nothing had to be said right then. Because they'd have a lifetime together to say whatever they needed.

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