After the fight at the base of the Gerudo Pirates, the heroes had soon returned to the beach to rejoin with the group.

Jexi: Glad to see you were able to get the eggs back, Link. But are you sure you wanted to bring the robot back with you?

The two then stared over at MegaMan who was scanning IceMan.

MegaMan: Ice Slasher acquired. Thank you.

IceMan: Your welcome, I guess.

Luffy: Cool. We have another robot with us.

Erza: That's nice and all, but these eggs won't be able to survive on land. They need to be in the water.

Rise: Well, we can't take them into the ocean. Its not cold enough. Actually, it looks a little murky. We need to find them some cold water so they can be incubated.

Maka: But where can we find cold sea water on such sort notice?

Sai: I have an idea. While we were searching for all of you, I met an oceaoligist. He has a large tank of temperature regulated sea water in his home. We could put them up there.

Sonic: Looks like its as good a place as any. Where is it?

Sai: Its over at the end of the beach. Its the building shaped like a bomb.

The group then hurried to home and entered to see the man who lived inside.

man: Welcome. I do love guests. Wait! Are those Zora eggs?

Lucy: They are and they're about to hatch. We were wondering if we could store them in your water tank for them to hatch.

Man: Of course. These Zora eggs will do marvelous for my research. Go ahead and drop them in.

Link then brought all the eggs to the opening of the tank and dumped them in. As soon as they were at the bottom of the tank, the eggs began to move.

Jimbei: They're hatching.

The eggs then hatched and out came seven small tadpole like creatures.

Orihime: So these are what Zora look like when they hatch.

The baby Zora then began to arrange themselves in a strange pattern.

Man: What does this pattern mean? What in the world could this mean?

Brook: Wait! They've arranged themselves to look like a music sheet.

Vector: Of course! Link, since you're still in Zora form, get out that guitar and play the notes.

Link then got out the guitar and began to play the notes. After it was done, the children then began to wave their tails.

Man: That song. It's called the New Wave Bossa Nova. Its a song taught by the Zora children that invigorates singing voices. You must play this song for the Zora who laid these eggs.

Odd: okay, what did that Mikau guy say laid those eggs?

Jake: He said the person who laid the eggs was a singer from a band.

Man: Then head for the Zora Hall. Its off the coast underwater.

The heroes then arrived to the coast.

Jexi: Okay, here's the game plan. Link, Jimbei, Manaphy and Vector. Since you four can breathe underwater, you will go to the Zora Hall and find the singer. We will track you so we don't get seperated.

The four then dove into the water.

Jexi: Now we just need someone to follow them.

Usopp: Leave it to me.

Usopp then got out his slingshot and fired in the water.

Usopp: Green Star: Boaty Banana!

The seed then grew into a large banana that was carved out to be a boat.

Genma: How did you do that?

Usopp: That is the power of my Pop Greens.

Jexi: Nice work, Usopp. Now we can follow them.

Usopp: Now the boat only seats six. I have to go, so I'll take a seat.

Jexi: I'll send Black Star, Tsubaki, MegaMan, Sonic and Yu to accompany you. Also...

Jexi then gave Usopp a strange device.

Jexi: This device tracks a special chip that is in Vector's headphones.

The banana then began to row off.

Oeyo: Bring us back a pretty seashell.

Meanwhile underwater, the four had arrived to the Zora Hall where dozens of Zora were walking around.

Vector: This place is pretty classy.

A Zora then walked up to the group.

Zora: There you are, Mikau. Evan, your bandleader, is looking for you. He's waiting for you in the west wing.

The four then headed west with Vector getting out a CD.

Manaphy: Why are you getting out a CD?

Vector: I wanted to see if Evan could listen to it and maye make me part of the band.

They soon entered the room to see a Zora practicing on a keyboard like instrument.

Evan: There you are, Mikau. Did you forget something? Remember, no one else must know that Lulu has lost her voice. There's only one person that can get those eggs back from those pirates? You, a descendant of Zora heroes.

Link: Thank you, Evan. Just out of curiosity, where is Lulu? I need to tell her something.

Evan: You'll find her at the coast. And don't worry. I'm still keeping Lulu's problem secret from the rest of the band. Now you go do what you have to. I still need to come up with a song for the Carnival of Time.

Vector then walked up to him.

Vector: Mr. Evan. I have the answer to your problems right on this disc.

Vector then played the song on the disc as Evan listened to it. Evan then recited it on his instrument.

Evan: This is it. The song we need for the Carnival. And I alone am the inventor.

Vector: Hey, wait a minute! I-

Just then Link covered his mouth as they left.

Vector: Why did you do that?

Jimbei: Just let it go, Vector. We already know where the singer is. We just need to head to the coast.

The four then left the hall and soon arrived to the coast to see Lulu staring off to the sunset.

Link: Now I play the song.

Link then got out the guitar and began to play New Wave Bossa Nova. As he played the song, Lulu began to vocalize with it. As they finished up, a large island near the coast began to shake until a large turtle rose underneath it.

turtle: That was a long nap. I just realized this when I opened my eyes. The passing of days is quite quick. Isn't it, Lulu? Yes, Lulu. It's nothing to be surprised at. Even with my eyes closed in sleep. I still see everything that occurs in the ocean. Now you four, get on my back and I'll take you to the temple.

The four just looked at eachother and then jumped onto the turtles back and it began to swim to the temple as the banana boat followed.

Usopp: This is pretty easy. Maybe we won't have to fight anyone.

Sonic: Somehow, I don't think that's going to happen.

The six then looked back to see several vicious fish and shark like creatures.

Black Star: Fish? Ha! Those cannot defeat the great Black Star.

Yu: No, but they'll tear the boat apart.

Shark creatures: Excellent. Delicious hero meat. Charge out Carvanha and Basculin soldiers!

fish: Yes, Sharpedo!

The fish then began to swim towards the boat.

Usopp: Sleep Star!

The projectile then hit the fish, sending them to sleep. But more kept coming.

Yu: We need to deal with them all at once. Persona!

Izanagi then appeared right behind Yu.

Yu: Izanagi! Zio!

A large electrical attack was then fired and hit all of the vicious creatures. The creatures just floated there as they were unconscious..

MegaMan: Problem solved.

Tsubaki: But we have another one coming towards us.

They soon saw a large tornado surrounding the temple. They also saw the Gerudo Pirates fly through the air.

Usopp: We're going to have to jump onto the turtle. One, two, three!

The six then jumped onto the turtle's back just as the banana boat hit the tornado.

Manaphy: When did you guys get here?

Usopp: We've been following you for quite a while. Now let's get that mask and go back to land.

Meanwhile inside the temple, two figures waited.

figure 1: I sense the heroes arriving.

figure 2: Let them come. I'll finish them lickity split.

figure 1: Calm yourself, QuickMan. Remember, we are surveying this place in hopes it could be a suitable base for our organization seperating from Flux's army.

QuickMan: I remember, ShadowMan. Its for the glory of Gospel after all. Soon the worlds will ruled by robot kind.