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Chapter 1: I Know About the Thing

She was in Konoha now and the Great Shinobi war was over. Orochimaru was gone and Sasuke had reunited with his former Team 7. Juugo too was killed when he went berserk with the curse seal effects.

Karin was alone again. She met a relative of hers, the famous Naruto Uzumaki, the boy with the warm and bright chakra. He was excessively friendly and noisy, an easy acquaintance to make but they only ended up with awkward conversations, even silence. He seemed to prefer talking to other people and he looked preoccupied with a girl named Hinata.

She guessed he wasn't comfortable with Sasuke's other teammates, the ones he used to replace them. The girl, Sakura, wasn't as open either. She tried though, but Karin thought her reservations were obvious.

The world is truly fucked, she thought, even though we're at peace. She had thrown away all her cares, even her hopes of belonging. The first few significant bonds she had formed were easily severed.

Sasuke, the bastard who used them for his means and discarded them conveniently. She spent years with strong feelings for him and there was the time they broke the ice and went all the way.

He accepted her boldness and went along with her a few times. It was the most fulfilling period of her life.

Then again, they never talked about it. Sasuke addressed her impersonally and seemed to have forgotten their shared experiences.

He even mercilessly stabbed her, disregarding the fact that he could have killed her. When he saw her again, he looked at her once and murmured an apology. He did not address her again.

Lately, he was always around Sakura. Karin refused to believe that there was something between them. It was only the remnants of their old team that strung them together.

More importantly, she was Sasuke's first.


Juugo's death barely affected her. She had almost forgotten his face. Orochimaru's made her a bit sad. He was her master and she swore loyalty to him. Despite his experiments on her, he had taken her in because he recognized her potential and she was grateful for that. She would be dead if it wasn't for the sage.

Suigetsu. She had almost forgotten about the bastard. He only existed to pester her and rile her up, even getting between her and Sasuke. Nothing compared to the violence he awakened in her.

He returned to the Village of the Mist for a while but eventually decided to settle in Konoha. Karin kept her distance from him, knowing their connection with each other was over. They only joined forces for Sasuke.

Sasuke... She still wanted him but he paid her no interest. Her body routinely contracted with need. She was in heat again.

As always, she had found herself a pond of water to spend most of her time at. She worked a few hours at the hospital but during her days off, she took a swim no matter the weather.

It was the only place isolated enough to relieve herself.

She ran her palms across her chest, feeling the indentations of the bite marks all over her. It made her shiver, and she remembered only Sasuke's bite, the one she desired the most. She touched her breasts, knowing exactly how to pleasure herself.

Moaning without restraint, she touched herself in between her legs, imagining it was him. There was still a chance for them to get back together and she would wait. He only needed a little...


She pushed her fingers inside, crying out, lost in the sensation. The waves around her danced vibrantly, as if joining in her mirth.

Karin bit her lip, unable to control herself. Her legs were getting weaker and she would fall over soon.

Then, it happened. She came wonderfully and let go, tipping backwards.

A pair of strong arms caught her as she hit a broad chest. She blinked but it was futile. Her eyes failed her. There was only a blur of flesh above her. She cursed her current state which made her too shaky to use her sensing power.

"Need some help with that?" Her captor asked, chuckling.

She knew that voice.



"Suigetsu, you bastard! Get away from me!" Karin struggled to get on her feet, treading away from the intruder.

She hated this situation. She was vulnerable, unable to use her vision, and more importantly, naked. In a small pool. With the last person she wanted to interact with.

He was behind her again, encircling her with his arms to rest his hands on her stomach. She could hear him laughing as he rubbed her belly lightly. Getting away was useless. The pressure of the water around her increased, holding her in place.

She screamed, attempting to bite at him. He only snickered as he moved his hands in separate directions. One traveled upward to tease the bottom of her left breast. The other slid down, tracing circles above her curls.

"You looked so hot while doing that, Karin." He whispered dangerously in her ear.

"H-how dare you! Why are you here, asshole?"

He laughed again, "Oh, you're blushing. That means you're getting excited?"

