As Buttercup opened her eyes, she was greeted by her clock reading seven o'clock a.m. on her nighstand. Oh gosh. Yestersay was the last day of Winter break and that meant she had to get up and get ready for school. Yeppie. She thought as she stretched, still lying in her bed. Can't I just get a few more minutes of sleep?

"Buttercup! Get ready for school! We gotta go!" she heard Blossom yell from downstairs.

Buttercup exaggerated a grunt as she dragged herself out of bed and got ready. She was ready in a flash and went down stairs to eat breakfast.

"Finally," Bubbles said as she caught sight of Buttercup sitting at the table. Buttercup glared at her.

"Shut up, Bubbles! I didn't even take that long."

The Professor gave Buttercup a look. "Buttercup, don't tell your sister to shut up." Buttercup responded by grunting and shooting her sister another glare only to have her smile innocently. The Professor looked at his watch. "Girls. Time to get to school."

As they approached the city, Buttercup saw that the landscape of Townsville was covered in a blanket of snow and looked absolutley beautiful. The Professor soon pulled into Townsville High's parking lot to drop them off.

"Bye Professor. Love you," Buttercup told him as she headed into the school.

"Hey Butterbutt. How was your break?" Butch asked her as she walked past him to her seat. It was the second to her last period and she already couldn't wait to get home.

"Fantastic," she answered blandly, putting her head down on her desk.

The final bell rang and the teacher started taking roll. Her friend, Robin, was absent today, Buttercup noted. Lucky. Butch seemed to notice it too.

"Buttercup come sit up here," he told her, tapping at the seat in back of him where Robin usually sits.

"Ugh. Fine," she grunts and switches seats.

Butch and Buttercup have been friends for about five years. They started talking in sixth grade and have become best friends since. Although he does bug the crud out of her a lot of the times.

"So why did you want me to sit up here for?" Buttercup asked. He just looks at her and shrugs.

"I don't know. Just 'cause."

"Well that's a good answer," she rolls her eyes at him.

Dang. Buttercup forgot she had soccer practice after school. Now it would take longer for her to be able to go home. Being a Sophomore in high school can be a pain in the butt sometimes. She started heading to the soccer field and caught sight of Mitch Mitchelson. Gosh he was cute. What with the brown shaggy hair and those freckles on his face. He glimpsed and her and she turned away sheepishly. She didn't know why her and Mitch stopped talking. They used to be friends and then when she got into sixth grade, he stopped talking to her without a reason.

"So are you going to ask him?" One of Buttercup's friends, Mary, asked her.

They were in last period, Athletic PE. Valentine's Day was almost here and that meant the Sadie Hawkin's dance was only three weeks away. Buttercup is supposed to ask Micth to Sadie's. She stopped rumaging through her PE locker and turned to face Mary, a nervous look on her face. "Yeah...umm. I don't really think I should after all."

"What? No! You have to! You already said you would and that way in case he says yes, you have time to go get your dress and everything."

Buttercup sighs. "Oh ok. Hey Kim," she gestures for Kim to come over. "I'd like to buy a Valentine gram."

Kim hands her a piece of paper and Buttercup fills it out, putting Mitch's name and fifth period room number on it, then gives it back to Kim.

"There. I did it," she tells Mary, who has a satisfied grin on her face.

"See. That wasn't so bad."

For you it wasn't. Buttercup thought.

"Oh my gosh! I can't believe you asked him!" Robin tells Buttercup. "He got the gram yesterday in fourth period!" Buttercup gets wide-eyed at the remark.


"Yeah, he got it."

"Oh my gosh! How embarassing!" Buttercup's face flushes.

"Oh. Hey I also heard some other girl asked him too."

"Really? Who is it?"

"Her name's Susie," Robin tells Buttercup.

"Psh! He better go with me. I don't like that other girl," Buttercup tells Robin.

"Yeah I know. He should take you. I was talking to him about it and he told me that he was thinking of saying yes to you 'cause the other girl is kinda weird." They laugh at this.

"All the more reason to take me," Buttercup says. The bell for fifth period rings and Buttercup gets up.

"Talk to him!" Robin calls after Buttercup.

As she comes out the door she spots her sister, Bunny, and grabs her. "Come with me to talk to Mitch, please," she tells her. Bunny nods and they head in the direction where Mitch usually passes by. Buttercup soon sees Mitch and flushes with embarassment.

As she walks up to him, she notices he looks down at his feet and doesn't look at her. "Um, hey Mitch." He looks up at her now.

"Hey Buttercup."

"So um, have you decided on the answer yet?" she asks him, avoiding his eyes.

"No. Not yet. I'm still thinking about it, but I'll tell you when I have an answer."

"Um ok. Bye," she says and walks off to her next class.

A week had passed by since she last talked to Mitch about Sadie's. She was searching for him right now to talk to him about it again because Mary told her that she had talked to him about. She wanted to ask Mitch what Mary had told him because Mary was known to lie a lot. Mary told Buttercup that she went up to Mitch and asked him if he ever planned on giving Buttercup an answer. He told her that it was because he still needed time to think.

Buttercup finally spotted Mitch walking into his second period class and stopped him. "Hey Mitch! I need to talk to you."

He stopped and turned to face her. "Yeah?"

"So um I heard that my friend, Mary, talked to you yesterday," she tells him.

"Oh yeah. She did."

"I just wanted to know exactly what she told you 'cause she tends to lie a lot."

"Well, I don't remember exactly what she told me, but yeah she came up and talked to me."

"Oh ok. Well, have you thought about the answer yet?" she asks him.

"No. But it's because I'm still thinking about it," he avoids her eyes. "But I promise I'll give you answer."

"Oh ok then. Thanks, Mitch. Bye," she says and heads off to second period.

"I'm so sorry Buttercup," Robin says, two weeks later, patting Buttercup on the back as she sits there crying quietly so nobody would hear her in the classroom.

Sadie Hawkin's is two days away and Mitch still hasn't given her an answer. How could he do this to her? How could he be so cruel when they used to be such good friends? Buttercup just knew that he was a big jerk and that he broke her heart and now she was here in class, with all these other kids around and she was crying. How much more pathetic can she get? Buttercup wasn't supposed to cry in front of others.

"What the heck happened? Why are you crying Buttercup?" Butch asked her, but she was crying too much to speak so Robin told him instead. Butch was infuriated by the news. "Forget that jerk BC! He's a sissy! You don't need him!" he tells her, but all Buttercup could think about was: How could he do this to me?