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It's back, bitches!

We took them down easily, swinging our axe around like a wild maniac, which for us was quite normal. Having Maya work with us just made things so much easier. Using her phaselock on the psychos as well as other attackers. It really cuts down on surprise attacks. She has a keen eye. We really seem to work well together.

We heard a loud crashing sound and we immediately knew what it was, perfect, just what we need. The sound of our battle caught the attention of the Crystalisk and the Rakk and they were headed our way. Well, at least will find out up close and personal how they work together. Alright big guy, let's keep it together, no silly stuff, okay?

"YIPPIE-KAI-YAY MOTHER OF PEARL!" Krieg yelled as he jammed his axe into the skull of a psycho.

Not exactly what I was expecting, but not exactly unexpected either. The psychos were easy to wipe out, as always, but when the Crystalisk got closer, that's when it got fun. Suddenly, it began to chuck molten rock at us, which wasn't quite as easy to dodge. We were taking on a lot of fire, but Maya was pretty good at dodging the rocks, but we weren't as lucky. At one point we caught on fire, this won't turn out very good. Krieg began to change, become more violent, only hurt those who deserve it, I reminded him and we became a psycho badass.

Krieg laughed maniacally, "I HAVE A LARGE ARM!"

Maya glanced our way, for a moment we were sure she was scared, but only for a moment. We took to the Crystalisk as Maya took out the Rakks, "At this rate, we'll have plenty of information for Hammerlock!" Maya said.

We were too far gone to notice. As a psycho badass, and the help of Maya, we took them out in seconds. The area was clear and we returned to our normal size.

I was a bit taken back by his sudden transformation. I was sure if he hadn't lost it before then, he surly wouldn't hesitate to attack me now, but he didn't. It was like I wasn't even there, like he didn't even hear me. There's pros and cons to how I feel about that, but I rather not think about it. "Hey Krieg, lets gather out loot then head back to Sir Hammerlock and turn in," I said, popping open a chest.

Krieg nodded in agreement when something must have caught his eye, "GIVE ME YOUR GUTS, METAL BOX!"

I glanced in his direction, seeing him disappear into a cave. Rolling my eyes I followed behind him. The cave was full of several large metal loot chest, "Shit," I mumbled under my breath.

Krieg got to work popping them all open and took whatever he could carry. It was slightly amusing to watch, but I realized if I didn't act quick, there'd be nothing left for me. Just as I took a step towards one of the chests, there was a loud crash from behind. Both of us turned to see a Crystalisk knocking down the cave walls. I didn't think, I just ran towards the entrance, trying to escape, when Krieg tackled me to the ground. I didn't even have time to ask why as I saw the huge rock land where I was standing, moments ago. Once again, Krieg saved me.

In mere seconds the cave was sealed in by frozen rocks. There was no way out. We quickly became very aware how cold it was trapped in there and despite both having guns with fire element, we had nothing to light.

I slid to the ground with a sigh, "We're trapped."

Krieg let out a growl in frustration and lurched himself at the pile of rocks, with a loud smash. Shaking the ice from his body he grunted and went again. Quickly I grabbed his wrist to stop him, "It's no use! We're stuck here."

Reaching for my ECHO device I groaned, "For the love of all that is good, really?!" It was nowhere to be found. It must have dropped from my hip when we were fighting all those Rakks and the Crystalisks. "Krieg, hand me your ECHO," I said, holding my hand out to him.

Krieg reached for his and held it out to me. I took it and tried to contact the others, "Sanctuary come in, this is Maya. Krieg and I have been trapped in the Fridge during a cave in. I repeat, we are trapped and require a rescue!"

For a while there was nothing, or so I thought until Lilith's voice came in, "...peat...can not...saying...breaking up...again...SHHHHH...Krieg?...signal...SHHHHHH-"

I threw the ECHO but Krieg caught it mid air. "They can't hear us, it's no use. These ice walls must be too thick for the signal to get through."

Lilith's voice came through again, but it was hard to understand any of it.

Krieg took the ECHO to his mouth, held the speak button and shouted into it. "OPEN THE FRIDGE AND FIND THE LIVER!"

"Well said," I sighed before taking to the floor once more.

Time passed by in slow silence, other than a few outburst from Krieg. He wasn't one for quiet time, but as it got later, I realized he had been quiet for some time now. Looking over at him, I saw him holding himself and shivering. I swear, my heart broke at that moment. Rising to my feet, I approached him then sat down as close to him as I could get without fusing with him. "Don't get excited," I warned, "I'm only doing this to keep you warm." And by you, I meant us. I was freezing my ass off in this place, and I had to admit, I liked sitting next to him like this. For survival purposes of course.

To my utter surprise, he embraced me onto his lap so that I was straddling his waist and pressed his head into my breast, before I could object, I felt him trembling with shivers. For a man of his stature, he doesn't handle the cold well. I heisted, deciding if I should push him away, but I couldn't bring myself to do so.

What are you doing, you moron, she's absolutely going to kill us now! I warned Krieg, but to our surprise, she didn't stop us, she actually seemed to accept it, but as usual, I had no control of what Krieg did next.

We looked up at Maya, who looked back at us with understanding, no anger or hate in her eyes as she watched us remove our mask. She wasn't shocked or scared by our scars, or the blind, glazed over eye. We had only seen our self a few times without the mask, what those experiments had done to us. Maya stared into our eyes, despite one being bind, and watched us carefully as we closed the gap between our lips. We were already getting hard from the closeness of our bodies, pressed together. That didn't seem to bother her either.

Krieg, to my surprise, listened to me step by step, either that or we had the same idea. What went from keeping warm in a frozen cave, quickly turned into making love, which still accomplished the original idea, but to a greater extent. Despite our wild nature, we were very gentle on Maya, until she decided to take the reins. Turns out she likes to get wild and rough, which was fine with us.

After a long while, we both reached our end in loud moans and in fear of bodily fluid freezing in an embarrassing way, we released within her.

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