"Shut the fuck up and let me go!" She was trapped. Her brain was on overdrive, trying to find an escape.

"I wonder if I should. Especially now that I've seen how sexy you can be up close." He caressed her inner thigh, moving alarmingly close to her center. She was quivering with need. "You feel so fucking good."

It wasn't personal. Her body was still longing for Sasuke. It didn't help that Suigetsu was also aroused, pressing firmly against her bottom.

"Stop! You- you rapist!"

He let go of her immediately and pushed her away. "Don't call me that, you bitch!"

"It's true! What were you trying to do to me? Rapist!" She covered her breasts as she screamed, hoping someone would come to her rescue.

Suigetsu shook his head. "There's no one for miles. I know this place is hidden. I followed you here."

He was right and she was getting nervous. She was exposed with her nakedness and lack of sight. "What the hell do you want from me? I won't hesitate to kill you if you try anything... perverted!"

"Oh, Karin." He moved closer. "If anyone's the pervert here, it's you. Or have you forgotten your actions just a few minutes ago?"

"Shut up! You had no right-"

"Tell me, were you thinking about Sasuke while doing it? Do you miss him?" He was trying to anger her, she was sure.

"Why the fuck would I think of that user bastard?"

"Still denying it, eh? I know for a fact that you've been with him. Lots of times, too. You came on to him, didn't you?"

"S-stop making things up!" She sent a punch in front of her but he dissolved out of the way.

He formed behind her. "You must be so upset, now that he's back with Sakura. They're spending so much time together."

Karin clenched her fists, ready to get more violent.

"After you gave yourself to him, he discarded you, just like that." He snapped his fingers. "That's sad. He must hate you."

She was trembling, ready to burst.

"But you know what's even worse, Karin?" His lips were centimeters from her ear.

She turned to him, seeing his face slightly clearer now.

"That thing you did to Sasuke, I know about it." His voice was wicked, his smile impish and toothy.


"Don't play dumb. I overheard you talking with Orochimaru before. It's very interesting, really. He, Sasuke, could kill you for that."

"I-I don't know what you're talking about!" How could he know about that? She was going to murder him.

"Sure you do. Now, if you don't want me to tell him, we can have a fun little arrangement."


It was only because she was terrified of his revelations to Sasuke. Karin convinced herself of the reason why she had resorted to this.

They were still submerged in the water, Suigetsu pressed against her back and butt cheeks. He was pushing against her and yelling out sounds of pleasure. As he played with her breasts, he talked dirty to her.

Burning with need, she found herself pushing back, trying to get him to reach her sensitive spot. She moaned over and over, almost forgetting it was Suigetsu doing this to her.

"I knew you'd like it. This is only a taste of what's in store for you, Karin."

She gasped as he touched her below, his actions were deliberate and knowledgeable.

"I saw you, you know. That first time," he said quietly.


He spun her around and wrapped her legs around his waist. They were now in direct contact. He guided her movements.

"That day, when you first seduced Sasuke. I was there, hiding in the water."

"Y- you- ahhh!" She moaned as he brushed a sensitive spot.

"You were amazing. You like doing it, don't you? The way you move is so delicious. Ohhh... yes, exactly like that, Karin."

She moved, making him tremble and groan.

"Fuck, Karin, that's fantastic!"

She rocked harder, wanting to dominate him. She would not back down and let him overpower her.

"This is even better than I imagined," he admitted. "I've been holding back for so long."

They continued, Karin teasing him and Suigetsu enjoying her forwardness. She was worn out after her peak, unwillingly holding on to him.

She could feel him smiling against her skin and she hated it. She despised herself for letting him take advantage of her vulnerability.

"I can feel your anger, Karin." He laughed again. "You have no choice in the matter. And you came willingly."

She disentangled herself from him, disgusted.

"Don't look so grossed out. I won't force myself on you. Clearly, you want this anyway." He shrugged and stepped out of the water, ignoring his own nakedness. "Think about it. I'll be waiting tomorrow afternoon at the forest behind that cave. Wear nothing."

He winked and left her to her thoughts.