He rolls his eye and blushes faintly, kneeling down in front of her.

"Now what?" he mumbles grouchily, eye now set on her big belly.

Robin giggles softly, gently running her fingers through his short green hair which causes his blush to darken. "Talk to her."

He looks up at her for a second doubtfully, eyebrows now knit before looking back down to her stomach, touching it softly on the side. "Um, hey you."

A soft kick.

"Oh shit, she actually moved." he says, surprised. Robin only smiles down at him.

"She really likes your voice."

He hugs her from behind in bed, and whispers softly, "I really fucking love you."

Robin turns her head over her shoulder, "What's with the sudden confession? I thought you didn't like talking about your feelings."

He huffs on her ear, holding her tighter in his arms and nuzzling his face in her neck. "Just say it back woman."

"I love you too." she whispers it back and suddenly shifts around in his arms so she was now facing him, and kisses him.

He pushes himself up with his arms and gets on top of her, trailing kisses down to her neck.

"Just try it." she nudges, holding out a spoonful of something she decided to cook on her own.

He eyes it with a flushed face, "I'll pass."

She frowns, her other hand now under the spoon "Please, for me?"

Zoro sighs, "Robin, I already told you and probably everyone else on this ship, you can't cook for shit."

He's left dumbfounded when she walks off storming and his face is stinging from a hard slap she gave him.

"You know, the stew was actually really good," Nami speaks up, grinning like the she devil she is, "Sanji helped us make it."

He groans, he's fucked for a while.

"I wonder how sleeping on the floor will be like?" she added.

"Who's moody?" Robin spits out murderously, face darkened.

Zoro felt a shiver run down his spine, stepping away from his pregnant girlfriend.

"N-not you, woman!"

It's the first time Luffy got to feel the baby kick and his eyes were already shaped into bright, shining stars.

"Amazing!" he says happily, both hands now pressed on her exposed stomach. "Why is she moving in there?"

"She's just getting restless," Robin explains tenderly, her smile just as bright as his. "She's ready to get out of there."

Luffy nobs his head, a big toothy grin on his face. "I can't wait to play with her, we're going to have so much fun!"

Robin can't wait to see her daughter play with him either.

"Get on my lap." he says out of the blue and Robin raises a brow, her book still laying over her belly.

"Zoro, we just had sex-"

"Not for that!" he groans, flushed. He taps his bare thighs with his palms, telling her where to sit.

She sighs and places the book back on the night stand, pushing herself up from her laying position with a bit more of a struggle then she thought. Once she on his lap, he smirks and she looks at him questionable.

"I was reading this random pregnancy book the other day," he starts, pulling up her pink night shirt so her belly was now exposed to him. "And it said the baby loves hearing the voices of his parents together."

"Her." she corrects.

"Her," he chuckles, "So, lets talk."

She crosses her arms over her chest, eyebrow raised. "We talk all the tim-" she stops when the baby suddenly starts moving, pressing her foot against the side Zoro was holding.

"See." he smirks, pressing his ear against her belly. "So, baby, this is your cool ass father."

The baby kicks again.

"You're going to like swords cause, you know, your old man likes swords. And I know how to use them like a god so anyone that gives you trouble, come find me. I'll cut them to pieces and feed it to your dog."

"We don't have a dog." Robin interjected, smiling.

"We'll get a dog." he adds, smiling back before kissing her.

"Lower." she moans, and Zoro's tired hands go down to the small of her back, massaging it. She moans louder, her face pink and satisfied.

"Is this like sex to you now or something?" he asks and gets a pillow to the face.

"Are you suppose to use your pregnant girlfriend as weights?" Ussop whispers to Nami.

Nami shrugs, watching Zoro raise Robin up and down with his hands.

"Three-thousand." Robin chirps, and Zoro stands, hovering her body over his head.


"Shouldn't you cover, like, all that up there?" Zoro offers, motioning to Robin's forever growing chest size.

"It is covered." she sighs, looking in the mirror. She's gone up two more cups in three weeks.

Zoro rolls his eyes before taking off his shirt and putting it on Robin.

"It's to tight on my chest."

"But it's covered."

"Son of a b-"

Ussop runs to Chopper, just barely getting there to cover his innocent ears when Robin, Robin, blurts out such words.

Zoro is overboard after that, along with her favorite snacks he mistakenly ate.

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