The world is a big place. The universe is even bigger.

One would think the universe cannot be seen as a whole because of its size, but no one had the powers Lumino had.

Lumino was a man rumored to be as old as time itself. He had clear cerulean eyes and grey hair tied into a ponytail. Despite his age, he still had a few wrinkles on his face, but not many. His wardrobe consisted of white ceremonial robes with gold trim.

Lumino's purpose in life was simple – watch over the universe and keep it sound and safe. To do this, he was able to conjure up "windows" that allowed him to watch over the worlds that inhabited the universe.

Today was like any other as Lumino made his way through the halls of his home to the observatory where he shall conduct his daily inspection. When he entered the large room, his eyes widened in horror at what he saw. A majority of the "windows" were destroyed. How could this have happened?

Lumino rushed around, checking each and every "window" to try and find the answers he sought. His search turned up nothing, much to his ire. The only thing he found was that ten of the "windows" remained. He briefly wondered why these "windows" remained intact, but the bigger question was simple. Could he find the answers he wanted through these "windows"?

He quickly went to the closest window in hope that he could.



A new Super Smash Bros. fic from me? Well…sort of. My first SSB fic – Light Within the Darkness – will be deleted soon, as looking at it I still did not like how I wrote it. This new series, with this being Book One, will hopefully go the way I envisioned it in my head. I also hope people will actually read it this time around.