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Chapter 4: This Isn't Easy

They were fighting. It was so horrible. Karin wanted to cry but she was not going to let him know that he had affected her that much.

"I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU, YOU STUPID IDIOT BASTARD!" She couldn't stop screaming. She hurled whatever she could grab at him. He did not yell back and only evaded the items thrown at him.

Suigetsu had returned two days ago but he did not even come to see her. He was gone for twenty-one weeks and four days. She counted.

A few minutes ago, while working on her hospital shift, she heard Sakura telling Tsunade that Suigetsu Hozuki was not a missing nin after all. He spoke with Sasuke about a quest for achieving a status akin to the Legendary Swordsmen of the Mist.

Karin wondered if they were going to reform Taka and go on that mission.

This was an opportunity to have Sasuke back. But she was more concerned about Suigetsu's desertion. He did not even have the decency to update her during his absence or tell her about his return.

She was hurt that he had gone to Sasuke first.

"You're not coming, Karin. And neither is Sasuke. I'm on my own with this."


"IT'S NOT STUPID," he finally yelled back. "This is important to me, Karin. It's my brother's legacy."


"You were waiting for me?"

She felt her cheeks burn. A fucking slip of the tongue. "Y- Y- YOU TOLD ME TO WAIT! SO FUCKING WHAT? It doesn't matter. You're a bastard. And now, you're leaving again! T- T- That's absolutely fantastic! At least I won't have to deal with that annoying face of yours-"

He grabbed her arm. "This isn't easy for me either, Karin…"

"Of course you've chosen to set off with your selfish reasons! GO, THEN! Leave, just like everyone else did!" She shook his arm off and sped away, cursing him in her heart.

When she reached home, she cried and she hated herself for it. But no, it was Suigetsu she should despise.

This was the result of her foolishness, opening up and letting herself become vulnerable. To Suigetsu, even. A boy who had always made her uneasy since the first time they interacted.

She would never give him the satisfaction of knowing that he had broken her, even a little.

It was inevitable. Sasuke was the one she needed to be with, this was why everything with Suigetsu was completely fucked up.

Only… Team 7 was keeping her and Sasuke apart.

Karin spread her legs and thought of him, dreaming of the day they would connect their bodies again. She thought of seeking him, offering herself and asking him to take a bite. He must miss how it felt too.

She imagined Sasuke inside her, instead of her own fingers.

Suigetsu was yesterday's business, already forgotten. It would be easy to move on from him, she told herself repeatedly.

It was time to return to Sasuke.

She lay in bed that night, exhausted from crying and exerting herself.

Someone entered her room and lay next to her on the bed. It was Suigetsu.

"I'll be back for you, Karin." He whispered in her ear.

She shut her eyes and pushed him away. "That's what you said before. But now you're leaving again."

"You're angry, aren't you, beautiful?" His words made her blink up at him. He sighed. "This is just something that I have to do."

"I don't wanna hear your stupid excuses-"


"Why are you even here? You should have just left without saying goodbye!" She was getting tearful again and she hated it very much.

"I had to see you… I missed you…" He kissed her desperately, fisting his hands in her hair, moving himself against her.

Karin loathed herself for surrendering to him but his words had sparked that fire within her and his actions were so familiar and promising. She let him kiss her lips, her neck, her breasts, her stomach… She spread her legs for him, inviting. The war between them was forgotten.

She screamed for more, for him, for them. She was lost in the sensation that was him. It couldn't possibly be the end. As she neared her release, he stopped and moved his way back to her lips. She kissed him, overly awakened with desire but also weakened by frustration.

Her hips moved wildly, increasing contact with him, begging for that finish…

"Suigetsu! Don't you dare… Don't you dare leave me hanging like this." She was writhing, sobbing and pulling him closer.

He chuckled tenderly. "I'm not, Karin. I don't want you to go off without me."

"Hurry!" She was begging.

Then he took her and she was free from her anguish. She gave everything to him and she willed herself to believe that he had done the same.

He was not Sasuke. He was not the dark-haired, handsome boy who came to her rescue. He was not the young man who had made her cheeks red, her speech broken, and her heart race. He was not the one she first loved, the one who she first desired with every fiber of her being.

He was simply Suigetsu, the boy who annoyed her to no end. He was the one who always tested her limits. His staring always unnerved her, his words and actions challenged her. She was fired up by him. Especially now…

And they both gained satisfaction.

He kissed her and caressed her. It was just the way he took care of her. His words were of comfort and promises but she did not listen because he was leaving and that meant absolutely nothing.

When she roused the next day, he was gone. But she already knew that.

Karin wandered the streets and the outskirts of town. She avoided the forest and the lakes, not wanting to be reminded of delicious yet painful memories.

She skipped work, not bothering to call in sick. It was the weekend anyway, a slight absence wouldn't matter.

Without a care, she ate at several shops, spending lots of money and almost vomiting the food she stuffed in her stomach.

It was sad to have no one to talk to. She had been like this for most of her life. But why was it extra painful and lonely right now?

At the end of the day, her own legs led her to the Uchiha place. She sneaked in, detecting no one in the vicinity.

She found Sasuke's room, as neat as ever. She frowned when she saw a frame on his desk, sheltering a picture of Team 7. With blunt force, she slammed it face down.

Opening his closet, she took out a shirt and held it close to her chest. Then, she went to his bathroom and undressed herself.

She stared at her reflection on the mirror for a while, tracing the scars on her body. She had made herself forget those who had given them to her.

Kabuto, she would always remember, because he was her cruel first.

Sasuke, because she would always love and want him.

She gasped, realizing that Suigetsu never left his mark. He did not give her bites. Only kisses.

And false words.

Feeling worse, she stepped into the shower and bathed herself for a while. After, she wore his shirt, marveling in its presence around her body. She couldn't wait to see Sasuke.

She stretched out on his bed and covered herself with his blankets. She could inhale his scent.

But the pillow somehow smelled like flowers and the room carried hints of another woman who had been there.

Karin shook her head. She was imagining things because of her fallen emotions.

What was more important was the fact that Sasuke would be here soon and they would be reuniting.

She fell asleep, nestled in his pillows and sheets.

She was dragged to her feet by a harsh grip on her arm.

Sasuke had arrived but he did not look pleased at the sight of her. His Sharingan was activated.

"Sasuke, I was waiting for you."

He eyed his shirt on her. "I see that you have made yourself comfortable. Karin."

She smoothed his shirt, not daring to speak.

"Why are you here?"

"Sasuke, I-" She stepped forward but he moved away.

He made an impatient noise. "Not that again, Karin."

"But Sasuke… I need you…" She purred and jumped on him.

He pushed her away and set his blade on her throat.

"Sasuke…" She pleaded. "Suigetsu has left Konoha."

"I already know. He and I spoke."

She took off the shirt, revealing to him her nakedness. "Sasuke…" She moaned, reaching for him.

But he looked away. His voice was full of anger. "Stay away from me, Karin. Leave and do not come back to his place again."

He disappeared with haste and Karin was left alone in the cold.

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